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  1. Badass_Ben

    A realistic damage Model: And why we desperately need one

    Great post and video That ARMY soldier surviving a shot like that, that's gotta be demoralizing for the enemy. To beam a dude in the chest, and he gets up like "nah, try again suckers" But yeah, I agree, this needs to be PRIORITY fix
  2. Badass_Ben

    Add breathing heard from comtacs vs campers

    I hear ya there My issue with the "middle of the map" campers is that is only a thing where player movements are predictable Hopefully we see some tweaks to maps to make em less linear and predictable
  3. Badass_Ben

    Add breathing heard from comtacs vs campers

    Fair point, though honestly, ive never ACTUALLY encountered someone camping an exfil, though I usually stay in raid till the last 10 min or so
  4. Badass_Ben

    Add breathing heard from comtacs vs campers

    IRL< you camp, HARD A shooter in a defensive position requires 3x combat power to effectively dislodge him (the math comes from my time in the military) in other words, if you want to effectively beat someone in a defensive position, you need to use 3x firepower on him, more than he does on you.
  5. Badass_Ben

    Ammo Check

    Yeah, "mag drills" is the required skill, but I think for a precise count, only certain mags allow for that (ones that have marks to visibly see the ammo in the mag)
  6. Badass_Ben

    Leveling Ragman

    "A trader you don't use that much" Think about that You are a store owner or whatever, a guy you don't know walks in, how much will you trust him? As opposed to a frequent customer? I agree though, the monetary requirements could use some tweaks
  7. Badass_Ben

    Game balance

    Armor mechanics are currently broken They added new levels of armor, without weak points, without the drawbacks associated with heavy armor, and without blunt damage (damage done to a person wearing armor, even if the round doesn't penetrate) At least blunt damage is to be added this week, I think
  8. Badass_Ben

    Is Armor Useless?

    So, if you do a little research, unfortunately, cheating is very prevalent A VERY common one is the ability to see what gear opponents bring That's why, when you bring good gear, high tier players seem to always home in on you, you bring basic gear, and you are RELATIVELY left alone Factor that in with the combination of aiming being too easy in this game (allowing players with high twitch shooter skills to always land the visor hits) and other aim cheats, position cheats, etc, you can see how the game seems and feels one sided.
  9. Badass_Ben

    Armor & Blunt Damage

    You are so misinformed it hurts As a previously professional gunman, Let me explain some physics A round that penetrates THROUGH a target delivers LESS kinetic force ONTO the target as the round still carries some of the kinetic force ITSELF. When a round does NOT penetrate, and is stopped in its entirety, the entire kinetic energy is dumped into the target. Hence why the vastly different ballistic effects between US 5.56x45 and Soviet 7.62x39. The 5.56 has less kinetic energy, HOWEVER, it designed to tumble, allowing the entirety of its kinetic energy to be dumped into a target for maximum personal damage. The 7.62 does not tumble, therefore, with non-armored targets, it is common for the round to pass straight through someone, and if nothing vital is hit, they can continue on RELATIVELY ok. Shotgun slugs, while slower, have such a greater mass that they have GREATER KINETIC ENERGY than Rifle Rounds. So yes, would body armor stop it? Absolutely. Would the wearer brush it off like it was nothing? No It would be in the ball park equivalent of being full force kicked. If you were properly braced for it you could absorb it, but if you are not specifically ready, it will more than likely heavily stagger you. Honestly, SMG's should be the only weapon practical on full auto. Rifles need more kick. The reason that no real military uses them is because against anyone with body armor, your basically armed with a pea-shooter.
  10. Badass_Ben

    Is it fun anymore.....?

    Must be something in your setup SOMEWHERE that is limiting you I have a Gtx1060 and I'm at 60FPS plus at 1080 (a few exceptions here and there)
  11. Badass_Ben

    Bunny-Hopping is apparently a thing

    Sure, I missed But the fact that IMMEDIATELY after bunny hopping he could line up a perfect head shot on me, BEHIND cover is the biggest issue
  12. Was a Scav on Shoreline Got decent loot, Sks, and a bunch of pistols. Extract was Road to Customs, but I figured id set up an ambush for some PMC's Didn't take long, two PMC sprinting for the exit. Well Line up a shot, and I'm pretty sure I got a hit, and they immediately start bunny hopping. The one I hit gets to cover (probably to heal) and the other one runs off to my left. I reposition, and as one of them is crossing the road IN THE OPEN I engage. Get maybe one or two hits (he was dead sprinting) and then he just full auto sprays me and wins You don't get to call this game "realistic" when, as a prior infantryman myself, valid tactics simply DO NOT WORK.
  13. Badass_Ben

    Can we eventually get a killcam?

    Even that would be acceptable SOME sort of replay feature Because unfortunately, since ive done some research into the whole hacking mess, I'm inherently suspicious anytime I'm killed from somewhere where I have no idea Ignorance is bliss, as I envy those who can die and not worry about it
  14. Obviously not during a round, to give away a shooters position to surviving members of a team, but once the squad is dead. Or solo, once you die I ask, because, once you do some research into the world of cheating and hacking in video games, and get a sense for how absolutely terrible of a pandemic it is, you will be suspicious of everything. And I think players deserve the peace of mind of seeing who killed them and how AFTER the fact, to be like 1- "oh, no idea he was there, good play ol' chap" 2- "ah, shot me through a wall, now I know its a wall hack" I'm a milsim fan as much as the next guy, and I understand the resistance to any killcam. But for the peace of mind for players, I literally see no negative side to having one.
  15. Badass_Ben

    Anyone Have Low Gpu Usage(%40 usage)

    I had the same thing Cranking up the resolution from 1980 to 2k resolution INCREASED gpu usage to 100% and I got better FPS (go figure)