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  1. Sleepyyy

    Scav boss spawn when player scav?

    Scav boss and his bodyguards are hostile to both pmcs and player scavs. With that being said, they will shoot to kill you if you get close enough. The reason for them shooting player scavs are because otherwise the scav players could take advantage of they being friendly and just kill them, get the gear, finish the job and extract, would you like that? Edit: The scav bodyguards act like a pmc most of the times, they will push you, chase you (around their area) and throw grenades at you.
  2. Sleepyyy

    Cheaters have to be sorted

    That's probably just a glitcher. There's a common glitch on at least three different maps now (customs, shoreline, factory) that I know of that makes you invulnerable. But its true indeed, the number of suspicious players are definitely rising, this past week I've been encountering them way more than any previous time I've played tarkov. Obviously we can't confirm wether they're hackers or not, I have never seen a speedhacker yet or a teleporter. Just immortal people (mostly are probably glitchers) and people who just one tap me from somewhere that I have no idea from (I consider myself a veteran player and know probably every spot that can get you killed). All we can do is wait for them to ban other 1000 guys I guess.
  3. TL;DR ur saying fast mt is poo. I agree, Fast MT is a poo. Helmets are a poo overall, I tend to use one just to make people try and not to shoot me in the head. Altyn is also bad, I mean, I don't usually care if ur wearing Altyn or nothing I will aim for your head and if not one tap you, then two tap. (My M995 ammo won't really care what you're wearing.)
  4. Sleepyyy

    Should I upgrade to EOD edition or buy an additional ram?

    I think pretty much everyone else just told you what to do and what the right thing is. Get the RAM, it will not only help you with Tarkov buy with the recent games and upcoming games. Its 2018, 8gb ram won't do it, you'll need at least 16gb to be able to run games smoothly and have an enjoying experience. Wait for another sale to buy the EOD if you really like the game and want to support the devs, they'll make another sale, you'll see
  5. Sleepyyy


    Looks cool, might use it once to test it out and probably never again. Snipers are way too under rated in this game and you get punished so hard for it when u fight versus a player with an automatic rifle
  6. Sleepyyy

    New Player

    I mean doing offline raids can and will help you learn the spawns and the extractions aswell as the loot spawn but it won't teach you how to handle a situation when you meet real players (not regular scav AI). You might ask how so? In my way of seeing things you need to get the experience you need by playing online, even if you die over and over and over. How's that? Its simple, if you keep dying and dying in a raid you'll soon enough acquire the experience to hopefully counter play those previous mistakes you've commited. That will teach you where other players spawn and how much time and when you will find them and how to either avoid these encounters or face them properly. For me, when I was still a "newbie" I used to die a lot and never knew when and where to expect other players until I've played like 50 times that map to properly figure out where and when I would find a player and counter play them. I hope you understood what I just tried to say. And also a good way of improving your sixth sense is watching professional tarkov streamers and there are plenty.
  7. Sleepyyy

    How rare is this scav lol

    That's a nice way of looking at things, what do you call the scav boss and his buddies, the ultimate scavs? Lol
  8. Sleepyyy

    Attention hatchlings!

    Im pretty much like you. Whenever I see a hatchling I let them live, I even give them stuff sometimes and tbh so far none has decided to stick around and murder me. On the otherhand when Im the hatchling no one gives a f* about me and Im just murdered instantly, at least around 90% of the times.
  9. Cool cool would be if you guys added servers somewhere in Spain for us portuguese folks, at least Valve added them to CS and ever since my ping is usually around 40-50 which is pretty good while in London/Netherland servers it goes for 60+ which is still okay but you'll have to rely on your internet being a good boy.
  10. Sleepyyy

    How to lose Addicted player :) (clear post)

    Everyone is aware of the factory exit glitch. Most of us have already died to someone abusing it, and it is pretty frustrating indeed, hell this game is frustrating as hell when u die, but more than anything that should motivate you to thrive on and get other successful runs, at least that's the way I see it, don't get too attached to the loot, because a wipe will eventually come again, and again and again. Either take a break to chill and come back to kick some ass, or just you know, sit back, relax and get ready for your next run.
  11. Sleepyyy

    Performance Q

    The game isn't fully optimized yet so it consumes more ram and cpu memory than gpu memory. Something else to get in mind is what graphic settings are you running and how many fps do you usually get? Also the hit registration thing is server side and has nothing to do you with you, unless you are missing your shots.
  12. Sleepyyy

    Pesquisa sobre melhorias do registro de disparos

    Eu notei melhorias, só hoje já matei uns quantos scavs e pmcs com one taps na cabeça. Por norma tinha que dar 2 ou 3 tiros porque supostamente não contavam os headshots e agora do nada começaram a contar alguns, incluindo jogadores com fast MT de visor, 2/3 tiros de AKM e chão com eles.
  13. Sleepyyy

    Looking for players to play with

    So I've been watching a couple of streams lately about this game and I've decided to give it a go. Although I am level 12, I am used to play fps games and I have a pretty good aim, but the map knowledge really screws me up, and that's why I play factory most of the times. On my last runs I usually run into squads and despites being able to kill one or two, its really hard to finish them all by myself, so seeing that none of my friends play this game I've decided to search for other players to squad up. I am from Portugal but can speak and understand english pretty well, so it's not really a big deal for me. Im also over 18 if that's any matter for some of you lol. Edit: I just realized I probably broke the rules of this section of the forums and for that Im sorry lol