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  1. kaokane

    Technical Update!

  2. kaokane

    Graphics Card Suggestions?

    short from buying i7 9600+ 4.8ghz i dont see u getting more fps with a gpu upgrade i upgraded simple i play other games beside tarkov mostly heavy into bdo 1050 is great
  3. kaokane

    Graphics Card Suggestions?

    i just went from 750 ti 2gb oc too 1050 ti 4gb ssc i got 9 fps more
  4. kaokane

    Official Trading Thread

    anyone selling gamma container or the esp one name ur price in pm
  5. kaokane

    Please fix whatever just happened here

    i like to call that damage displacement the scav not wearing any armor but u shot him once in left leg once in right leg twice in chest once in left arm once in the stomach by all accounts he should have died after the 4th bullet hit but i would say 4 of thoses 6 shots didnt do any damage the three shots u fired towards his face were hitting the wall behind him so you got hit with damage not reg and dysnc another day in tarkov
  6. kaokane

    (un)Acceptable player names

    lol #snowflakes
  7. kaokane

    after wipe question

    wish there were more people like you lol
  8. kaokane

    Hatchlings really need to be nerfed

    how is it not a playstyle and going in gear to teeth is where does it say that i must have a m4 fort fast helm on before i can step outside in your little world my experience in this game is just as important to me as your experience is too you so why do u get to be judge on how i should experience the game what right do you have to tell me how i should play this game i bought i spent my money on not yours mine? show me this please ill will put down the hatchet and forever obey your pathetic excuse for so call playstyle of your choosing
  9. kaokane

    Hatchlings really need to be nerfed

    hows your back damn man axe to back f**k lol how did it happen did guy just come out of nowhere like a hatchling or what lol fk i can understand if u didnt like hatchling after experience that in real life
  10. kaokane

    Gameplay In General

    am starting to think people just didn't read what this game is and what it being designed as its hardcore first person survival shooter with realism in mind in real world you don't know the skill of your enemy just like you don't know what eqp your enemy is using people don't seem to understand that this game was never intended to be played as a causal shooter like cod or bf its hardcore realism shooter its the way the devs said they want there game to be design as so there never gonna be a tier matchmaking or skill base match making in this game defeats the whole purpose of a hardcore survival shooter like really you guys should have read the giant black and white words on there front page of the website before you bought this game HARDCORE SURVIVAL FIRST PERSON SHOOTER its literally in black and white on the front page of the website like come on
  11. kaokane

    Hatchling Fix

    #locked there's like 20 threads about hatchling your gonna have to learn to live with it or just stop playing if its too much for you devs have said several times there not gonna do anything about it its intended mechanic just like in real life you dont know what your enemy gonna be eqp with. forcing players to risk full gear because people think there in title too it is just funny to me long live the hatchetling!
  12. kaokane

    Hatchlings really need to be nerfed

    Trolling complete ! LOL
  13. kaokane

    Hatchlings really need to be nerfed

    no as a fact nik as come out on reddit and on klean live streams saying that it was in fact intended mechanic for ppl who lost all there gear to go out with a hatchet and try to get more also why hatchets/ knife are in game in first place and is also realistic using knife is more realistic then going out arm to teeth and in full body armor just blasting everything you see . you can ask any soldier that if you have enemy you need to take out what way would you do it what would you use 98% of them would say ill use knife if i could because u got 50-50 chance that one your enemy not alone and shot from a gun would give your position away alert everyone around you hey bad guys are here and before people say how ill use a silencer no silencer are not as quiet as in video games there much louder in real life anyone with in 50 to 100 yards would hear a gunshot muffed by a silencer at that distance a knife your guaranteed a single kill without alerting any nearby enemies to your location 1. with a knife your more stealthy you can kill without making a sound same cant be said with using a gun and in full gear even with a silencer you still make alot of noise. that realistic 2. your faster you can cover more ground and be quieter with a knife then in full gear toting gun. that realistic whats not realistic is crying about hatchetling cause they dont conform to your way of thinking or your play style
  14. kaokane

    Hatchlings really need to be nerfed

    put u in charge of nick names for theses uber hatchets lol
  15. kaokane

    If I hold a grenade and get shot, do I drop it?

    dammit muhammad i told you to pull the pin damn infidels didnt die lol