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  1. j4ckdaniel07

    Are programs like memory cleaner allowed ?

    why not, it makes game playable for people with 8gb ram, and for ppl with 16gb ram they dont have to restart every 4 games
  2. j4ckdaniel07

    Upcoming New Mods!

    give us russian double barrel shotgun!
  3. j4ckdaniel07


    Turkiye serveri kapandi(kalicimi, gecici mi bilmiyorum ), launcherdan avrupa serverlarini secmeyi dene, iyi oyunlar!
  4. i have not seen any player cheaters but there may be, BUT! i think ihave seen like 10 bugged scavs that are flying,moving through objectives, acting all like normal scavs, but flying and invulnreable and moving through objectives, and of course because of that killing ppl
  5. j4ckdaniel07


    give us our double barrel shotgun already
  6. j4ckdaniel07

    The new Delta Force special detachment!

    it is popular in turkey
  7. Customs and woods maps are terrible,
  8. j4ckdaniel07

    20% And Early Buyers + EOD Edition

    I remember tarkovescaper saying there would be no discounts till steam release or maybe i am losing my mind
  9. j4ckdaniel07

    The list of current emissaries

    Turkish emissary named Dimitri,
  10. j4ckdaniel07

    Black Friday: 30% discount on preorder packages!

    Mb give 30 days trial keys to people who actually pre ordered we could buy 1 extra game for a friend with 50 euros you can actually get a refund in steam if you have not played the game and rebuy in such cases I remember tarkov escaper saying games price wont change and there will be a discount when it hit steam
  11. j4ckdaniel07

    A message from the EfT project leader Nikita Buyanov

    5700 , but not really playing a lot since 6 months
  12. j4ckdaniel07

    A message from the EfT project leader Nikita Buyanov

    Nah , it is also pretty safe in dota 2 thanks to steamgaurd ,
  13. j4ckdaniel07

    A message from the EfT project leader Nikita Buyanov

    i better start boosting dota 2 accounts again to buy a new computer
  14. j4ckdaniel07

    Screenshots of AKS74U

    Hmm may i ask where did you learn AKSU means white water in turkich langauges? @Blackb1rd