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  1. Sleepyyy

    Extraction wont work

    It is possible that you and your friend had different extractions. When you play as scav your extractions aren't always the same, double press O to check your extractions. Since you haven't given any additional information on this matter I suppose it is the case.
  2. Sleepyyy

    Best recoil you can get?

    I guess technically you could put the "grip" a little more forward. Some guns can look glitchy, especially short barrel weapons.
  3. Sleepyyy

    Best recoil you can get?

    Alright, I just got home and I tried to build an AK-104 according to the mods I find that might give the lowest recoil. Here you go, hope it helps.
  4. Sleepyyy

    Best recoil you can get?

    I am not home at this moment so I am unable to provide you a screenshot. The comment above mine gave you one way to do it. Once I'll get home I'll mod an AK-104 if you still wish to see one. Cheers
  5. Sleepyyy

    Best recoil you can get?

    That's because the raiders AK's aren't really "fully" modded. They have a scope, a supressor that's pretty much it and a flashlight. But you can pretty much mod every AK almost the same way, there's just a few here and there that change.
  6. Sleepyyy

    Did i find a Rare? Sorry Its Sideways...

    That's one of the new streamer valuable barter items. Only good for selling right now as they have no personal use or trade. Therapist pays the highest price of all traders for it. Selling in fleamarket makes no much sense because it has no uses.
  7. Sleepyyy

    Make PMCs life worth again.

    Dogtags were highly nerfed, yes can confirm but high level dogtags are still good, after level 20 up most of them are used for some decent trades. I think the whole purpose is to make them tradable in the end and we should expect more trade-ups to appear soon.
  8. Sleepyyy

    New player need friends

    Hey guys, have you tried taking a look at the clan/communites section? Some of them might fill your expectations, give it a try
  9. Sleepyyy

    Sherpa Request's Discord ID PSA

    You can start a new topic in this section if ur looking for people to play with. https://forum.escapefromtarkov.com/forum/159-lfg/ Or use this section to search up clans/communities of your desire that might interest you. https://forum.escapefromtarkov.com/forum/40-clans/ You can also request a Sherpa here. https://www.escapefromtarkov.com/sherpa If you are interested in knowing what the Sherpa program is you can check it here.
  10. Sleepyyy


    Ok this is what I know about the arsenal labs keys. One of them spawns in the shoreline resort gym, on top of the desk besides the laptop. If you don't know where that is, its in the west wing of the resort, basement, there's a gym, check the desk. The other one I heard it spawns in scavs pockets/backpacks, make sure to check whenever you kill one, good luck!
  11. Sleepyyy

    Será que roda no meu PC?

    Eu honestamente não aconselhava a jogar Tarkov com esse setup, gráfica não sei até que ponto vai conseguir rodar bem o jogo.. a ram 8gb.. eu continuo e digo sempre que para uma experiência fixe é necessário 16 gbs de ram. Vou dar-lhe o meu exemplo. Eu no inicio de 2018 tinha um i7 2700, 8gb de ram, gtx 970 e corria com tudo no minimo a 60-70 fps. Agora tenho um i7 8700, 16gb ram, gtx 970 e estou a jogar em médios entre a 70 - 100 fps. Se realmente queres jogar Tarkov precisas de um grande upgrade à tua máquina, é a minha opinião.
  12. Sleepyyy

    Signal pt. 1 broken?

    The resort antena is the one on the west wing rooftop. Are you sure you approached this one?
  13. Sleepyyy

    I upgraded and its not working?

    This topic is two year old almost and before you needed to restart your profile to receive your upgrade inventory. There have been a lot of changes since then and you no longer need to reset your profile to receive your equipment, you'll get a notification in your IG messenger from system. Read TheWay's comment above mine, cheers.
  14. Sleepyyy

    I just bought "Prepere fro Escape Edition"

    You bought it from the official website, correct? If so go to escapefromtarkov.com, top right corner, "Login" enter your username and password and check your profile, in the middle it should appear "Install". Like this photo
  15. Sleepyyy

    game lag / freezes

    Can you guys check if this works for you? Its an old video but some recent comments suggest people still use this method.