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  1. Shmickel

    1.)Sling: Weapon Attachment 2.) High Level Camo paint 3.)

    Sounds good on paper, faster swap, more ergo, more realistic but I assume that all weapon come with a sling or it would complicate the game on different aspect, because then people would ask for more. 1 - Needing sling to use weapon. It would be hell for going from Wpn 2 to Wpn 3 to Pistol. (" Im out of ammo with my M4 switching to the AK", *Throw M4 on the ground*,...... "Ok they are dead...... where did i drop that weapon again?") 2 - Transportation. Also if you can sling a weapon, why not carry as many as you can on you instead of the back pack + 1 spare? ( Fill back pack, cross/attach as many weapon behind your back while carrying 1 in your hand) Should they add the sling so it look like you are wearing one with that gun? Yes. Why aren't doing it? Don't know, maybe it is a pain to design and it is why people don't do sling in many gun game. Soft skill are already their for fast swap, throw and reload, I think that is more than necessary.
  2. Shmickel

    a gaunlet mode

    They are planning a Endless time Roaming system once you escape all those 10 locations. You will be, like you said, from one map to access some other (i.e Road to custom exit in Shoreline might get you to Custome). As how it will look like or when it will be implemented, time will tell. Cheers
  3. Shmickel

    Recover blackout limbs?

    This idea was already been talked about in previous Topic called Unblacking limbs By Altblu, February 8 in Suggestions but nothing came out of it from Dev. Don't forget to use the search option to avoid creating topic already existing. Cheers.
  4. Shmickel

    Color of recoil number

    Lower recoil the better so yes, red for recoil means good. They just made that minuses are red and pluses are blue. No need to color code them for this is good and this is bad, mod the weapon as you like and as you think it best suit your play style.
  5. Shmickel

    Discreet way of indicating teammates

    It is coming. Brassards and customization (mostly facial, cant say for body type). Don't forget to search a topic before creating one that was answer so many time. Cheers
  6. Shmickel

    Skill Deterioration when already maxed.

    Soft skill will always go down over time. If you want to see any Physical skill to stop dropping you will need to increase your Metabolism.
  7. Shmickel

    Selling important gun parts

    Though i don't think it was intended to have all part for every weapon available at all time either. Some item are for trading (like both Shotguns) and some other are to be earn with trade/purchase ( i.e. that pick block is on any M4A1 sold by Peacekeeper). There are other options and sometime mistakes can only be redeem with the harder way to go back and find a brand new weapon for the specific way you want it. They never said it was going to be easy or fair. Sorry.
  8. Shmickel

    Selling important gun parts

    Cant say about the M4 but for the shotgun, the body is the only thing that is require for trading it for better gear (i.e 4x MP-153 for 1 X M4), everything else that is attached to it is easy money to be sold to traders.
  9. Shmickel

    paramedic's car on custom

    If you are talking about the white car in the garage area, that people used to farm Salewa, yea i think they closed it for good.
  10. Shmickel


    Not sure if it will answer your inquiry but you can shoot above obstacle and blindly from the side of a corner with Ctrl+W and Ctrl+S. There is a lot of special action you can do with left Ctrl, they just don't advertise them clearly. Watch a few streamer and you might find stuff that is in the game already but wouldn't have though to try randomly. Hope this help.
  11. Shmickel


    Yes and your teammate would be able to carry you or heal you so you can extract.
  12. Shmickel

    Suggestions to EFT

    Never played The Division but it sounds like that is what you are explaining, mostly the part about the extraction, only for your gear, sounds so much like the dark zone in that game. There is going to be an hideout (your main HUB) that you will be able to repair your stuff, heal negative effect and a shooting range from what they were explaining. For the 1 map, there is going to be a mode of Free Roaming coming in and from what you can see on some maps there will be a way to go from one area to the other. How would it work? Time will tell. Also weapon do need to be repair or they will jam. We might just lose them to fast after a few game to see the real inconvenience of that problem. There is still so much to that game to come, we just need to wait and test what we got.
  13. Shmickel

    Medical System Improvements

    1) I think it is fine at it is. Grey is full, black is empty and red gradually get darker the lower it get. No need to add extra number everywhere. 2) It will be coming as well as animation for loading mag with ammo. 3) I like the idea. Different ways to slowly die depend of the injury sounds cool. Cheers
  14. Shmickel

    Dehydration is exxxxxtreme

    Dehydration as it is, is just an extra Stat to monitor creating more ways to die which imply the hardcore focus of the game. Realism focus or not, it is still just a game. Most game always follow a faster metabolism than reality or else, everything would be so long and boring. That is why pills does the effect right away, you can walk on blow up limb, still hold your gun when your arms are done and you have an Health bar that increase when you use a med kit ( would love to see some one on Shoreline after a big fight walking around for hours with an I.V. in his arm because he got messed up). If you look at your PMC status on the gear tab, there is more factors that will come to play forcing people to carry even more stuff they didn't though they would need. Be aware, it is not a simulator, it is just a hard game.
  15. Shmickel

    Make checking mag animation usefull

    Technically the plan if i remember well is there will be no more ways in game to see how many bullet you have in a mag during a raid, even if you Tab and look in your gear. As well as the will add reload mag motion and timer. The only way you will be able to know is by doing a mag check. the more mastery lvl you have with a specific weapon the more accurate your information will be until it tells you the exact amount. So staying with 1 specific weapon and mastering it will become crucial later one. Choose wisely.