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  1. kaokane

    Head, eyes

    thats cool i got 1 tap in alty helm in face mask by ak 103 from 100 meters away. helms are useless at moment but ive been saved by them a few times lvl 3 helm ricocheting a bs round at point blank is funny lol
  2. kaokane

    Labs floors, bye keys, and I'm about done

    obvious he didn't drop it on purpose now lol
  3. kaokane

    Low FPS with 2080

    no it just if u dont got new gen i7 cpu 6 or 8 core processor putting out 4.8-5.2 ur not gonn get over 60-70 fps on this game on shoreline game not gpu dependent as much as it cpu i think games only using 2 processor at any giving time cus i got 4 and my 3 and 4 dont ever hit over 30% load awhile my 1 and 2 are at nearly 80% load every time
  4. that would because its RPG mechanic in this game other wise it wouldn't be bears and usec being most likely ex special forces would be more then a safe guess awhile scavs are civi/gang members i dont know about Russia or euro gangs but us gangs members couldn't hit broad side of barn from 15 feet away let along one tap a man from 50 meters with a shotgun unless your Innocent bystander then u get hit 3-5 times in the leg starting to remind me of us gang members theses scavs always leg shotting my ass
  5. yeah got dvl and sv98 mixed up just combine the two lol
  6. the green sniper wats it name again that one thought it was called svd i dont ever use it just sell it when it drops in factory so ive never really look at its name lol
  7. ive had svd and rsass spawn quite a few times on night raid for me in factory there
  8. kaokane


    they try to fix memory leak but made it worst lol now custom is taking 10 gb instead of the 8 gb it was taking last patch lol
  9. kaokane

    What am I missing about scavs and shotguns?

    simple really scavs have aimbots that target ur chest but hit u in the head or legs or arms lol if ur using shotguns leg meta or head meta if no visor is on shootting anywhere else is a waste of time you're gonna die and with shotguns u need hit them in legs with all 4+1 in chamber in about second in half or they just out heal u if you're taking just pot shots at them up close and personal is the only way with shotties
  10. i would + you but am out for today i still use mp153 shotgun mosin cool and all but if i want to take someone out going up stairs on factory its gonna be mp153 in my hand not a mosin ever
  11. kaokane

    Is this suppose to happen?

    i dont have the great pc rig but i do noticed i get into games faster then most the ppl but yeah usually u get sync with other players then count down happens but looks like game spawn u into match that had started few second earlyer
  12. kaokane

    Is this suppose to happen?

    if u pause it at the 2 second mark u can clearly see a dude at the edge out side to left with gun who fires and shoot u in the head suck but that was just some guy who happen to come cross u spawning in at that moment you where late to spawn in aswell
  13. kaokane

    Technical Update!

  14. kaokane

    Graphics Card Suggestions?

    short from buying i7 9600+ 4.8ghz i dont see u getting more fps with a gpu upgrade i upgraded simple i play other games beside tarkov mostly heavy into bdo 1050 is great
  15. kaokane

    Graphics Card Suggestions?

    i just went from 750 ti 2gb oc too 1050 ti 4gb ssc i got 9 fps more