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  1. Salzano12389

    Endurance skill

    Thought so thanks Elite memory DOES mean you dont forget any skills anymore right? I have heard memory doesnt pertain to physical skills but does the elite perk?
  2. Salzano12389

    Endurance skill

    I reached elite endurance about a week ago and its now level 50 60.6 to elite? I have played at least 4 hours everyday since i hit elite I also still feel like I have the elite perk even though it says I dont. I have elite memory which displays Elite: Cannot forget any skills. It went from 72 yesterday to 67 mind you I played about 10 hours yesterday lol. Im confused on whether its a bug or what the hell is going on? Pretty sure my stamina still regens at an insane rate like the elite perk. Anyone?
  3. Salzano12389

    M4 in Factory = people runs in panic to exits

    Personally I get on the hunt depending. Loud m4? Eh I play Normal it's usually modded terribly. Now if it's silenced then I enter stalker mode looking for the fast ignoring all hatchets in hopes he will shoot them and give me his position usually works pretty well. Though sometimes I go to slow and he just leaves lol probably blacked ou from sniper scavs
  4. Salzano12389

    EXTREMELY dissapointed

    Pistols and clown feet lmaoooo
  5. Salzano12389

    EXTREMELY dissapointed

    I'm sorry and I don't want to say git gud lul. Really though maybe you just suck? No offense. I literally just dropped 3 man fast mt/fort squad granted I was using an rsass but the point is solo play can work. I sniped one in the head to start it off now it's 1v2 one made an attempt to peak me took off his head now it's one on one. I had no idea there was a 3rd so I moved in to loot cautiously took the enemy m4 heard movement and dropped the 3rd with his buddies m4. This game is entirely playable solo and I play strictly solo because I have no one to play with. If your gonna solo you have to play like it always have an escape route never leave your back open use the map properly don't attempt to fight a squad without some sort of advantage or plan to get out. By the way I started off standard died a lot then my stash became way to full but I love the game and didn't know abou boxes from traders so I upgraded editions and reset. Now I'm 46 with more gear then I know what to do with all solo. I don't even loot I just hunt players. I started with one map learned it in and out then moved to another then another. Haven't even touched shoreline yet.