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  1. Endonium

    ''To the guy at ...'' Compilation Thread

    To the guy in full gear I killed on Shoreline, hiding in a back room of one of the scav village houses, I am so sorry. I was a scav, and all I was doing was combing each house for small loot. And into this dark back room I walk into you, probably afk hiding in a corner. Had to kill you... But just so you know, you didn't die to a cheater, it was just insane bad luck...
  2. Endonium

    ''To the guy at ...'' Compilation Thread

    Whoever I just teamed up with on Customs, we met in the 2 story dorm. I had an AKM with a hammer scope which I gave you in the end - cool playing with you. Glad we survived that fight in the dorms. hit me up if you want to play again - ingame name is Akrane
  3. Endonium

    It's our BIRTHDAY!

    I think 140 USD for EoD edition is a good enough present we have already made to BSG. Apparently they have time to organize a birthday and to make a separate topic for it. But no time to post proper patch notes once a week. It's pretty awesome.
  4. Endonium

    ''To the guy at ...'' Compilation Thread

    To the two guys I randomly teamed up with on Customs just now, and who killed me at spawn - thanks a lot. I accepted the invitation as a test, and you proved to me I can't trust people. Enjoy the poor AK and the Kirasa... Complete idiots.
  5. Endonium

    Are players just being salty ?

    I got to say I just met what I think might be the first hacker I have met in many months. On Customs. Guy called BigBrother1984 I was in a room in upper floor of 2 story dorm. Door at the end of the corridor was closed (the one with metal stairs). I hadn't moved in 3 minutes. A guy arrived from gas station, went up the stairs, opened the door and just sat there. And when I quietly looked out the door, He was aiming straight at me and just unloaded right in my face. My description might not convince you, but on the moment it was 100% clear he was hacking. ESP at least.
  6. Endonium

    Can anyone explain this?

    100% cheat
  7. Recharger celui de 71 cartouches va être une horreur en raid...
  8. Endonium

    Les futures mécaniques d'Escape From Tarkov

    Merci beaucoup, très bon resumé. Je n'étais pas au courant d'un paquet de trucs.
  9. Endonium

    Late Spawns - A Different Perspective

    Look ... I don't have an SSD, I play on an imac with bootcamp, I have 8 Gb RAM. So I spawn in late every raid. Customs I am usually 2 minutes behind everyone, Shoreline can be 5-6 minutes and Interchange usually 6-8 minutes. And yeah, I have to say maybe I miss most of the spawn fights but I have an insane advantage of being behind people. Some might see it as a disadvantage because you can't rush the loot positions. But that's BS. It's a HUGE advantage, and I use it every time. I wish I could spawn in earlier and have better loading times but it's my reality and I have adapted to it. Late spawn is a major advantage.
  10. Endonium

    ''To the guy at ...'' Compilation Thread

    Oh dammmmn. That's a hell mad.
  11. Endonium

    Super tip for new players

    Well... that or Git Gud ?
  12. Endonium

    Kill trading.

    I love kill trading, it means hit reg is working great. Before, I used to get killed all the time and never kill the other guy. Now at least I get kills, and often kill first too. No problem here.
  13. Endonium

    Made an EFT video.

    I can see you put some effort into it, and I personally wouldn't be able to do this kind of stuff. But all the zooming in zooming out constantly makes the whole video unbearable to watch. Sorry.
  14. I agree with one thing - BSG needs to stop listening to Klean. He is a streamer, he has a very different playstyle from most players because he must entertain and he is ABSOLUTELY NOT representative of the real EFT community. Only fanboys, that's all. They really need to stop putting streamers on a pedestal. Especially Klean who keeps ruining the game suggestion after suggestion. Edit: The rest and the whole argument about recoil, I didn't read and don't really care to comment. But Klean has to go...
  15. Scale aside, I'm trying to work out how a value based percentage doesn't add up to the data source.