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  1. Closed Alpha testing announce

    Thank you for the answer. Patiently waiting to receive a mail from developers! ^^ I´ll hope there´s something like preload! ^^
  2. Closed Alpha testing announce

    Hmmm....I was wondering when do we get the announcement for some kind of preload or when do we get the launcher,..... Nearly one week till the Alpha......CAN´T WAIT! ^^
  3. USEC vs BEAR - Your pick and why?

    I´ll hope I can make more than one char. I´ll love to play both parts, BEAR and USEC!
  4. M4A1

    Sigh....I want my HK M417! ^^
  5. Closed Alpha testing announce

    OK, thx Jaguar. I´ve overseen the obvious! ^^
  6. Closed Alpha testing announce

    Could it be, that I missed it, but how long will the alpha be?
  7. German Players

    Ordered EoD Edition too and looking for a german Clan! ^^