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  1. New Wepons

    Here's the comparison. There's a huge difference between 5.56mm and .22; in fact, there's even a difference between 5.56mm NATO and real .223:
  2. Can we please get bans on weapon glitchers

    OR you can keep up on reddit. They fixed it with the current patch. There's no point in banning for using bugs in the beta. Beta is supposed to be there so you dont have bugs like this on release. Why would you ban someone for testing and fixing your game?
  3. Too hard for beginners???

    fixed it for you.
  4. Looting dead body bug

    Kindly use the search function before posting. This is a known bug; Devs have received videos on how to replicate and are working on a fix. Also this makes no sense. Bugs like this are bound to happen; it's Open beta. If they dont weed out issues in Beta, then it'll just happen at launch. In my opinion, they should glitch more and try and break the game even more, so devs have a better product at release when it releases.
  5. Remember, my bullets takes the same time to register hits as the delay people have of seeing me.
  6. Sorry for the rant

    I'm from South Africa; playing on 180-220 ping to EU servers. i get bad days too Other days, me and my squadmate go in with minimal gear, and get out loaded. That one time makes up for all the bad times. Case in point: Lost 2x DVL (on Wet Job pt 4), 2x M4, 3x Fort, 2x Kivers and a fast MT on a series of runs. Next time we went in with two SR1MP pistols (modded, of course) on Woods, with NVG goggles and tri-zips. Nothing else. Both of us extracted after about 8 kills. Total dog tag value on my side: 270k roubles. Also found 2x fort, 2x kivers, a fast MT+NVG setup, 3x M4's, SV-98, a boatload of meds, ammo and grenades, a scoutsniper vest, and another tri-zip. My buddy got out with 1x M4, 1x RSASS and a AS VAL we found in a weapon crate at the exit. Also had similar loot. "Life is a series of train wrecks, interrupted by brief moments of happiness. You never know when the next happiness will strike, unless you keep going. So that's what I do. I keep going. ^.^".
  7. Contracting Life

    I chose bear for the sexy black shirts. JK, my character used to be a top-of-class specialist at infiltration school in Russia. Can't post names here because security. He was selected by BEAR to get hard evidence that Terra Group is conducting illegal experiments here in Ruskiland. I am determined to find the hard truth. Besides, the pay wasnt bad, and finding any information leading to a decisive conclusion about Terra Group's activities will give me a big bonus as well
  8. Hi Guys I'm a player from South Africa, playing on EU with about 180 ping. I'm stalking the forums at work in hopes that someone posts a video/accusation of me hacking soon because of the delay that I was forced to learn to play with. Mods; if anyone sees someone with my name accusing me of hacking, don't censor it please I want to see if someone ever posts my name here so I can laugh at them
  9. In Soviet Russia

    in Soviet Russia SCAV LOOTS YOU
  10. How to get a m4

    Hey lads; am at work so if someone can do the numbers on this baby regarding costs on it? MP-153 trading x4 = M4 with some mods comes with the good gas block, and the badger charging handle, so: MUR-1S receiver Barrel of choice (long one for the bigger maps) LVOA-C hand guard (the lvl 4 peacekeeper one) PRS GEN2 stock (RSASS stock) Colt A2 buffer tube CASV 6 inch mod + RVS front grip (rubber) (OR AFG magpull) GRAL-S rear grip (the pistol grip from level 4 peacekeeper) KVC QB flash hider NT4 suppressor 60 round trade in (steel or drum) Sight of choice (HAMR/UH-1/MRS etc) Laser/attachment of choice If you have a 4x sight, consider a separate scope + the 45 degree backup mount If anyone can number crunch the costs, that'd be great. I'm not home at my PC right now, else i'd have done that
  11. Official Trading Thread

    WTS: 3x marked keys 2x ZB-014 2x rolers WTB or trade for above: doc case/keybar
  12. Player glitched onto woods sniper scav spawn

    Complain, complain complain. Why would you penalize innovative players? It's not gamebreaking because you can do it too. So level your strength? It's not unbalanced, you can get good strength too... Just like real life? Instead of complaining here, how about you get on discord and find some friends to play with? BSG stated this should be a TEAM BASED GAME. I can't count how many times we got campers by flanking them on a wall where they think they are safe, then peeking over the wall, standing on his back and sniping them. Are you trying to say you can't climb rocks in real life? There are no "invisible walls" in real life stopping you from climbing up for a height advantage. If anything, I'd say it's a feature. That's like saying sniping from a rooftop shouldnt be allowed. What's the point of the sniper rifle then? My 0.02
  13. How do you deal with the "Takov Crud"

    Nope, matching does not care about levels, gear or anything else. You drop in against other players, regardless of any restrictions.
  14. Honest Question about Hatchlings

    Just as an FYI; double tap V for quick melee swings I'd like to see how people do hatchet runs once open-world is implemented... "loots container" "gets sniped across the map"
  15. Quest Mega Thread

    If anyone still has issues with Bad Rep Evidence: You need the black handled key named "Key" (SPECIFICALLY for the construction site bunkhouse, it says so on the key) Run to the place where you got the bronze pocket watch, that construction site has three holes in the wall to go to dorms side. At the middle one, there are stacked bunkhouses (like the Skier golden swag house), you need that key to open the VERY TOP one, then turn right on the table to grab the 0031 doc case. Just extract then, as dying will cause you to lose the item. REMEMBER TO TURN IT IN BECAUSE IF YOU DONT, AND YOU DIE IN THE NEXT RUN, YOU STILL LOSE THE CASE AND HAVE TO REDO THE MISSION!