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  1. Sleepyyy

    List of recently banned players

    I think one of those guys killed my entire squad yesterday in factory in about 15 seconds with only headshots Anyways, its good news, now ban the Scavs shooting shotguns at 500 meters that manage to break my legs and put them down to zero
  2. Sleepyyy

    Now I need rep to get LL3 Peacekeeper?

    To shortly answer your question, its a yes, and no its not a bug. You need 0,30 reputation to put Peacekeeper at tier 3 and furthermore to put him into tier 4. Its a new addition in this patch. The only way to do so is to finish Skier's quests that will unlock you quests for peacekeeper.
  3. Since we can't put the tuchankas/drinks into a lucky scav box.. how about something like this into the game? lol
  4. Sleepyyy

    M18 smoke grenades

    Just give it some time, I am sure it will be added eventually.
  5. That's great to hear! About that, there could be many explanations.. only he knows what he had on his mind at the time, but the most common reason for people to go to factory with top tier gear is to try and kill the rest of the pmcs and extract. Since its the smallest map of them all, you can make a good factory run in under 3 minutes, just find the remaining pmcs (6 spawn in total, including you), kill them and take their stuff. Of course it doesn't go that well everytime..
  6. Doing scav runs is a great thing to acquire some quick loot and practice your game sense. Scav runs used to take more time before, between one another, now its just 10 minutes. Also, since the scav boss from customs has a 100% spawn rate now, use your scav runs on customs to try and get some better loot, you might find some dead geared pmcs, or even leftovers from the scav guards. Your pmc runs, on the other hand, you should focus on the missions so you can upgrade your traders and unlock new equipment that otherwise wouldn't be available to you. Also don't be afraid to lose your gear, not being afraid of losing your stuff will pay off with better plays overall and make you a worth risk taker. It took me a long time to learn the maps aswell, how to mount a weapon, where to expect players, you'll die a lot before realizing that out and its all apart of the game, try to get a friend or join a community (there's plenty out there) that is new player friendly.
  7. Sleepyyy

    Vaulting jumping system should be considered

    I think its a pretty common concept and they're probably already looking into it. Vaulting will need a damage system aswell as a fast/slow vaulting timer depending on how much stuff ur carrying. People carrying lots of stuff should take damage considering their jump height, while others not so much. Let's not forget about the animations aswell, if and when they add a vaulting system there should be animations already to not fully give advantages to people who vault. Like when they land, putting their hands onto the ground for a few secs depending on how much stuff they're carrying, not allowing them to shoot for a few secs and forcing them to look at the ground in the meanwhile. At least that's what I think.
  8. Sleepyyy

    EFT steam information

    So you don't play Battlefield because its an origin game? Or Rainbow Siege because its an uplay game despite being on steam? That argument feels a little bit weird. I have games on steam, origin, uplay, even have league of legends installed.. Oh and I also have World of Warcraft from battlenet. But I would really love for this game to be on steam, just for the show off
  9. I love when one image is worth more than one thousand letters.
  10. Sleepyyy

    Is there an option to report cheaters?

    Uhm, from what I've seen and according to the devs of the game they will be banned "eventually". This was posted today Also another way is probably to record the gameplay if your computer can handle it and send it through the report section in the game launcher. Other than that just be active and look for topics like that one above.
  11. Sleepyyy

    mosin 33k now?

    What? You think I have fun killing hatchlings? I even let them live, aslong as they stick around with me, otherwise I'll kill them to avoid being a future threat. You're not even making any sense. What I'am saying is that it gives room for people to bring back their good stuff and that's exactly what I want to play against, not some random mosin guy or a hatchling. You think because he's carrying a mosin instead of a hatchet makes it worth to wear the good armour/weapon? It doesn't pay off aswell, so Im not sure what you're on about, Im talking about a gun being op and cheap, you're talking about people running without gear and that will always happen. I've come to realize what this game needs is to set you up versus players that are rocking the same kind of gear, this way you hatchlings and mosslings can enjoy killing each other while we'll enjoy taking the good stuff, fair?
  12. Sleepyyy


    Hopefully this answers you.
  13. Sleepyyy


    Yep altyns are pretty bad, it does not only makes you unable to listen to anything but it can also get one tap really fast. Go for the FAST MT instead or the ACHHC. And if you're feeling like it, just don't bring a helmet at all, Mosins will still get you no matter what, so just bring a bandana to hide your bald head and good luck.
  14. Sleepyyy

    mosin 33k now?

    A trade up is a different thing. It makes you actually have to do a raid to find the items you need to do the trade in. Even though car batteries are easy to get in interchange it forces you to go find them. On the other hand, if you do think that either 19 or 33 makes no absolute difference, then why has the devs changed its price 3 times in 1 single day? They obviously know that the 10k rouble difference made an impact in the way the mosin was being played. 33k was a fair price. If you read the right comments you might change your opinion.
  15. Sleepyyy

    mosin 33k now?

    My original idea was to put the gun to cost around 50-60k but honestly I think the 33k will do the same job, I actually think it already has. Haven't seen that many mosins anymore, I mean there's a few in every raid still but its not everyone running them anymore and that gives room to the "big boys" bringing their top tier gear back (not talking about myself). Im actually glad people are actually bringing their good gear out so we can have good fights and trade loot. Not risking that 500k gear every raid to a 23k mosin naked player. Thanks BSG for re-fixing the economy lol Edit: From 16k to 23k, from 33k to 26k?!