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    Houdini 17

    I have just seen this and I'm impressed. Enjoy! Would be good if we could see that for EFT in the future...
  2. NoisyCosmos


    GROUP: United Suvivors. ACTION: Move to destination. DESCRIPTION: After the rough last night our group continues. We left the scene silently and took the whole morning to finally get hungry again. My stomach was in pain mostly by the nerves I have suffered. So we finally had a break under a half collapsed highway bridge or something like that we found out of the woods. No much time later we just kept our path praying not to find anything on ahead.
  3. Keep going and make this game as good as it deserves to be.
  4. NoisyCosmos


    GROUP: United Suvivors. ACTION: Move to destination. DESCRIPTION: Something happened last night. I was sleeping alongside a campfire, in the middle of the woods, while Jack was mounting guard and Dunt were sleeping too. But suddently Jack heard something behind the bushes and we quickly wake up. Seconds later we were holding our guns and ready for the worst to come. But that would not be exactly what we expected. An old and creepy man with a rastreator dog emerged from the bushes. The dog, we thought, apparently followed our trace to our camp. And that old man was as surprised as us. At the point he fell backwards and with him the shotgun he was holding. We tried talking with him, but that didn't work because he was desesperate, nervous, looking backwards all the time... We didn't know what was happening and he took his opportunity to flee and he managed to. We lost him behind the bushes, at the same spot we saw him first. At that point we were ready to pursuit him with all we had. But then whistlings sounds over our heads, with their leading sounds from behind the bushes. Our now more expert ears identified a couple of shotgun shots and some automatic rifle sounds. Not AK, maybe some with lower caliber. With that scenario we decided that the best approach was to flank by the left to get a better view. We didn't know what was all that mess. Was the old man alive after all? We moved crouch and as silently as we could because there were not more sounds in the woods after that little firefight. Finally, we found a little elevation and we went to the top. From there we would be able to see what happened behind the bushes and beyond. What we found impressed us more and now it is part of our not desired Tarkov nightmares. There, between trees and bushes, were three full equipped USECs in woodland camo. It was not the worst but the fact that they were laughing at the poor dead old man, in a circle, and making jokes about their filty achievement. That's Tarkov at its finnest. After what we saw, we knew we had to do something about it. Despite the fact that USEC aren't know for their good manners. And now they're dead. Our flanking maneuver took them by surprise and we killed two of them, mostly at the begining of the firefight. The other, scared like a rat, lost his gun and tried to ran away later. He didn't suscceed. Nonetheless, we offered them a chance of surrender which, of course, they didn't accept. At the end we gave their bodies to the woods to root. We made an exception with the old poor man. We buried him in a good place but didn't manage to find his dog, he probably escaped. In the old man's belongings we found an old photo about better times and joy. It made me really sad and I think it happened with Dunt and Jack too. We fastened the old photo in his burial spot between two stones. So here we are, back again on the path, after a regular Tarkov night. Lucky, we are are closer to our final objective. Can't say we are the same anymore. Again.
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    Proteccion de Cuenta

    Yo recomiendo que activéis todos. Hace poco se me rompió el móvil y tuve que sufrir para recuperar el autentificador de dos pasos.
  6. NoisyCosmos

    Scav's and Grenades

  7. NoisyCosmos


    GROUP: United Suvivors. ACTION: Move to destination. DESCRIPTION: The group of survivors continue their journey throught the forest with destination in mind.
  8. NoisyCosmos

    List of recently banned players 26/11/2018

    Finally. More banned.
  9. NoisyCosmos

    New WiP materials 20/11/2018

    Really looking foward to Multicam cammo clothing.
  10. NoisyCosmos

    Black Friday 30% discount started!

    I wish you everyone a good shopping and welcome to the game!
  11. NoisyCosmos

    Trees penetration

    Noice. Can you send the link?
  12. NoisyCosmos

    Trees penetration

    Hello there, Just want to inform the dev's about this awesome video about bullet penetration thru trees with different calibers. I hope, someday, somehow, we might see that in the game.
  13. NoisyCosmos

    The Romp Bar

    "You can become a nice archer… Later…."
  14. NoisyCosmos

    if you are tired

    Nice try