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  1. Bugs of the text RPG

    Since the last movement (event) I've lost all my rubles left. Olloch is working on it as far as I know. But there are other people that is having this same issue. Just informing.
  2. Too hard for beginners???

    Same maps but with lvl 10 cap. And as an optional choice.
  3. There should be an action to start an extraction

    Yep, could be a good idea mate. Sometimes there are corpses to loot in the extraction area.
  4. Too hard for beginners???

    I think maybe an "optional" beginers map (lvl 10 cap) might be a good idea. So you could choose if you want to enter the normal map or beginers'.
  5. Off-top

    I don't know what are you talking about girls and boys right here, but I just want to say that this image is from a death spanish comic names "El Risitas". Much love to him where ever he is. Cheers.
  6. Forum RPG General Discussion and Questions

    Looking foward to it. I love smashing cannibal's heads in v-games. Also, any quests soon? Someone did find the UN peacekeepers in the game 1?
  7. Game

    GROUP NAME: Highrise Corp. Action: Search. DESCRIPTION: I woke up as early as always since this situation in Tarkov. It's not easy the sleeping thing with gunshots and echoes in the night mixing with my damn nightmares... This ambient is not good to me. I started this trip to forget and to find myself. I hope soon I will get something more than survive in the city. But looks like this is going to take a while. Worst if this will be a permanent situation. Well, moving on, Agnis and Lewis were still sleeping in his side when I get up of my little paperboard bed; Oranje was a little separate of them (but I think he was awake). I took a can of pacific saury as my breakfast and all today's food. I took advantage that I woke up earlier than everyone to take a little walk and think about everything while contemplating the sun rising. When I get back to our sleep's hole, Orange was starting some exercises so I join him. We did a little wresting and grappling. I miss the exercise and walking a lot; remembers old times when I was in the army. Also the painful ones. Later, we arrive Agnis and Lewis side after we finished the exercises. At this time, the boys were eating something. Agnis bummed some food of mine, but I don't really care. We are now a group and we need to share and working on trust and confidence. And of course, if we are not hungry, we are stronger and ready to anything. When Agnis finished his breakfast Lewis came to us and talk about searching for supplies; basically food, medical and weaponds. So we all agreed. Oranje seems happier than before at this point. Finally we split up and start searching in the near buildings, for a later rendezvous, in the same spot that we spent the night. I walked up the street and pointed my eyes in an closed and little garage. The windows were broken but very elevated. So I though that maybe the content inside were untouch. The metal door was fastened with an old chain and a more new padlock. I took my hatchet from my inventory and I start hitting the old chain (the new padlock could be stronger to breack). I finally openned the door after a few hits, but my hatchet have now some notchs. Not much light inside. All is half covered in dust that I think entered from the broken windows. I looked around with caution. I saw that the garage had two sections: main yard and a back office. In the main yard I found a very heavy metal box that I though may contain tools. It was also locked. "I can tell the guys later about this find", I sayd. In the main yard there was also a car with no windows. I opened a door and then I reached the glove box. Open it was easy because was not locked. Inside, a little lantern and a half broken old map. Maybe from Tarkov. I could not made the lantern works at the moment, "I don't know if it's broken or does not have any batteries, or I'm stupid", I sayd. After this, I head up to the back office. The door was openned. Nothing much than file cavinets in each side of the room with an small table in the right. But lucky me, I saw there was another door inside the office. I pulled the knob. A bathroom for the workers. Very dirty and disgusting place. There were smelly things and two dead rats in the place. When I recomposed myself and take a better look at the inside, I saw in the side wall a little cabinet; with what looked like a half erased cross. "Maybe a medicine box" I though. It was unlocked, because who locks a first aid kit cabinet? "This might be for any worker's emergency", I sayd. So I decided to look inside. In the small cabinet there were what I though that looked to me some medical supplies of some sort. Remembers my army times to recongnise the loot. This maybe can be some valuable items. I spent the rest of the time looking around the garage for more supplies but with "no much luck", I though. When the meeting hour was closer I slowly head back to the rendezvous point looking for more building and taking a picture of the city in my memory. When I arrived, Lewis and Agnis were there. Oranje seems like he was comming in the distance. Something happened with his pants. Does not looked the same anymore. "I won't miss to tell the guys about the garage findings", I sayd.
  8. Text RPG will be managed by players’ community!

    I'm enjoying too much this text rpg you guys. Thank you!
  9. Game

    GROUP NAME: Highrise Corp Action: Move, deeper and deeper into the city. DESCRIPTION: I woke up early this morning in the dark and dirty hole that is my home since the lockdown. Shots in the distance, but closer than before. I've been living in an abandon building almost destroyed by the clashes of Contract Wars some years ago. This weeks, since the incident in Tarkov, are almost the same to me. All days the same thing, all days living as if it were the last day and with this damn pain in the stomach. Looking for supplies at the outkirts of the city with no much reward. I can't go deeper because I got nothing but a little hatchet and a medkit that I've found in a putrefact corpse, with a shot in the head last week, he was close to the border of the city. Poor bastard -I sayd-- After a morning of scavenging with no luck I went to The Romp Bar, the place that gives me some selter when I feel down and tired of this damn situation. I've been looking for a group sice the start of this madness. Like always no luck for me. Is my soul condemned? This question constantly appears in my mind with images and nightmares of past times... But at the end, this day seems to be different to me. Maybe I'm the goddam luckiest man in this bar. An stranger with orange socks come to my table and started speaking rude and dry words to me: You, I saw you are looking to join Highrise Corps? I only grunted as a defence and he sat down in the table and sayd: What are you bringing to the table? Finally, after a conversation, we end up leaving the bar together. He's name was @Oranje. In the backyard of the bar, there were two other guys that looked veteran survivors to me. Maybe I was very lucky that day! Later, I knew that his names was @Lewisuk and @Agnisekhar. Good guys but distrustful. It looked like if they all three recently met eachother. We also had a little presentation talk. At the start of the afternoon we all together march going deeper and deeper into the city of Tarkov. I'm very happy that I am now part of a group and I can gear up myself and my new buddies and do something to keep me alive and to help other people in the zone. Maybe I can kick off this dreams and nightmares that chases me sice my last mission... This can be the start of a new hope for me, and of course, a new friendship and adventure. But first of all, we need to find good supplies like food and weaponds that could be a good and secure way to survive in Tarkov as a bigger group.
  10. The Romp Bar

    From his table, Jules, look at the man who is walking through the bar's door. @FatherFenrir He sayd importants words, hitting the roots of the problem that the people are having right now in Tarkov -he thinks to himself at the time he looks at the notice board, full of old uncontested messages-. He remembers his last visit to the bar, when he finally didn't ask for information about the two messages of the notice board that he readed. He felt like nothing will be better after joinning a group or triying to do good things with this panorama in the city. He felt down. But with the words he recently heard from that unknown man, something inside him just wake up. The silence and the calm that created the last visitor's speach, breaks by the sound of a glass hitting the floor. Jules quickly point his eyes to the direction of the sound. What a fool -he thinks-. The cup is not broken yet. The man who threw it is ignoring what happened. He is talking with a lot of interest with the bartender. He also got a paper in his hand. Same paper as seen in the notice board -he thinks-. Then, Jules notice that the bartender is pointing his direction and the unknown man is also looking at him. The stranger start walking in Jules' direction. This is getting even worst -Jules thighten his teets, triying to prepare himself for what looks like a hostile encounter-. When the stranger is even closer, Jules look down to the man's ankles. He is wearing a weird pair of orange socks. @Oranje
  11. NEW to the GAME and FORUM

    Totally fake.
  12. Version limited edition

    Seguros vas a tener que pagar igual, porque el container "gamma", que es como se llama, es de 3x3 slots (9 slots en total). Dentro de este container no te cabe todo, solo ciertas cosas. Aquí también tienes una comparación de la diferencia de inventario que hay entre versiones: Con la última edición, la EOD, entran también las futuras expansiones, así como equipo que te regalan al empezar el juego y afinidad con los comerciantes. Compra esta versión si tienes pensado jugar mucho a Tarkov o si te encanta y además si quieres apoyar el trabajo de los desarrolladores. Espero que esto te haya ayudado. Un saludo.
  13. penalties for team kills

    1- There will be a karma system in the game soon or later as devs sayd. Now joining a group in the lobby is a bad idead for what you sayd. 2- There won't be different servers for different levels as I heard. This game is not that kind of game. Make sure you play since the day 1 release. 3- You are going to lose all your equipment in the next wipe until the final release, so try to learn, it's a good oportinity. 4- The game had a tutorial but too much changes in the road. I recommend you to watch some streamer's videos like kleanupguy, devildoggamer, kottongaming and so. Cheers and welcome to Tarkov!
  14. Why we need a fake death feature

    Nope. Nope. Nope. But thank you.
  15. You know what really grinds my gears?

    Yep that video scare the poo out of me. I hope dev's are really working on it. I have the image of them the that are really profesionals.