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    Parche 0.10 En producción

    Respecto a los servidores de América Latina Nikkita, el COO de BSG, los desarrolladores del juego, ha confirmado que están buscando el mejor proveedor para el servicio pero que por el momento no lo han encontrado. Según sus palabras, el problema reside en que la mayoría de proveedores ofrecen servicios de baja calidad a un precio demasiado alto y no están dispuestos a pasar por ahí.
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    GROUP: United Survivors. ACTION: Moving to destination. DESCRIPTION: Jules slept well last night. Yesterday they found shelter in an abandoned underground parking, close to the supermarket. Good whole point was that the small group also found an abandoned military medical tent or something like that down there and they used the small treatment beds as an improvised good resting spot. With all Jules managed to get up early this morning and he quickly heads to making the breakfast. It consists in three melted candy bars in an small improvised metal pot and a fresh powder lemonade from an old and wasted M.R.E. Not much of a chef, but he manages to make some melted candy bar chocolate on a toast with three big drinks with a little lemonade taste using his comrades' canteens. Today's menu guys! —He said to his sleeping survivor friends —Not big thing but I hope you like it. Dunt and Jack quickly follow the smell and they finally had the breakfast in a little metal medical table who once had surgery tools and now lays some toasts and the three canteens. It is also surrounded with three little stools. The group seems to enjoy its food. I'm worried about the ruskies. Those BEAR's... I hope they are patient. It is taking too long to coming back to the church. I think we are not taking the same route as Max did before. That's making us being slower. But I really don't know the city that good mates —Jules said all that to his comrades as he made his second bit to the toast —Is it any good? After the breakfast the group zip their belongings and heads again their hiking to the city limits. The industrial zone is left behind and now they are in some kind of residential and woods area. The air is more clear and the birds sings their songs again. They only hear natural sounds as far as they perceive. During the run, Jules can't stop thinking about getting a new boots and a lot of new socks in one of those ragtag sellers close to The Romp Bar. His feet hurt. He also can't stop dealing with the idea that maybe there is not many survivors in the city and it makes Jules a bit sad about it. The group did not find anyone alive. All seems dead. Only dead and rotten corpses and looted places. All this thoughts made Jules think about the little family he has back home. He's old mother and his old father. Will be them alive when all this mess finally ends? He has no sons nor woman but his trip through Europe to forget his past is making him missing his parents so much. For a moment, he felt like if he was a little teen crying for his parents. Those thoughts come to an end after Jules hear a sound close to his path. He grab his gun with force and aim towards it. Whatever it is, even if it is just a ghost or the death itselft Jules will welcome their arriving with a bunch of shots well fitter in its head.
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    GROUP: United Survivors. ACTION: Searching. DESCRIPTION: We are close to run out of food and still there are four journals of travelling through the city before we reach the church again. Today's task will be searching for foods and other goods. Setting a campment and not getting the woods was a good idea because of the first mentioned reason. We really didn't know about that. Food apparently runs out very quickly inside The City... We are in an industrial zone, close to the woods, and finding a store will be difficult. Maybe we could find some coffe shop or another for workers and maybe some food inside still to be eaten. We start the hiking not too early and the sun is nearly on top of us. The streets are rarely empty as we saw them these days before. We are the survivors? Are they inside the city? Or maybe on the other side entrance? We end up in some kind of small residential area inside this industrial zone. Maybe for workers or directives. There are like old soviet buildings and looks like very bad damaged and looted. We better move on. By midday we pass a giant industrial facility with old and rounded pipelines that moves outisde the city by the east. Maybe gasoduct that pumped gas to the motherland before this mess. Still no signs of living people around. After that we stop for a little lunch and keep our path searching for a store or anything like that. An hour later we finally saw a big structure that enters the woods. A closer look discovers that it is a bill mall or something like that and we even see a big sing saying "IDEA", the furniture manufacturer known worldwide. So, we attempt our way in. A loot of military equipment is abandoned araound the structure and we can see it will be a good chance to get some loot with a bit if luck. I prepare my gun and my flashlight and my comrades do it too. I take the lead inside. We hope won't regret our decission.
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    1,000,000 and Counting...

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    GROUP: United Survivors. ACTION: Moving to location. DESCRIPTION: After a good and easy night in the hole of Tarkov itself the group advances throught the nearly outskirts of the city that lead to an industrial zone. With a bit of luck they will reach the woods at the end of the day. And maybe, just maybe, and if their boots take the heat, they will allow to reach the checkpoint by tomorrow and then finally the church. Jules hopes that passing throught the same zone again and again will make him a good connoisseur in Tarkov and its robots to let them reach their objective soon. Either way, things has been very quiet recently. I even can see the guys are thinking the same more or less inside their minds. -Everyday they get killed. At the final countdown we won't be much more than a dead corpse... -Jules sayd to himself. So Tarkov citizens are more and more dead every second. Sometimes could be seen some scavs or even survivors with no much equipment. He suppose every bug has to get out of its hideout for goods and to survive. Also wonders if they are the only groups of survivors here. So far they only met those crazy coffee throwers way back at the begining and a solo survivor. But now, is it anyone out there?
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    Huge ban wave

    Great job dear dev's at BSG. Some good names out there: -Dahio1994 -Dahio94. (He tried twice ) -MrTarkov (he killed me one time). -NikitaIsGay (get some respect dude!). keep the hammer working!
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    GROUP: United Survivors. ACTION: Moving to destination. DESCRIPTION: I did not find that the smell back in the city's centre was smoky and dense until we nearly reached the outskirts. I've never imagined the fires could burn that long. Some parts of the city are being consumed to the roots. But now the air seems to be light and more oxygenated. I even can smell the pines. I'm not a city guy at all and definitely I won't we after this. I hope someday will have the resources to buy a good property in the forest. —Another reason to survive this mess, right? Do you smell it? Love the woods —I said to the guys but they did not answer back. —We are closer, come on. The hiking through Tarkov's streets seems the same to me at this point. I think I've naturalized all this damn situation. Gunshots, terror shouting, rotten corpses, eating anything, killing people... So, it is very quiet so far. Quiet for someone who don't care about what he sees and listens, only taking care of his fellow comrades and his own security. Last night the nightmares did not come to me. But I dreamed a lot. Remember the guy who nearly killed Dunteon in one of our last encounters? We thought at a first look that he was just a Scav, but he was more than that. He was a survivor just like us. Poor guy just ended there in the floor, in very critical condition after being shot. After that we tried to help him if he joint us but after all he refused the offer. Even with Dunteon's anger, I gave the poor guy an injector for healing. And this is making me think about something. We don't see many survivors here. Well, not friendly at all. We are three now but I think the union makes the thing. I hope we will find someone more to the group or even to make some human contact damn it. We really don't know how many time this is going to last and I think, maybe, we can build some kind of community here... Yeah, I'm very tired. But let's about my friends here. Dunt seems ok and he's doing his normal daily routine but I'm still worried about Jack. He's a little bit more communicative and receptive but still a little bit ill and that annoy me. I really hope he's find. I think I will talk about him with Max when we reach the Church. I've been thinking something to 'cure' my friend. He loves guns and weapons and I've also been realizing that he specially loves Russian guns. Maybe Max could do some shooting practice with their awesome killing material... Even if they use some of our bullets it might work for sure. Jack also will have some knowledge from our military trained friends. What a deal, right? Yeah, sometimes I'm really upset with this but others I come with those ideas. I hope the rest of the path will be clear and we end our journey to the church in one piece. We still need to sell some goods and buy new stuff in the vendors. For sure they will have more equipment. And the most important. The BEAR's will have good and fresh news about our shiny future, yeah... If not we are screwed!
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    GROUP: United Survivors. ACTION: Moving to destination. DESCRIPTION: This part of the city is risky but totally worth it. Yesterday's finds were simply too good. But the shadow of the failed missions it's still here. Last night my nightmares made their way to the stage again. It's funny. All way back, when we were hiking through the city with Max, our objective, the City hall, were a lantern of hope in our hearts. All was easier. But now, we are at the same place. Finding for hope, finding a way to escape. Will the next mission bring light? Who knows. Damn nightmares, to hell with them. This morning Dunteon seems funny. Well, he is funny. I don't know how he manages to keep all the trash away and jokes around. It's good to have him in our side. In the other hand, Jack seems different and somehow a little away since our last encounter in the City Hall. I hope he's good because I'm scared to ask, his expression is rude all the time. Dunteon also did a good job cleaning my new toy. He is very skilled to do all these kind of little jobs. Can't blame him he is not keeping in good shape our guns, all are bright and shiny. Talking about today's task... Moving back to the church as fast as we can. I hope those BEAR's will have good news when we arrive. Seems easy right? Remember that what I said about this part of the city?
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    GROUP: United Survivors. ACTION: Searching. DESCRIPTION: —Hey mate —Jules reaches Max's side. —It was very tense in the City Hall right? —Yes —He says as he continues walking. —The guys and me been thinking about doing some search around, before going back to the church. Are you coming with us? It will be just one day or two. Max stops as he hear that. —You stay here for looting? It is still dangerous for little tsyplenok like you —He patiently looks at the horizon, thinking, and then glances at me again. —I can't stay. Need to go church for next mission. Don't be late or Sanya will be angry. Then, even before we could say goodbye, Max starts running north like a feline through the debris. We all suppose that he was walking before because of us, how fool. Incredible shape the Russian have. Seconds later he disappears behind the corner. —Well, I suppose we are at our own now guys. Some hours later, the survivors advance silent and quietly to a group of building they saw before from a near rooftop. They looked promising.
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    hardcore player LF partner(s)

    Just was trying to help. If you put where are you from people can add you or something. Also you can add your discord ID.
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    hardcore player LF partner(s)

    I suggest you to put your age on the stage and also where are you from in order to find what you are looking for.
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    Thermal scopes should be removed.

    Haven't used. But what I saw it is very well balanced. They are expensive too.
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    GROUP: United Survivors. ACTION: Moving to location. DESCRIPTION: —Sorry my comrades for leading you on wild fox chase. I will attempt to find different path, or other room here for a few whiles. You search rooms here for stuff you can use —That was Max said after a very upset sounding string of Russian words. He was very disappointed and upset. —Well, I suppose this was not expected at all right? Sh** happens mate —Jules said to Max with a little slap on his back. —We will find the way. The last few days they were hiking without rest just to end up here, in the City Hall, who it is collapsed at a point that they can't find what they went there for. What a good luck strike. Not to say they met a ten members group of Scavs of some sort. Max call them Baba Yaga or something like that. They never saw him so scared. Luckily they were not interested in theirselves. So, following Max's orders they start searching for something useful as a consolation prize. Dunt went to Major's office and Jack quickly disappeared in the darkness and dust. Then the exhausted survivor, Jules, took a little rest on the ground checking his vest and supplies. But Max doesn't rest. —Flashlight tovarish —He said uncomfortably. So Jules gave him his own and the Russian starts looking around again. Some minutes later Jules stands and steps forward to Max's. —Basement? —He said, but Max didn't catch it. —Is there a basement tovarish? He seems to understand and then a thought expression came to his face. —Yes, basement. I remember secondary stairs to the east. Estrange. No basement way in first stairs —He adds. —Isn't crazy to think that official buildings like this might have an emergency storage or bunker inside, right? Russians are known for doing that —Jules adds waiting for Max's answer like a child. —Hmm... Yes, official flat got bunkers sometimes. Can have one. —That's why they didn't made a downstairs way just in the main hall's stairs, probably. —You go? —I'm going. But I will need the flashlight. Borrow Jack's —And Jules took the flashlight from Max's hands, as he blinks and smiles, heading to the east part of the building searching for that stairs. Jules finally manages to reach those stairs after searching the east wing for a while. A small metal and heavy door, appears behind an ordinary one that leads downstairs into the darkness. His flashlight still got battery but he checks twice, no one wants to venture there without a light at his side. One step, two steps, then three and stops trying to hear any sound coming up. Clear as far as he can see with his light and listen with his ear. The steps are wet and slippery and the descent took more time than expected. It also seems deep and the lantern can't find the end. —How deep is it? —He said for himself a little worried. For a moment he tough that he saw something in the little and wet passageway but it turns to be a pipe coming from the upside part of the tunnel. It is dripping and the liquid runs downstairs. At this time Jules listens carefully and discover that the water echoes not too far away so the descent could be at his final stage. Or maybe the small tunnel is completely swamped. He hopes not. Well, it was not swamped. Not at all. As he reaches the final step he discovers that the water nearly gets to his knees and an open area shows in front of him. The long descending stairs apparently leads to a medium size concrete gallery that looks like an old soviet era bunker or something like that. There is a big and heavy metal door in the front wall that is half opened and the water flows through it. Looks dangerous so there might be holes or collapsed parts in the path. So Jules moves his flashlight around, searching for any tool to use like a metal pipe or a wooden stick. With that he will advance with some security, touching his front and securing the path in the swamped areas. It could be just the entrance or not, so he better find anything. At this point Jules started to think about those videos in YouCube showing people doing urban exploration in abandoned bunkers from the soviet era that he used to see sometimes back in his free time, a couple of years ago, before the long hiking. This one looks like them. He also remembered that some of them still got supplies in good conditions, even guns and an own power supply system. So there might be a chance to find useful items. And maybe it has been used in the first stage of the blockade or not. Who knows. After this thoughtful moments he finally found a long metal stick from a side scrap pile, about a meter and a half long, to use as a touching tool to prove this little water won't be a problem. Then he put his shotgun on his chest, adjusting the sling, and took the lantern with his left and the stick with the right. After that he prepares himself for going in to the dark and half flooded bunker entrance that appears in front of him. —This is Jules. I found a bunker downstairs from the east wing. Going in —He said in the radio to his friends in case someone is listening. About a two hours later he was already with his mates showing the loot he found inside the bunker. Now he got a very good new toy to play with. He is very happy. Happy for a new tool to kill with. —Survirors —Max sayd. —Are you ready? We are finish here. —Let's go then. Maybe we can find more stuff in north of here. This is a dangerous zone to stay more time. —Yes, yes. We go now. Night is coming —He heads in point and checks his gun as he walks downstairs. The group of survivors and Max start their way back in the darkness of Tarkov itself.
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    Please don´t do an entire wipe again.

    They will whip if the game needs it until the final release of the game. They are always changing the quests and mechant values so they will whipe it for sure mate. This is testing. If your friends are quitting the game don't worry, they will come later. I'm not playing at the moment and I'm very interested in the game, so...
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    Bans for using forbidden software

    Always welcome to see the ban list.