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  1. Hi guys, i'm not sure if this is posted already...but here it goes! i had this problem of game being about 20-30 fps regardless of graphics settings. i first thought that my very old xeon cpu is the reason for the low fps, but then i found a fix via another OP's thoughts on Guru3D.com forum. He had the same problem with some other Unity based games, and he said that if you use Windows 10's new Fall Creators Update, the bug might be present in many unity based games he thought. ----------------------------- the fix is simple: go to X:\Escape from Tarkov game folder, right-click the EscapeFromTarkov.exe and choose properties, go to compatibility tab. Then change the "Scaling is done by:" option to "Application"--->then tick the "disable fullscreen optimizations". ----------------------------- That should be it. the game should be alot smoother overall and fps much better, atleast on my pc it did the trick.
  2. Jushi85

    recommend a headset?

    I must say, i just bought a HyperX Cloud Core, it's normal price was 60€ but it was on sale for 40€. best 40€ headphones i have ever bought. 53mm drivers and the bass is great even when not pluging it in a headphone amp. They are the most comfortable headphones i have ever used. some memoryfoam on the cussions and they also have noice isolation done very well. They have aluminium sturdy build. they are not too heavy either. can wear these several hours. Mic is nice, you can detach it when not in the mood for talking lol. Sound Quality is amazing. and icing on the cake is 2 year warranty. EDIT: i play PUBG sometimes, on that game, it definitely helps to have these headphones, i could hear a guy reloading a shotgun inside a house top stairs. well he died quickly. campers lol.