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  1. RikiBreeiki

    Launcher Connection Issue

    it is working again for me,
  2. RikiBreeiki

    Launcher Connection Issue

    according to that site that shows number of players currenly in raid, seems like there are still raids going on but no new ones starting, so in 15-20 mins there wont be any players left in game
  3. RikiBreeiki

    Would you like a wipe in patch 0.11?

    yep market needs a fix, there are resellers, there are also people selling if money for real money by buying trash items for 2 million rubbles, i have no doubt i that i see more harmless cheaters every day focusing on looting in order to make money by selling rubbles and they prob buy more eft copies in case they get banned considering they make profit out of the game
  4. RikiBreeiki


    right now cheaters can rage hack, make money, sell money for real money and buy more eft copies, due to this amount of hackers bellow level 10 greatly increased, thats my observation from last 100 raids where i died to 5 obvious cheaters , 3 of them were bellow level10, 2 were scavs , i can give links to prove my claims that it is an efffective way to make money and sell rubbles , I am aware this is also greatly profitting BSG , temporarily , which is funny! , However from my personal experience money and items will be worthless soon due to hackers constantly looting map without dying by constantly evading people , and all items will be cheap, example factory exit key will drop to 100k rubbles in a month, right now it already goes down to 250-200k
  5. RikiBreeiki

    Would you like a wipe in patch 0.11?

    i want wipe but considering most people have already grinded a lot, there is no chance of yes winning
  6. RikiBreeiki

    EU Looking For A Group

    Hello ! 21Y.O from Turkey, i am looking for a group of people to play with, preferably that dont use anything more than VOIP-Discord ( no forums pls ) i have been playing tarkov from time to time since 2017 some more info ; would not consider myself experienced, did not play interchange-shoreline before and did not play with end game gear a lot. 90% of the time played solo in rat, check every corner ,loot ,camp, disengage mode.
  7. RikiBreeiki

    Are programs like memory cleaner allowed ?

    why not, it makes game playable for people with 8gb ram, and for ppl with 16gb ram they dont have to restart every 4 games
  8. RikiBreeiki

    Upcoming New Mods!

    give us russian double barrel shotgun!
  9. RikiBreeiki


    Turkiye serveri kapandi(kalicimi, gecici mi bilmiyorum ), launcherdan avrupa serverlarini secmeyi dene, iyi oyunlar!
  10. i have not seen any player cheaters but there may be, BUT! i think ihave seen like 10 bugged scavs that are flying,moving through objectives, acting all like normal scavs, but flying and invulnreable and moving through objectives, and of course because of that killing ppl
  11. RikiBreeiki


    give us our double barrel shotgun already
  12. RikiBreeiki

    The new Delta Force special detachment!

    it is popular in turkey
  13. Customs and woods maps are terrible,
  14. RikiBreeiki

    20% And Early Buyers + EOD Edition

    I remember tarkovescaper saying there would be no discounts till steam release or maybe i am losing my mind