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  1. Diary of young BEAR

    I dont think he does even though yeah
  2. Why I think third person would be a game breaker

    It'll make it to easy for players to try and look over objects to find out where they are at where the eye cant see I wouldn't like it and I'm sure as time goes by and they do release a non progressive gameplay with 3rd person it'll die off quick.
  3. Aplha or beta key giveaway

    Check out our EFT FB as some of our moderators who steam usually will do key give aways.
  4. Deploying teams

    1. Dropping players in a container would kill them from the impact *Which is why the military does not drop troops while they are in the vehicles during a resupply* 2. If I saw a container being airdrop I would camp it, and it would be useless. 3. The spawn locations isn't going to stay how it is when the game launches, no one knows but the devs. 4. All you problems will be solved when everything gets fixed, as of right now its best to just do what you can until more info is released. 5. Free roam will have an impact on raids as well.
  5. The new Delta Force special detachment!

    Its not a helmet its a bald head with NVG's or it looks like it
  6. Gore/Realistic damage

    Although those would be nice to have those in the game you have to think about the how the game would be in different countries, some countries they do not allow to much gore in games and that would also stop a lot of players from getting their hands on EFT. Which would require the devs to do more work to comply with the countries law about gore and what not.
  7. Memes

    When you kill A fully Geared Player with a pistol
  8. Memes

  9. Memes

  10. Finally signed up. Downloading now :D

    Yes you should be able to, Please note though the game is not fully optimized yet so you might get some stutter but it will be fine.
  11. The list of current emissaries

    I sent you a pm @Natalino
  12. PvE return

    Please search the alpha section as many threads like this one has been answered. #Locked
  13. Anti-Hacking

    The devs are aware of the cheats that is out there and the devs has used the ban hammer on cheaters
  14. The Art of Warfare [TAW] - International Clan Recruiting

    You'll enjoy it