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  1. triko

    Official Trading Thread

    WTB Gamma! Contact me guys!
  2. Tarkov wont launch. Stay stuck at loading screen and in the task manager "Tarkov.exe is not responding" Anyone else with this problem?
  3. triko

    My Account had been Hacked

    Anyway they HIGLY RECCOMEND to activate 2 phase authentication!
  4. triko

    The Lab map english version?

    Ambientation and environment of the game is in Russia, so the main language is Russian
  5. triko

    Launcher Connection Issue

    PROBLEM SOLVED. CROWD LOGIN GUYS It was Login servers down, so just login and stay IN
  6. triko

    Launcher Connection Issue

    JUST WAIT GUYS, we cant do nothing!
  7. triko

    Launcher Connection Issue

    Well, more complain so maybe this post arrive to the mods!
  8. triko

    Launcher Connection Issue

    How can I take a break if I launch the game right now?
  9. triko

    Launcher Connection Issue

    Same here! What a critical error! Maybe they are sleeping!!!
  10. hi. i read in a post that you might have the 2 ski hats needed for the sew it good pt 1 quest. is there any chance they might still be up for sale?

  11. triko

    Official Trading Thread

    !!!IMPORTANT!!! IF u are trying to trade with a game IGN Server_Desync he is scam! He rob me 800k
  12. triko

    Official Trading Thread

    WTS 1x Keybar 600k Discord OGTriko[EU]#8471
  13. triko

    Official Trading Thread

    WTB: Gamma container, I really need one! PM me please!
  14. triko

    Official Trading Thread

    WTS: 1 Shemask, call your price I already did that mission
  15. triko

    Official Trading Thread

    WTS: Discord: OGTriko[EU]#8471 IGN" Udidntexpectdat