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  1. DonDOOM

    Talking Tarkov Podcast #6

    Is the semi-auto fire rate tied to FPS issue known and being worked on? (now that full auto has been fixed) Any possible ETA on this? When will the zero'ing of guns get an overhaul? Especially for iron sights that have this capability in RL. Could you explain a little more about the new network interpolation system, and how this still needs to be tweaked in order to reduce the relatively high number of trade kills we're seeing? Any chance for vital organ hitboxes? I know you have said in the past that this would require too many calculations, but I'm sure it could be simplified to the point where it wouldn't require that much more calculating compared to what we have now.
  2. DonDOOM

    Some Work in Progress Material

    Who said modelers are not needed anymore? There's some major misinterpretation going on here. Just because one of the modelers spends ~one hour making these models doesn't mean the other modelers can't be working on actual content. Nor does it mean the other teams can't be busy working on things relevant to their departments, such as the programmers.
  3. DonDOOM

    Some Work in Progress Material

    That's some infallible logic you have there. You totally took into account that there are separate teams doing different things at the same time - a modeler probably won't be of much help to the programmers working on those "real issues" you're talking about.
  4. DonDOOM

    Some Work in Progress Material

    To be fair, one modeler spending maybe one hour tops on a mayo jar and beanie isn't something to cry or exaggerate over like you're doing. There's actually quite a few of those easter eggs in a bunch of maps featuring some of the Devs. (A massive billboard near the bridge on customs of Kiba - lead animator. Or naming the gunstore on Interchange after him, for example.) As others have said: Some kind of graffiti art / poster / picture or any kind of subtle easter eggs like that would be a much more appropriate way of thanking some of the streamers.
  5. DonDOOM

    Some Work in Progress Material

    I know 'streamer items' have been talked about for a while now, and nothing against any streamers, but I honestly don't feel like these items have a place in EFT. Imo it would detract from the game rather than add something.
  6. DonDOOM

    1,000,000 and Counting...

    Dang, I should've made more posts telling people that their suggestions are already planned™
  7. DonDOOM

    Mosin sniper rifle (mod. M1891/30y.)

    Probably because it needs very specific animations, just like the standard SKS with it's internal magazine, the MP-43 and Chiappa Rhino that were showcased a long time ago.
  8. DonDOOM

    Upcoming Items...

    I just want the Aimpoint CompM4 (M68 CCO) that was shown back in September last year
  9. DonDOOM

    In raid collection of Intel

    @TheWay Subtitles, which have been mentioned by Nikita before as being a very possible feature, would solve this.
  10. https://drive.google.com/open?id=10DvOrDmO6pl3GjSEZmuP-JV7rREnudRP Another crash happened after extracting on Interchange - North West extract. About 2 minutes left on the raid timer. Happened today after the small hotfix. Specs: I7 6700k, GTX 1070, 16gb RAM Antivirus: Windows Defender 3rd party software: Steam, MSI Afterburner, Logitech Gaming software and Teamspeak. 
  11. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1uvcQlqTnYSshl5S8lKSeRQwpBXrqsM5E Crash happened after extracting on Woods - Outskirts. About 2 minutes left on the raid timer. First and only time it happened (only played 2 rounds so far after the hotfix). Specs: I7 6700k, GTX 1070, 16gb RAM Only antivirus = Windows Defender 3rd party software: Steam, MSI Afterburner, Logitech Gaming software and Teamspeak.
  12. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1M5sxiiVnTuhuggGUJdTTM83dM7UkcoQK Hope this helps.
  13. DonDOOM

    What to do about this desync?

    Wait until the next patch is out which will address the issues they've found during the stress test.
  14. DonDOOM

    Fence Issue

    If you didn't know - you can get a keybar and some other items through the new year's "Additional ingame equipment" by going to your profile and clicking receive.
  15. DonDOOM

    On results of the New Year Event

    Thinking is hard eh? Here's some reasons off the top of my head: There are still a lot of active 7 day trail keys. They haven't fixed all of the issues they've found yet, because guess what, there's not been a new patch yet. They haven't increased the amount of servers yet.