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  1. Endonium

    Bribe Option

    Not sure that's really good, you can farm money too easily and it would be too easy xp.
  2. Endonium

    Folder with intelligence

    One regular spawn is the shelf in the Medical lab (behind locked double door), right on the left of the door to the small room with the weapons crate.
  3. Endonium

    ''To the guy at ...'' Compilation Thread

    To the guys camping in a triangle the entire Customs warehouse area just now, hope you enjoy being low-lifes. Utterly lame move to camp like this and ruin spawn points. So glad I spawned late. Enjoy my M4 and my mosin, and go suck a duck.
  4. Endonium

    haxer Woods

    Then if you know the answer to your problem, indeed why bother. Don't. Just leave.
  5. Endonium

    Must just be me but this games not worth the $

    Eroktik fanboi, go play Fortnite and don't come here to troll.
  6. Une forte odeur de marée ici, ça sent le sel.
  7. Endonium


    FACT: 83% of all reported hacking cases are unfounded and only the result of players being bad.
  8. Endonium

    Swap items via drag+drop

    I can see it already... ammo being swapped with mags when trying to reload. 100% confirmed bug after patch when BSG implements this. Guaranteed.
  9. Endonium

    The Lab Experimental Room Glitch

    I made a topic about it not long ago. It's been around.
  10. wow there, calm down. No need to insult me.
  11. Complaining and complaining is all I see here. What a bunch of crybabies. I did 3 raids on Shoreline yesterday, with a friend. First one, I killed 3 PMCs, including one with a Fort and Killa helmet, and his friend in a top tier set up (Gen4, Fast or something) with a decked out AK and a Remington 700. Second one, I killed 1 PMC and then a bunch of scavs. Third one, I killed 2 fully geared PMCs with decked out 104s and 105s. I don't see the problem here. It's a lie that everyone is on Labs, absolute nonsense. I find top tier geared players on all maps, including Customs, Woods, Shoreline and Interchange. So I don't see what your problem is. I'm on EU servers.
  12. Endonium

    Personal thoughts about 0.12 and 0.13

    No, good bye. Stop trying to turn this game into your own fantasy of having everyone else miserable.
  13. Endonium


    No thanks, no scav players on Labs. The map is amazing as it is, and there is really not much to change to it.
  14. Endonium

    Would you like a wipe in patch 0.11?

    I have nearly not played since 0.10.5 because i was late to start of patch. One week later i showed up and everyone was running fort and fast mt and mp7. progression is fked up, xp gains are way off the charts, no one should be able to do what Pestily did, etc. so yes wipe. I basically stopped playing like a lot of my friends because there is no good balance in the persistent side of the game and wipe is the only time when we enjoy playing.