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    Forum RPG - Create A Character Contest

    To all new players: If you are looking for a group in the text RPG, roleplay using the bulleting board at The Romp Bar!
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    GROUP: United Survivors. ACTION: Moving to location. DESCRIPTION: Priviet tovarish Alex. We are coming back. I repeat. We are coming back to the meeting point. Hope all is well. Jules out. Nothing in response from Alex's. I suppose he is still busy or in the road heading to the basement again. Would be better if at least we could know if he is going to be in time or not, but this is it... Well, will see. So, another day in Tarkov. Keeping alive, going good. This morning my socks are not wet so we can make a celebration. My backpack is still in one piece, not completely wasted by the rodents... Hurra! Breakfast will be ready any time soon and I will welcome back the guys with a hot and delicious tushonka. What a nice way to starting the day. What a mood Jules, right? Meh. It is time. Dunt and Jack are waking up as the food is warming up. A shiny future rises for us in the distance. Can you see it? That what I'm telling you guys. Not being crazy. Yesterday I was like 'hey, can you please put a hole in my head, please?' But that's not today! Alex contacted so we might have new business to do. Yeah, I could be exaggerating but keeping the mind busy is also a good way to stay alive. Believe me or not. And the hiking through the wood is another. That's the reason why we are trying to reach it by sunset today. Maybe if our hiking is good enough, we could taste the hot spicy wine from The Romp Bar early tomorrow. Better move guys. Got a lot of distance to cover today. Last one will pay a round in the bar! Streets, streets and more streets. Seems like always are the same. Looted shops and destroyed cars. We can even hear some gunshots and explosions at south, from where the big coastal Scav base is. Are they fighting? To hell with them. Now we are close to the outskirts and the environment started to change. We went close to this location before, when going south, but now seems different. It's crazy how the vegetation grows without human hand. Maybe something about pollution or maybe other kind of stuff. I pick not to choose. We still does not know what caused the blockade for sure. I've heard a lot of rumours in the bar talking about military interests, governments constipations, and even that a big blue beam could been seen before all went to hell. So who knows. Better to keep moving. We are going good boys, don't stop now! The afternoon was really quiet and even beautiful with the birds and all that. The precious smell from pines and woods can now be easily sniffed. Yeah, it's like drug for people that were facing numerous and dangerous tests back in the town man... The sun is now, finally, shining orange in the horizon but my feet hurts like hell. For sure I will need to buy a new pair of boots and shocks but the image of we three sharing a round of beers in a warm place is enough for keeping me frosty and alert.
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    Talking Tarkov Podcast #3

    *Will the stamina and jumping sistem at high levels be revised? Because when some players reach high lvls they are like jumping bunnies. *Will be the game improved about FPS and laggy issues? This last update gave me more fps sometimes but a lot of frozen lag constantly. *Why they don't publicity more the awesome RPG Game in the social media? The GM are working hard and it's a fantastic experience.
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    The Tarkov RPG and you, the beginning.

    Very good rework done for the tutorial! Congrats.
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    GROUP: United Survivors. ACTION: Searching. DESCRIPTION: I'm sad. Sad and tired of this situation. Always checking for supplies, always going from here to there and above all just trying to survive another day. Waiting for the bullet that have your name. Yesterday I was fighting for my life and now I have to worry about meds and how to warm up my breakfast. If I just could follow my path... I started this adventure trough Europe to forget and to find myself and now I am fighting and killing other people. I thought I left that life behind. But nightmares are no close to disappear and they catch me sometimes even during daylight. I'm not taking anything useful or good about this. I still wonder why I'm still alive. I'm not a believer but I hope someone or something have a better plan to me, because the end is not near and I'm close to just shot my damn head. Things does not look any better now. At the end of the day we saw some people around, close to the highway and a big perimeter that follow the coastal line from east to west; something like a Scav base. I suppose that are the kidnapers. Yes, taking out his business maybe is a good idea to recover my good feelings. It's funny that I need to kill to feel better. I suppose I'm a born murderer. Well, passing on, today's task is to find some medical supplies. I told the guys about it and of course they two agreed. But first I need to warm up this last Tushonka burning some garbage. I'm not feeling like eating cold today. Then to the road again and the dangerous streets of Tarkov itself. * We move very cautiously, using indoors and back alleys. This coastal town seems like a very well fit area talking about population. There are always sounds, far voices and shouts, and even motor or vehicles sounds. But we need to keep our search. Our surviving count on it. Around midday we see some a promising pharmacy but a closer look tells us that it has been looted some time ago. Only broken glasses are left behind on the floor. I'm starting to think that we are not going to find anything. Maybe this zone is not like a big town but looks like the place where people took vacations before the blockade. And in this kind of zone there are always medical sites where medics without many scruples, rip off money from vacation people that are in need of urgent or unexpected medical treatment. You cannot know when an eel might enter in your trunks. Don't you? Later we took a rest in a very leafy backyard park. It was a little damp but peaceful. And of course, there were no rats. That's important here. Rats and rodents are everywhere. My bag always got some new scratches every morning. Moving one, about afternoon and nearly giving up, we find what looks like a clinic. It is a two story building with a metal door entrance. It has some holes and scratches but it is completely locked. With a bit of luck we might be the first people going in after the blockade. So, the door is locked by a reason. We are in the hurry for a secondary entrance. We don't be late about it. We see a secondary way in to the first level that can be reached through the emergency ladder. We then pile some boxes and a dumpster and not much time later we are inside the building. I think no one cares at this point about the broken window. Inside there is some light coming through the windows and the environment is dusty. Lucky we have our backup light. But other than that all is really well conserved and in good state. The image of a normal clinic with lack of cleaning. The question is if they left behind something of valour to us before leaving this place. I will pick this level and I see Jack and Dunt moving on to the down level. Maybe there is a basement too. The room that we entered is some kind of repository of medical supplies with some cabinets and cleaning stuff. Why did they keep them in the same place? A mystery. I will search here for sure. In the corridor there is an open door at my front and a big lounge at the far left side. To the right, downstairs. Checking the front room I see this is some kind of urgent surgery room. There is a stretcher in the central part with a big surgery light on top. There are also some cabinets and small tables with drawers. Another place to search for medicals. Talking about the left side big lunge I see some hospital beds with curtains behind them. There is also a nurse counter in a corner and some metal tables with drawers. I hope I will find something useful here too. Just being thankful for what I found I head downstairs to see what's about the guys. At this point it is sunset and we choose to rest here during the night. Seems like a secure place. We also went upstairs to put a big closet covering our entrance in the broken window so no one could enter without making any noise. Now It is time for resting and something more. * I take my radio from the bitten backpack like I always do before going sleep and I check if Alex is listening. No signal so far from him. Privet, tovarishch Alex. This is Jules. If you saw a big smoke column to the south-east that was us in trouble. We are good. Just checking with you. We also found what I thought was a big Scav base in the coastal town. Know anything? Hope you are good. Do svidaniya.
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    Forum RPG - Create A Character Contest

    Do you think that you can survive Tarkov alone? I thought that at the beginning. Well, I loved game's lore and background since the concepts. When the text RPG came out it was like a dream coming true. True fan here waiting for The Predator's next chapter. The good thing about all of that is the fact that you can live and feel Tarkov's experience much more deeper and with the capacity of building your own character and story. At a moment you are fighting Scavs and the next, suddently, trying to survive from other players. I encourage all of you to give it a try. My story started as Highrise Corp with @Agnisekhar, @Lewisuk and @Oranje. Later some left the game and others joint like @Dunteon and @FatherFenrir. Then we became... May I ask you a question? "Are you a true survivor, do you believe in brotherhood, and above all, will you do anything to survive, even kill innocent people"? If you did respond well, you may be part of us, part of United Survivors. Jules out.
  7. NoisyCosmos

    End of Tarkov is near

    I really don't care about wipes at all. It is beta, they are working on it and I think they know what kind of things piss off players. But what it is true that the game still needs beta testers at the medium high range lvls. Not just steamers that plays 16 hours a day 7 days a week. Because that's not a real and normal player. The ones who are still here, normal ones, play 2-4 hours a day and not every single one. Cose meeen, we need to work and stuff. And at this point I can understand that they could feel bad about wipes, because they are not going to reach lvl 40 ever with the wipes. But again, work in progress.
  8. NoisyCosmos


    GROUP: United Survivors. ACTION: Encounter/Move to destination. DESCRIPTION: The ambush did not catch any attention at the beginning, but definitely it leaded us to some problems. It was twilight and we were really disappointed for not to be able to catch some attention with the smoke column. Our plan was to try recognise our enemy before taking contact to him, so our chances of survival could be better. No much time later in our trip back to our resting hole, we three get momentously scared. A figure appeared as we rounded a corner. Our first reaction was to take quick cover into a ditch in a jumble. Then the figurine walked passing us, toward some bushes. We also noticed some lights behind it and voices. Then, suddenly, the man in the bushes started to whistle, like... Is he taking a piss? We thought at the beginning that the urinating guy was part of a patrol or something. Maybe their task was finding us. Because no much time ago our smoke column was raised in the sky, but it went off before we leaved the area. Later, all of this, will become much more estrange. So I had the good feeling that it was a good idea to sneak into the bushes and interrogate him. But that leaded into fatal outcome. I tried to grab our new friend without making any noise but before that could occur he turned back, pissed all over my shoes and crept the hell out of him. Unfortunately that made him went down like a sack of potatoes, landing and hitting the ground under my weight and then went totally limp. I gingerly get off him, still a little dazed from the smack and I checked his state. At a first look he landed in an odd angle. At a second look I found he was not breathing anymore. Damn it! What a ridiculous death, my God. Am I a killer now? Well, I killed before but nothing like that. This was not intended. The guys quickly came to my spot and saw the scene. Then again we listened some voices and laughs. There was still some people around. So passing what happened we move toward the voices using the foliage and the darkness of the twilight. Jack and me advanced directly to some kind of earthen wall with a bonfire behind and Dunteon circled by our left flank that position in case we did finally get shooting anyone. All went wrong in a second. Around the bonfire there were three guys and behind them a little shack with what sounded like an old turntable and an intermittent light. We don't really know how Dunteon ended up in front of the fire in his flanking maneuver but the case was, and logically, everything went directly to hell. There was a big guy between the three camped guys and he was who went run with his shotgun directly to Dunteon's. The estrange thing was he was not shooting him at the beginning, he was grabbing the shotgun like a stick. Why? We will discover this later. Then that's how Dunt instinctively managed to get ahead with a kick in his knee that limp off the big guy towards the corner of the shack. In the meantime the two other guys took cover, one behind the earthen wall and the other just with the body on the ground near the fire. They also drawn out one pistol each one. Jack quickly shot down the poor guy near the fire and I will for sure skip the details about how his corpse looked like after that. In the other hand I tried to shot the guy behind the wall, just about 2 meters of me, but I failed lining up the shot and took some damage in the shoulder. Is this guy Billy The Kid? Angry and hurt, about seconds later, I reply with my gun and the Billy went down. At this time Jack shot the big guy, who was running trying to reach the shack's opposite side, and he dropped his kneed to the ground, luckily dead. This was just in the moment when Dunteon also shot and his shots, somewhat, failed to wound. Unfortunately Jack nearly get killed by auto fire coming from the shack's windows. The guy had a flashlight and his shots were simply really good. The situation forced me to heal the badly damaged Jack and Dunt was fighting with no cover. The drama did begin. He faced a new enemy, different looking than the others. The new guy was quickly looting big boy's corpse. He managed get the shotty and Dunt reacted giving him a chance to surrender, as he was just caught by surprise. But the bastard did not gave a chance to our friend who were laying on the ground badly and critically wounded after this. The chicken quickly went behind the shack and we lost contact with him. We are blocked here, we need to flank and do something with Dunt. So we did it. We flanked to the left, taking cover in a ditch near a path that followed the left side of the shack. We crawl and crawl. In the meantime, we heard two shotgun shots and some more auto fire coming from the same gun that badly hurt Jack before. In the path, we were praying for Dunt's state. Finally we reached a good spot to see what was happening behind the damn shack. Unlucky me I took the first shot when I did heap up and nearly get killed by the auto fire guy and his flashlight. I did respond with my gun wasting the magazine and pointing were I thought he was. Jack also shot with no luck. Then we quickly head off again. This is getting worst. Do you think we killed him? In that moment the silence reigned the area. In the distance, coming from behind the shack, a gurgle and a mute scream. I think so. But where is the shotty guy? Were they shooting each other? We finally get the courage to advance to the shack's backside. We discovered a corpse and a critically wounded body, nearly to death. The corpse was the auto fire guy who once upon a time had a head over the shoulder. About the body is other story. Then I quickly went for Dunt and I did patch him up the best I could. We two went later to the shack's backside to discover Jack waking our guest. Who are you? And this is the funny part of the story. His name was 'Olgierd', just a survivor, who went attracted by the smoke column. Of course we did ask some questions and the interrogatory was interesting. We managed to get some new and valious info about the surroundings. At this point I forget about he nearly killed Dunt and I told the guys about having a fourth in the group. They were not very happy but I offered him the chance. Like if I were some kind of master, I asked some questions that will become, henceforth, part of our Creed as United Survivors in Tarkov. I need an answer to the following questions, and they need to be truthfully, if we suspect you are not, we will leave you here, bound to a tree, to your own devices. Are you a true survivor, do you believe in brotherhood, and above all, will you do anything to survive, even kill innocent people? He did respond well and I welcomed him to the team but he was not very interested in being part of anything. He said he was more like a 'Loner' person. I understand. Well, we gave you a good chance to survive this hell. You won't find others such as us out there. I hope you won't regret of your answer. By the way, nothing changes that you shot down Dunteon. So the shotgun you looted before will be kept with us in payment. After all of this theatre we three moved the badly hurt body of Olgierd inside the shack and I gave him some tips and some items of myself. He will need to be lucky to get out of here alone. This Tarkov's part is not a joke. Till the next time Loner. At the end of the fight we ended up with some new loot, a rare new friend and four new corpses to our count. Did I told that all of this became more strange right? It is time to speak about it. When we finally were looting, we discovered in the nearby shack's woods area, a frew fresh mounds of dirt, bloody ones. And the more annoying, a table with some bloody instruments. Were this Scavs cannibal or something like that? Or are they the kidnapers that we heard about? Are they trafficking with organs? I can't say for sure. Now the moon has raised and all's dark. We three, with no much medical supplies but with some more experience and acknowledge of Tarkov itself, move in the night trying to forget the madness and searching for a good hole to rest the next few days.
  9. NoisyCosmos

    More WIP images

    1. Probably Cultist face or Scavs boss face. 2. Card key lock. 3. Icepick. 4. A part from a propelled grenade maybe. 5. Maybe a device for locking doors. 6. Cheeki breeki squatting official uniforme. 7. Military heavy field hazmat suit, part of the shoes.
  10. NoisyCosmos

    Kiver With Visor?

    Good idea mate.
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    GROUP: United Survivors. ACTION: Search/Ambush. DESCRIPTION: The moment I saw the rider knew there will be problems. We can't say for sure if he is just a survivor or a Scav running for help. So we decided that we might take actions in consequence. The night was quiet except from gunshots echoes in the distance again. We took two hours and a half watches, preventing being assaulted by unwanted visitors because of the raider. In the morning we discussed about setting an ambush later, nearly sunset, to attract who wanders in the town. Maybe the kidnappers, maybe just survivors, but we want to know first what's going on out there. That will give us a chance to take actions or just to go without making any noise. With much caution we spent the day searching in the nearby stores. This supermarket could still have something inside. Later, in the afternoon, we all end up gathering the goods for making a big fire in a backyard. Starting it was not easy task, but luckily, Jack had some matches to taking care of the problem. Sooner than expected the smoke column rises in the sky. It is very dense and for sure will catch some attention. Quickly we three reach our ambush spot in the nearest rooftop. It is time to watch and wait.
  12. NoisyCosmos

    Upcoming New Mods!

    Very nice looking models! Congrats.
  13. NoisyCosmos

    Bugs of the text RPG

    I know you guys are very busy and you are doing it for free, just the illusion and love for this game. I end up with a (I think so) good idea for the text RPG. We need a log to see what happen in each movement, like an automatic one. For example, how many food we compsume and who ate it. How many points of hp we loss, etc. This will be easy for us to understand the game and to know what happen. PD: Las time I did not get the advice message from the Barkeeper. Cheers!
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    GROUP: United Survivors. ACTION: Move to destination. DESCRIPTION: I was late to the meeting point, Dunteon and Jack were already there. The time took me searching for goods in the basement came with an old medic kit. A good piece of loot here in Tarkov. You can't know where and when you are going to need urgent treatment. After sharing our little searching rewards, we had some chatting about spending the night in the third floor of the municipal building. Of course we three agreed. This is as good as any other place here in the city. At least is not dusty at all. * Another morning in this hell. The night was really upset because of some shots echoes in the distance. Were them coming from the south? Can't say. Anyway, now it is time to get on the run again, but first I'm gonna eat this Tushonka. It is sad I can't warm up the canned meat, we are not in the open and I haven't got sticks or anything to burn. Wait a second... There is a lot of paper here. This is an official building. Damn! Ten minutes later I was cooking today's food ration and I can assure this Russian meat is good! At that time Jack and Dunteon were already awake. We talked about the shots that came from the south this night and about heading the same direction. We also remembered about what the shopkeepers told us about the port town. The same port town that we are now inside. The guys are not scared, can't say I feel the same. Well, time to move again. * Checking my map again I can assure now this looks like any other coastal town and the size is not really big. There is a port area at the south and a long beach to its right. The streets are filled with shops and stores of all sort, but specially the kind of seaside's or coastal areas'. There are some carts here and there but they are already looted. We advance with caution using cover and back streets, but always moving south. At a point a sound ends with the silence in the town. Far in the distance, heading to the port, a little motor rattles and echoes. Sounds like this little motorbikes of low displacement. Well, sounds like it, but also could be... Could be a little outboard boat too, right? If someone got one that still works can be a good exit ticket from this hell. This is how, forgetting about the danger that can rise in any or other time in this part of the city, the group advance happier than before, with hope, thinking about a transport for escaping Tarkov while they load their weaponds. Sooner or later they will arrive at the seaside.
  15. NoisyCosmos

    Bugs of the text RPG

    Ok. Make more sense thanks before