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  1. New players

    Character name The_Slav_King Description The King's past is unknown. He ventured far from foreign lands to take his place back in Tarkov, his home. His past Little is known, but all call him the King of Kings How did he get to Tarkov? All that is known, is he was shot down by a Ukrainian 9K37M1 BUK M-1 Grizzly, the aircraft was acquired and thought to be Russian AWACS or a Reconnaissance plane. The left wing and fuselage was hit and caused an emergency landing. No other known survivors, but his scars prove consistency with the tale. Predilections None.. Friends None. Wounds, and battles NLT injuries from the crash. Was a PMC contractor during the Civil Wars in Ukraine and Syria in the early 2000's... Aspirations None that are known. The greatest achievement that character did The King's greatest achievement comes daily, surviving while other perish. Strength 25 Endurance 25 Accuracy 30 Sniper
  2. I was wondering how much exp it is for each level, like a google spread sheet or something? Like 24-25 I have 25k left but I was wondering if anyone knows like, example: 1-5 is this much, 10-20 is around "X"? Just trying to figure how long it's going to take and make a plan?
  3. Bullet Penetration In A "Video Game Environment"

    The point is more as, A round does NOT need to penetrate to cause damage. A SVD-98 Round or a .338 Lapua, this is what SHOULD happen after you hit some one with a sv-98. Also Russian *Fort* or Mil Spec style similar to in game is type 4. It may have Kevlar on the outside, but watch the video and tell me if you got hit wearing fort that wouldn't spall and cause major internal trauma.
  4. *Personal Opinion* So using wiki, noticing changes in-game, along with other thoughts, how about a shot in the dark? Let us start here. Terminal ballistics, also the study of the behavior and effects of a projectile when it hits its target and transfers its energy to the target. Now with that out of the way, here are 3 things we should look at first. There are 3 types of rounds Those designed for maximum accuracy at varying ranges. Those designed to maximize damage to a target by penetrating as deeply as possible. Those designed to avoid over-penetration of a target, by deforming to control the depth to which the bullet penetrates, which as a by-product, deals more damage inside the wound. *Hollow point rounds* Image below shows the "flower effect". With the last few patches many people have seen the changes but left me wondering with a few questions? What about over penetration? Rounds fired into the spine whether by over pen, or from behind? I am puzzled because as this game claims and should be a "Game that falls into no one genre" while taking a serious and IMO(I believe most hardcore survival* sim* players would agree) This game has it's identity but if we are moving into awesome simulation type of mechanics, loading mags manually, I mean persistent damage, overdosing, ect. These are mechanics hardcore fans have wanted, it eliminates the "E-Sports" or any one familiar with WoW will know, A "rotation of abilities" that is a strategy everyone follows. My question is this, if the devs are going sim to the max, then why are there wonky patch-by-patch changes to penetration. If I unload an ak into your leg and 4 rounds hit I guarantee 99.99^ percent of the time that WILL fracture the femur causing massive blood loss and trauma. You should have to use a splint no matter the case. It is a matter of balance, but I am just trying to understand the logic behind some of this. Fort Protects but a round does not need to penetrate to do internal damage, any veteran will back the logic up. I had a lot more planned but I want to wait until the 27th of this month when we get the new patch to test and see. However for now, I have a picture maybe the devs can take inspiration from? ***Credit to a friend for sending this to me***

    It is a nuclear option but best one yet! A good player can player-scav and drop all scavs and players, basically having an advantage, kind of like persistent damage, If you are toxic, people will know. We all kill scavs as scavs once in awhile but there are many times where a random set of player scavs could destroy, they kill each other.
  6. Okay so I was hoping to answer some stuff since nobody reads anything and asking legitimate questions[Trust me on this] can get you a strike[No Offence Admins/Mods]. So I will try to answer some common questions that are ignored because they have been answered or it is common sense, which I realize is not very common. Q:Will Tarkov have "Micro-Transactions". A: The game is in "Closed Beta", Wait till they are closer to release because you won't get an answer. Q:Hacking/Cheating/Abusing game systems... A:Tarkov is not Arma, it is not Battlefield or CoD, *Jim Sterling voice* it is not a AAA game, The developers have stated they are using/creating an in house anti-cheat. So yes there will always be hackers but as they continue to develop the anti-cheat, it will get better. Also to you any sly cheaters, they manual ban, so stop. Q:Why is "X, or Y, or Z, in the game/patch/ect? A: As stated above, Tarkov is not a mishmash of different games. Escape From Tarkov is like Crysis and Dark Souls(hopefully). It will set the bar to be compared to. Answering the question, sometimes I ask the same, but professionally I will say this, They have gained attraction and attention. They will release when things are completed. Q: How do I report a suspected hacker? A: [Personal Experience] Maybe submit a Ticket and video if possible? However, DO NOT post it to the forums... A: [Professional] They have stated at this time you CAN NOT individually report. Q: Why do streamers/youtubers/ect get everything? A: Think of it like this, EFT says. "Hey Big Boi, would you like to advertise our game?" It is a sort of live demo of what, TIME, EFFORT, and SUPPORT will allow you to achieve. Unless you watch Klean, He is a god damn ninja and Demi-God, you will never be Sneaky Cheeki Breeki like him[Semper Fi][Go watch his streams/vod if you do not believe me]. Q: Why does the game now feel like a MMO grind compared to older patches/ect.? A: The game is in Beta... Things change daily and that is a question closer to release not now. Q: What about things like the bunker, flea market, and more stuff promised months ago but I have heard nothing? Did they scrap it? A: I will assume in my personal oppinion, Especially in regards to the bunker, The game and popularity skyrocketed, so I feel when they add a big patch, they add more than a gun a sight and half a map. I believe they want the patches to be like the Victory Day Parade in Red Square each year; Meaning everyone is awe struck. Those were some I feel I could answer, I am sure the White Knights will correct me. As for beginners, let me give you some tips. Believe NOTHING YOU HEAR and HALF of What You See. Just because someone said it, wait till it happens. Do not complain about the difficulty, you will get laughed at. This game was not designed for any specific audience. Prepare to die, a lot. No seriously, A LOT. Find people you trust, a battle buddy or a squad. Currently 2/3 mans with my team can clear customs/shoreline/woods. Did a 5 man on factory(full fort,kiever,ect) and cleared it 2/3 times. Enjoy what you play now, because, it was a lot more rage inducing a few patches back. Sorry if this gets locked, but I wanted to give a players perspective on a few things. Hope this is okay.
  7. =UWS= United We Stand ~ RECRUITING (Est. 2003)

    Great Community! However joining to use us to boost you is not what we are here for. We strive for team play, and helping each other out. Literal shooting others in the back is low and I suggest you stay away. Besides that, be yourself and follow the rules and you will meet people that will be your battle buddies.
  8. So I wanted to know just what people do when they hit that Tarkov Crud? What is the Tarkov Crud? Glad you asked! It is associated when you play a game like Tarkov in Early Access and not full feature ready, and you get bored or tired of the same thing over. A lot of people may know something like the WoW Crud where people after got sick of clicking a set of macros or key-binds, then jump here, don't stand in the fire, bam best gear. I personally think I need more people to play with as I play with central Europe, Russian, and American players, oddly scheduals tend to conflict. Also I believe unless you are Klean, or a master, or have a emissary(press account of goodies) A lot of us don't venture out to often with full gear to get shot from 600m with a tt pistol in the back, you know what I mean. So how do you deal with the death and grind, and make the game feel less like a chore and actually wanting to hit that play button on the launcher? I am curious to see the answers?
  9. Official Trading Thread

    Is that a problem? don't derail my post if you are going to make an offer make one. If not, then don't comment.
  10. Official Trading Thread

    Selling 3 Gas Filters. I suggest that you record as I and my friend will both be recording the trade, Will take offers, first come first serve. PM me and *MUST HAVE DISCORD* EDIT: MUST BE Verified On the official discord as well.
  11. Countercheating measures

    I know, I realized they would make more money the same way ea did, and the same way that siege does, Let them buy a new copy but put the HWID(I wanna see if anyone besides the hackers knows what that is) onto a list and if they try being sneaky just ban again. Ideas.... I guess the long term and short-term goal really is going to rely on how the developers want to implement a system and how that anticheat will work. I personally just because of the profession I work in and because of how I am as a person and how I was raised, believe that everyone deserves a second chance. No Second Chance does not mean that they get off scot-free. Rather I am saying they are under a watchful eye. Maybe you put some kind of handicap on them and after let's say three months of no issues, you return their account back to the state that it was originally. What about a system that actually almost role-plays sort of let's say for example in game type of punishment. Let's say they Implement some sort of anti-cheat whether or not that allows them to have a second chance or not I guess it really depends. If they are allowed to have a second chance, they should have a permanent sort of handicapped or bad standing with Traders. Just like in the criminal justice system you have to believe that a small percentage of people will change, it's highly unlikely if someone's willing to take the risk ones that they won't do it again. However there are people that learn. I say with my first point make it so that they have to do two to four times amount of XP or traitor tasks or something just to get gear. You could also Implement a role-play system where the Traders decide that they have heard things or said things or whatever the developers want to come up with, and have all the Traders just like you so the game becomes harder. The likely thing is they will Implement some sort of antique sheet and people will just get banned and they will have to rebuy the game. *Personal Opinion* I may be the only one willing to admit this, or at least say it publicly. I understand to a point that people are frustrated with the game. However there's understandable frustration and then there's just blatant cheating. I am not going to lie, there have been times when I've thought to myself, "hey if everyone's doing it why not". Luckily I have friends and a few family members that code and also are game developers, and the fact that being a part of the first wave back in the game from the beginning, and also the fact that I have still full confidence that this game will be amazing, I have never hacked or cheated in this game and never will. The only, and I mean ONLY , reason I could understand some of the people who do this is because they are frustrated with the community and how the game has become. I'm not going to throw stones because we all know what I'm talking about, but ever since the open Beta or whatever you want to call it, just seems like the forms have gotten more toxic the community seems to be a dictatorship. And if you're not hacking and you don't have friends that have gear or decent at the game, You probably should wait a little longer before buying. It's disgusting when you look up these escape from tarkov hacks if you type it in Google cause I'm not going to link anything, I understand we're in beta and it doesn't mean anything, but it's just sad that besides the community being as toxic as it is and everyone basically knowing everything, hiding Secrets or exploiting glitches and not reporting them. That kind of s*** just bothers me. ** Final Thoughts** As long as the game is multiplayer there will be hacks. What people fail to realize is the fact that and capitalism, if there is a market there is a product. I was going to be a jackass and I'll bring this up to you guys because I'm sure we'd rather focus on hacking now but, you guys do understand that the biggest problem will not be hacking or should I say aimbots or script kitties. What you are all failing to realize is something very simple, people buying currency in game for real money. And you can list all of your explanations but even I know that's all BS. I really hope battle State games has a way to manage this without killing the opportunity of having this flea market system. It can either go one of two ways. You let players be players and do what they want, or they will restrict Things based on certain prices. I personally would love to see an online economy that is player-driven. But I'm worried because nobody has ever brought this up that I have seen, and maybe that's another thing we should be talking about right now is hacking and cheating kind of relates to this.
  12. =UWS= United We Stand ~ RECRUITING (Est. 2003)

    msg me I am interested.
  13. Countercheating measures

    I say we let the cheaters and hackers hack, but throw them into a lobby or server where they can only play with other cheaters and hackers, or have fun with it and make it so scavs snipe them across the map, a duke nukem forever style where they can't win
  14. Fell through map and lost everything...

    Welcome to Tarkov, Enjoy your stay(No salt just had it happen so much don't expect anyone to give sympathy) but on an honest note, I know the feeling..
  15. Well I am taking a break....

    Due to the rampant desync, certain groups who I shall not speak the name, "dare I get banned from the forums" the hacking, the lies and false narrative spread by everyone from the top to the person who pre-ordered last week, and the blatant toxicity of the forums and in-game ideology and idiocracy, I give up. It is no longer fun when people camp spawn locations(at the time of this post spawned in as a scav to be gunned down by a "basic hatchet man with a pistol" who just got an ak off me for free") gang up in huge numbers as well as abuse the gamma container glitch and run around factory with a ducking glitched keddar with a silencer and a sight. This is some of the stuff people want to keep hush hush about and never acknowledge. It is sad, Il update this post tomorrow with a reply because I plan on giving away all my stash. about 5 mil in MPX, fully modded ak-74Ns, M4s, defender armor, helmets, nvgs, keddars, svs, sks, a lot of stuff I worked hard for but I would rather just give it away instead of losing it to some bull poo *insert bug, glitch, hacker, any reason currently plaguing the build here*. So let me know if anyone is interested and how I can give you stuff or just buy you some decent gear. I am not salt, sweaty, or trying to shitpost, I am just TIRED. Stevie