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  1. Team_Speak_User


    I also have to agree. This kind of thing is great for competitive shooting because everything is geared towards speed for your rounds down range. Coming from a least a decent amount of military training (I’m not a grunt) this speed isn’t everything. There is definitely a focus on retention. Additionally it’s all well and good to do this kind of thing when you are on a nice safe rifle range. But in real life what happens if you try this and miss the mag well/ or think it’s seated when it’s not, and the mag falls to the ground. Well that turned your 5 second reload into a 20 second reload. Also if that if that mag falls in the dirt or mud or sand, chances are loading it will have turned that fancy full auto M4 in EFT into essentially a bolt action weapon, if it even fires at all. With that issue you better pray that your immediate action drills are better than your reloads and that it actually fixes your problem. In the military I was taught the whole “ slow is smooth and smooth is fast thing”. And I was taught that for a reason. Speed is only good when you don’t mess up and put yourself in a worse position. But in EFT situations even needing to perform an immediate action drill could get you killed, so it would make more sense if your character was certain the magazines were properly loaded.
  2. Team_Speak_User

    My Honest Opinion on Escape From Tarkov

    Very true. I would say the connection is that some people will give up on dark souls in their first play through, but you didn’t. I don’t know how many hours you have played EFT but you can probably consider the first 100-150 hours to be like your first play through of DS. Probably struggling all the way to the end. But soon you’ll be able to master it. Well sorta. At the very least you can get much better than at the start.
  3. Team_Speak_User

    My Honest Opinion on Escape From Tarkov

    Well then you may be even better suited to this game than I am, if you could do that. Just give eft some more time. And finding a group may help as well. I imagine you will be fine over time if you are determined enough to beat DS at lvl1.
  4. Team_Speak_User

    Glass Damage?

    I like the idea but as others pointed out, I don’t think the damage is enough to reasonably consider. The health system considers much more dangerous wounds than some scratches. The whole bleeding out mechanic is in relation to lots of blood being lost. Not a few drops of blood that will stop within a few minutes on its own.
  5. Team_Speak_User

    My Honest Opinion on Escape From Tarkov

    Yeah I think that is the nature of challenging games in some ways. Do you know how many times I’ve hade to just put down the controller and stop playing dark souls for a day or so? Probably a hundred times. But I still love it. Same thing with this. Sometimes you get lots of kills and loot and have tons of fun. And other days it’s a struggle where you can’t seem to survive any engagements. It’s just kinda how challenging games are.
  6. Team_Speak_User

    My Honest Opinion on Escape From Tarkov

    I like your review it’s more balanced than most people who do this. As a general comment I found it way easier and more interesting to play on night missions when starting out. And I have also since stopped playing Factory. Both of those things together increased the amount of fun I had with the game considerably. Also a nice thing about the game is that you can play it however you want. Or mostly however you want. So maybe a different playstyle would be best. I know most streamers play very fast paced and have reached the “end game” a long time ago, but I personally enjoy the slower paced climb. Sometimes I just have fun sneaking around other players and escaping with my loot even if it’s not much. Only shooting a scav or two who is blocking my extract. But however you want to play, try it. Knowledge about what game will come with time. I’m sure people who have played longer than I can describe more in depth things to help you enjoy the game. And at the end of the day if you really just can’t get into it, eh, what’s the worst that happened? Maybe you payed $40 for a few dozen hours of entertainment. Going to a few dozen hours of movies would be more expensive.
  7. Team_Speak_User

    Weapon Zero

    I was thinking about this topic a bit more. And I was wondering if anyone knows the answer to this question. Why is it that we don’t have variation in horizontal zeroing right now. I understand that if you have kinda a super soldier equivalent, sight picture and alignment can be mostly perfect. But the zeroing goes beyond any skills of a soldier. When I was doing some stuff with the marines the range coaches always mentioned to bang the RCO around after adjusting and before the next round of zeroing shots because it simulates the vibrations from firing the rifle. Which means that the vibrations from shooting alone can change the zero or at least move it to a new settling point. With the nature of this, it is to some extent beyond the control of the shooter unless if they painstakingly make sure their weapon is zeroed perfectly. So it would almost make more sense to include this variation before fine tuning the recoil of weapons in the game. But maybe this stuff is a bit too much into the mil sim side of things for the current state of EFT. I mean to be fair it’s probably more important to code all of the maps and other mechanics like med animations and mag reloads.
  8. Team_Speak_User

    someone want to explain this?

    As a note I believe someone mentioned before that when you get desynch issues your game will count all of the hits you see, but it doesn’t mean any of those were registered server side. My guess would be about 8-10 shots missed, another 8-10 hit fort armor, 2-5 may have disappeared and one shot dropped and hit his leg, giving you one bullet with full damage and a handful of 1 damage impacts to armor. also I really like smgs but you really need to get the jump on someone (for more than half a second) to chew through their fort armor. Try to get behind them. Or go for their legs even though I think it’s a bit silly to aim for legs. But that’s a debate for a different thread.
  9. Team_Speak_User

    Developer Communication - On Updates.

    Okay that is a fair point. But I think many people would be upset regardless of how it is done.
  10. Team_Speak_User

    Developer Communication - On Updates.

    I know I’m pretty late to this topic and this may have been mentioned, but I think one of the reasons they don’t communicate more is because they don’t want to make promises they can’t keep. For example if they told you at the beginning of the event that at some date and time they would have the next update with all of these things, then everyone will expect that. If for a legitimate reason there is a delay in development you will instead have a couple hundred people complaining that BSG is terrible and can’t get anything done. So for their public face it’s actually more beneficial to just say it will be here when it’s ready and wait to give more information when they are certain they can deliver whatever they say in a reasonable amount of time.
  11. Team_Speak_User

    Weapon Zero

    I’m pretty sure i was told 100 feet and I just mistakenly decided it was meters. But 33m is fairly close to 100feet.
  12. Team_Speak_User

    Weapon Zero

    I would like to see the rifle range (when that is implemented) used to actually zero the scope that you attach in both the vertical and horizontal axis. That way the amount you need to use Kentucky windage in the game depends partly on how much time you devote to zeroing your sights.
  13. Team_Speak_User

    Weapon Zero

    I know this is a technicality but I never shot iron sights on Paris island or in MCT. But I do think you have a point with this thread in general. I think the game does have some pretty extreme changes with zeroing. Just moving the zero up from 50-100 has caused me to shoot over somethimes. Even if you are factoring that bullet trajectory stuff, he said it changes by 3 inches but that is regardless of the zeroing because it is dependent on the physics of the round and the weapon. That 3 Inches shouldn’t do much unless if you are aiming for the T box. At center mass there should still be a hit at these close ranges. Maybe at 200-300m it would make a significant change but I would be skeptical at sub 100m ranges. Anyway poor shooting habits can make far larger changes than 3 inches in reality, so it’s probably negligible in most cases. Also my understanding is that sub 100meters or so the height difference between the sight and the barrel of the rifle can make the shot land lower than you expect. But i certainly don’t know everything maybe I’m completely wrong and the game does get it right. I’ve never tried to change my zero on the fly.
  14. Team_Speak_User

    Scopes and Optics Discussion

    I do like all of the things menthioned here. Additionally i would be a fan of some more complicated mechanics. I would be fine with needing to zero your scopes on the range when that is added in. Then scopes/sights that are attached in raid would have some random incorrect zeroing. To make it easier there could be like 10 preset zero spots that the game can choose from when you equip the scope. That way to some extent your accuracy in raid would be dependent on how accurately you zeroed the weapon on the range. If you rush it, then you may miss some shots at longer range. You might even need to use a tracer round to test your shots on a scope installed mid raid so that you can Kentucky windage your way through.
  15. Team_Speak_User

    Female PMC´s? Yes or No?

    To be honest I would be more surprised if the therapist was the ONLY female that stuck around when everything Fell to pieces.