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  1. TheKillerMatt

    1,000,000 and Counting...

    I don’t got 1000 posts, I think Still I would want a 14 day acces code so my friend could try the game out, to see if he likes it.
  2. TheKillerMatt

    Unofficial EFT Discord Community - Verification Thread

    TheKillerMatt#6178 verify please i messed up
  3. TheKillerMatt

    Unofficial EFT Discord Community - Verification Thread

    TheKillerMatt#6178 please verify
  4. TheKillerMatt

    Crimson Military Company

    Location: South America Playing Since: January 2018 Favorite Map: Customs, but factory is okay too. Casual or Serious Gamer: Serious gamer Current Level: 21 Overall Game Knowledge (0-10): 7 Certain Playstyle, Favorite Gun, etc?: I like playing more tactical and my favorite gun is the AK-74N
  5. TheKillerMatt

    The Romp Bar

    After a long day of hard work, TheKillerMatt goes to his favorite place of all, The Romp Bar. In a lonely piece of paper scattered across the floor, he can faintly describe what it looks like a message: "Anyone looking for a good team player fighter. I'm kinda new but I learn pretty easily" After reading this he proceeded to order his usual drink and forget about everything for a while.
  6. TheKillerMatt

    New players

    Character name TheKillerMatt Description Tall, slightly long brown haired man with green eyes and a legendary beard. His past TheKillerMatt moved into Tarkov from a job offer he got. He thought at first that it would be a great new environment for all of his family, but he was very wrong. After moving in, the contract wars started, him as a Terra Groups security guard became a huge target. After surviving the continuous attempts to take over Terra Group Labs he got his way home where he discovered the tragedy. A group of scavs and PMC’s got into his home and killed his family. TheKillerMatt was devastated, and he swore revenge on not only the persons who killed his family but the people who got them here in the first place. How did he get to Tarkov? Got there from a job offer he got at the nearby Terra Group labs as a security guard. Predilections Hunting, guns, working out and advanced craftsmanship. Friends Lost them all when Tarkov went into ruins. The only thing close to it is his trusty companion Doggo, a kind but deadly husky. Wounds, and battles Scratches from the various animals he hunts on the daily. Big scar across his face from a bear that got too close. He hasn’t fought any wars apart from a couple shootings between him and everyone on Tarkov Aspirations To kill the persons that killed his family, destroy the people who started the wars and making sure it never happens again. The greatest achievement that character did Protect Terra Group labs from hundreds of angry civilians and BEARS. Strength 26 Endurance 27 Accuracy 27 Fighter
  7. TheKillerMatt

    Why is this a thing?

    That’s exactly how I feel I have also seen some videos that say the game is unfair and how they feel like it should change but I think its great as it is rn. Also with all the things they are adding in 2018 is going to become more hardcore so if they dont like it how it is rn then they are not gonna like it after.