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  1. これまた他ゲームのXsollasの話になってしまうのですが、Xsollasの仕様、かもしれないので参考までに。 クレカ決済やPaypalなどの世界的に使われている手段ならともかく、コンビニ決済の場合かなりのタイムラグが生じることもあるようです、某所ではまる一日して決済確認が取れた、なんてことも以前ありました(Xsollasはそれでも改善しているようなのですけどね・・・)
  2. Xsollaの支払いシステムは、支払い方法(どこそこのクレカか、あるいはペイジーか・・・とか)にもよるものの、一定割合の手数料が掛かるのでとても正常です。少し前までは少額な支払いに対して手数料が掛からなかったと(他ゲーム関連で)記憶してるのですがね・・・。
  3. "Fairplay, Fairgame!" いつも快適なゲーム環境への尽力に大変感謝です。にしても未だにこんなにもいるんですね・・・。悲しみの物語という点であれば、不正行為をしてまで勝ちに拘るちっぽけな度量しかない人間なんだな、なんて見方もできるかもですね。 しょうもない駄文を失礼しました。ただ、デベロッパー・モデレーターの尽力に一度は感謝を述べたかったので・・・本当にありがとうございます。
  4. Leepak

    New players

    Character name P-FIND_4ck Description A person with no clear past, from Japan probably. Lack of passport or vital information makes 4ck_ a shadowy man. Nothing is known, except 4ck_'s few words; "the easiest kills to survive is friendly fire" His past If someone could read 4ck_'s diary, it would read like this: (...) Managing to survive deadly hailstorm of lead, I decided to leave the Zone for somewhere safe and peaceful. As my works in this dread world earned some fortune, now the rest of my life would be no-problem. (...) Safe distance from the centre, now my own life has started really. I'm going to forget my past and walk forward. (...) Can't rest even a night, in my sleeping all those gunfire and recoil came from nowhere, and I was killing my friends for their edible properties, to survive the next night. Recently, even the noise from cars outside reminds me of those time I had tried to forget. (...) Something made me to do so so that I was packing my stuff, which is not fortune but what I'll need for survival - including bootlegged guns. Now it's high time to ignore the past and not try to live like noble men. My hands are already bloody and sinful. This city's corrupt beyond repair, thus I don't need to move anymore, but... How did he get to Tarkov? Once lived in a certain "Zone" and extracted from there, with a plenty of fortune, "Pathfinder 4ck_" tried to live in the way a normal innocent person would do. However, the world was not as merciful as it seemed, eventually making 4ck_ return to darkness. Few years wandering around ex-USSR region, 4ck_ had arrived at Tarkov, where 4ck_ spent almost a half year. Predilections With a long time and experience in firefight-occurring region, 4ck_ is proficient in gunfight, especially long ranged sniper. Intelligence of the person is significant, and 4ck_ is even able to determine mathematics such as trigonometry ratio, equation of motion, gravitational dropdown of projectiles. So 4ck_ is fond of rather sniping, than assaulting. In 4ck_'s past, used SV-98 which had been a loot of some deceased militia, and AN-94 with modified optics from another corpse. At last 4ck_ chose Remington 7.62mm for its convenience of cleaning and fine accuracy beyond 650yd/600m. For closer combat, 4ck_ took M1911 American pistol because 4ck_ knew all the blueprinting of the gun. Friends Alive/Dead unknown: "Sachenka" - a friend from past, good at sniping too, and with medical/surgery knowledge. A/D unknown: "Dmitrii" - also another friend from past, ex-military (or at least he had said so), proficient in assault rifles, and explosives/construction knowledge. "Sachenka" and "Dmitrii" together exfiltrated from the Zone where 4ck_ and they had met. These three persons chose their own ways of life, and promised not to meet again - otherwise they could be enemies each other next time. Deceased: too many. 4ck_ had decided to kill them because 4ck_ had to do in order to live the next night - for the cans of beef they'd had. Wounds, and battles Fortunately even not scratched, yet survived numerous gunfights. Mostly duck-and-hide, not shooting loudly. However it means 4ck_ killed every opponent in sight, and mental wound in 4ck_'s mind is serious: every night reminds 4ck_ of those time shooting even innocent surrendering civilians. Aspirations A safe, calm, peaceful and heart-warming life that normal person could have. However 4ck_ is already far, far from it. The greatest achievement that character did Exfiltration from "the Zone" in around 2014-2016, without even a wound on the body. Strength 26 Endurance 22 Accuracy 32 Sniper
  5. "Toward" / "Leepak" Pathfinder Yoshiki / Motto, or sort of.

    Pathfinder Finds the Path!

    Roadrunner Runs the Road!

    Routeguide Guides the Route!

    We are The Ones who Walk Straight, Toward the Future We will Bring!

    Even the Life is Tough to Us, Even the World Hates our Existence, there is Nothing that could stop Pathfinders!

    Be Proud of being Pathfinders, We Live the way We Breathe, then and only then, Our Path comes Open.