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    Notas pre-eliminares parche 0.7.4.xxx

    Ya tengo manija del parche. A ver a que nivel hay que tener al trader para comprar la glock.
  2. buger430

    Glock 17 in the process of texturing!

    I knew devs were influenced/liked Crysis! <3
  3. buger430

    Tweak for painkillers and morphine

    That sounds great. It was bugging me that someone could run on a broken leg with just popping some pills.
  4. buger430

    Bash doors while running

    I was thinking, in cases were you know someone is aiming at you, and you wanna extract/take cover/hide in a room. Maybe you even take damage on one arm from bashing the door, this would punish hatchlings for trying to use it for their greedy med-less tactics.