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  1. Escape from Tarkov at GamesCom 2017

    when is it coming?
  2. 605 no server found

    they added so many new palyers today, so i think its natural that at some point during the beta that happens ...
  3. 605 no server found

    people stay calm...
  4. 605 no server found

    they r working
  5. error 502: bad gateway , backend error

    so i think they< are working on it
  6. error 502: bad gateway , backend error

    have the same error!
  7. Can u pls fix the number/amount that is displayed for upgrading the venders to the next lvl? it shows only 1M Rubles for example, but when i reach that amount the number is still red.... so u need to upgrade the vender beyond the displayed amount. can u just fix it, so it shows atleast one more decimal number? for example: 1.5M Rubles? Thanks and keep up the great work PS: pls fix this 605 error....
  8. Server not responding, now cant play anymore

    getting 605 error here (germany, so i gues EU server!?)
  9. Hello Frantic, wanted to follow the #rules section and write u to get to introduce me (lIIumianti#4767)