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    Insurance Rework

    Yea these sound good. i understand the point where killing a PMC and not being able to loot him due to insurance, but thats not what my idea was. You can still loot killed players etc for their gear. But when you insure you get it back upon death from say the insurer itself. I know the cost of insurance is greater then purchasing the gear again, but I guess this can be applied if you kill a PMC, who has a large amount of loot that you havent unlocked access too. In that sense I think it would be a good way to benefit from the higher cost of insurance as you cant purchase those items due to them being locked. And insurance would work in favor for those who spend Euros and dollars as those weapons are relatively expensive, and paying 50k roubles in insurance is cheaper then rebuying a fully decked out M4 etc. But anyways thanks for your thoughts on it. Helped me rethink some things
  2. YoloHippy

    Insurance Rework

    Hi EFT Team and community, Just a noob player here throwing down a thought on how a change with insurance would help the game a little better. I have read many a forum post on Hatchlings and the constant salt that people have against them due to having loot grind stuff with just there hatchet and secure container. I know alot of us has done this, myself included to get loot and sell them to get more money to gear up for raids etc. I dont see any issue but alot of people are getting annoyed at it. Another issue is people going up against highly geared players who are highly skilled at the game and losing really fast due to the high learning curve this game offers, for me, nothing wrong with it as I find it challenging and rewarding. But I guess in a way to help everyone with having gear issues, gear fear, hoarding etc etc we can look into how insurance works. Currently we insure our stuff, and in the likely event that we die, we have a chance of getting our gear back if a player hasnt taken it from our cold dead body. And if they do, our gear is lost forever. Alot of people who are new fear this, and this creates alot of salt within the experienced players to the very nooby ones. Alot of us understand that this is a hardcore realistic game, but i think we can make a change to how insurance works to benefit everyone and have a healthier community and better gameplay. I would like to suggest that when you insure your gear, you are 100% guaranteed to get them back after death. Now now, hold the fire and pitchforks everyone. I only say this so that the GEAR we get doesnt have a place holder anymore. That means the only thing that we are really needing is PVE material that cant be insured, so the focus is more on the quest tasks and the trade items other then the enemies gear. You still can opt in to kill the enemies and loot them, but this makes the gameplay less annoying for those that are fearful of losing their hard earned loot. Now the experienced Tarkov players will probably read this and go whatever, but some of us dont live and breathe this game. I play this game a bit and have no issue with losing loot now but it does get annoying sometimes when a scav magically shoots you in the head after youve unloaded several AP rounds into him. How to balance the insurance mechanic since its a guaranteed return of goods? Well increase the payment by a large portion. Like, very large. That way our money isnt being hoarded, ppl have millions. Literally. The streamers can vouch for that. How does this help everyone? Well we are now not worried about our gear, we are now focused on the raid, looting what we find, killing what we see, engaging in PVP more often (the ones that dont like the pvp aspect will surely join in more instead of camping and getting the scraps) How does this impact economics? Well weapons degrade. If people are worried a change like this will break the game then make it so that when you receive your lost goods, all the items suffter a 20% durability loss. So this way, you die 5 times, your gear is rubbish, time to buy new gear, or farm it. This suggestion will not stop Hatchet runs etc, but it will help ease it off so that people are shooting more geared players for more fun or mayhem. I know myself and others would benefit a system like this and would be more engaging in PVP if knowing my gear will be back after death to go at it again before they eventually break and have to be replaced. I would rather have my gear fall apart after dying the 5th time then to work really hard in getting the gear or cash and have it be all gone in 30secs. That all being said, I know there can be more issues with having a guaranteed insurance policy, but i think it wouldnt hurt the players to have that peace of mind, and I know that the streamers/youtubers/highly experienced players would probably be ok with it either, hell theyd probably go all full terminator mode and hunt us all down even more then what they are now lol. Anyways, thanks for your time. PS - Now before all the ultra realistic hardcore players out there burn my suggestion in saying that this is meant to be a "hardcore realistic game and that when you die you lose everything, simple as that...." if thats how you are going to approach what I have said, that I suggest the devs remove the secure container for everyone... that way we all can be more realistic.... Just saying.
  3. Well coming from a casual and nooby player like myself, I can say that I do get frustrated at the game, but I love it just as much. Its a high risk High reward game and I know the looting sucks, I dont know how the searching takes forever, imho it should be just instant, everything gets preloaded before you drop, so i believe the loot shud be loaded so you can just grab what you need or can and go and examine the stuff if you make it out alive. I dont mind dying and so far Ive learnt to part ways with my hard earned loot and cash if I die. Its taken me a good 2 months to get used to the game abit and even know I still get nervous as fark, and when a game that can do that to you is good. Trust me, I love PUBG even though its cracked with hackers.... but what do you think is better...? A CHICKEN DINNER??? Or... a completed raid with stuff you can keep?? I like my chicken dinners, but thats all it is, uselss shitty BP for shitty cosmetics. EFT on the other hand, I think its just a matter of getting over how much you have in the bank, and worry about actually just getting sh*t done. Its labelled as hardcore, and its what its made to be. Trust me, I go off my brains at my PC when I die or get to the extract point only to get pegged by a camping scav player in the extract point. Yea... time for some cup of cement guys. If you dont like it. Move on. If you get frustrated like MOST of us do, have a vent, cry... log in... kill peeps and grin...die and cry.. repeat.