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    Why .9?

    Listen, before I even start I want to preface this by saying that this is a bit semantic but should matter to anyone who actually likes this game and wants it to succeed. I think it's rational to assume that the closer to any early access game gets to 1.0 the closer it is to full release. So why are they jumping to .9 when hilarious amounts of features are still missing and completely untested (yeah, I'm sure flashbangs and smoke will work flawlessly out of the gate), netcoding is still poop, and they haven't even begun to take a serious look at the economy? Not to mention that this is supposedly going to be a seamless open world at some point, but the game can barely handle shoreline with 5 scavs before shitting itself inside out with desync. The move to calling the game .9 feels like a pathetic attempt to show players that progress is being made towards a full release despite there being no actual progress. I think the developers need to set realistic goals for a 1.0 release and then stick to those instead of faking it. Abandon the idea of a seamless open world, your engine cannot handle it. Balance the economy around the current play format, instanced sessions with a set number of other players, then optimize the game so that people without super computers can run it at more than 10 FPS. Make the game you actually have better instead of promising it will be a different game one day. Don't make Survivarium again.

    Nade hatchlings

    Correct, no VEPR's from vendors. The cheapest gun is the SKS at about 24k.

    Nade hatchlings

    You said you can buy a VEPR and a few rounds for 24k. That is objectively false. That was my point.

    playing as Scav is pointless.

    That's really cool that this happened for you, but if we're being honest this is a hilarious exception and not the rule when playing as a Scav. Scav runs suffer from a couple of things: You can spawn at any time during the raid. If you spawn any time after 15 or so minutes into the raid chances are all the good loot is already taken, which leaves you to pick through filing cabinets or get lucky with a dead PMC that wasn't looted. Almost all the weapons available to scavs are ineffective against even basic armor and are ineffective at anything but close range. I know, "herp derp sneak up and shoot them in the legs derp". In reality, that only works if you get lucky and catch someone who is totally clueless. Getting the real swagscav spawn with a VEPR helps, but you're still at a large enough disadvantage that fighting PMCs is usually going to end in tears for you. Scavs do not benefit from the soft skills your PMC has. Once you hit level 15-20 soft skills start to make a massive difference. At 38 STR/51 END I run insanely faster than my scav and can run three times as long with almost no break in between. This means PMCs are going to consistently be able to flank and outposition you, if not just run away if you do wound them. Plus, softskills like perception effect the quality of loot you get so looting as a scav versus as a hatchling means you literally get less loot. I found scav runs to be really helpful when I first started because it helped familiarize me with the game at no risk. At very low levels, just extracting with your scav gear is worth a meaningful amount of money. However, the relative value of this diminishes quickly to the point where anyone over level 10 probably shouldn't bother with scav runs. tl;dr Hatchling runs are faster and get you more consistent loot than scav runs, so scav runs are quite pointless. It's a better use of your time to rush and farm safes than to spawn 30 minutes late with a bunch of empty buildings and no players left on the map. Now time for a zany idea: I think if we removed the cooldown timer on scav runs we would see a large reduction in hatchlings. Instead of having a scav cooldown, charge the average vendor value of a scav kit to prevent players from just running through raids and selling their starting gear. Economy runs are all about risk versus reward, hatchling runs being the favored option because it is zero risk so anything you loot is pure profit. If we find that sweet spot where people are willing to risk a small amount of rubles for a much better chance at surviving with better loot, then hatchlings might go away and we would have more real firefights.

    Nade hatchlings

    That's super interesting considering that none of the vendors sell VEPRs. Unless you're relying on Fence for your kits, in which case you have bigger things to worry about. I find it really interesting that every forum discussion turns into people bragging about how much loot they got with X, Y, or Z garbage gun when in reality we know a vast majority of the time that isn't happening. Realistically, if you're running an economy kit the only consistent way to come out with a good amount of loot is to run Shoreline and hit the cottage/pier building/gas station safes while avoiding the resort. And that is totally fine, and yes you could make 500k in one run! But you could also make 10k because the loot in safes is wildly unpredictable. Point being, it's misleading to say that you come out with 500k consistently when you run an economy kit. What you mean to say is you come out with 500k when you get lucky and find a bitcoin or two and catch a geared player afk in a bush taking a piss.

    120 framerate limit?

    V-sync forces your FPS cap to be the same as your refresh rate, that's part of how it reduces tearing. However, there is a difference between how v-sync is handled in your driver and how it is handled in the game. A game can incorrectly report your refresh rate when turning v-sync on which can result in it capping at the wrong FPS. Generally speaking, it is a safer bet to force on v-sync in your driver. This will guarantee your FPS cap is set to whatever your monitor's refresh rate is. For reference, G-sync will cap your FPS at your refresh rate as well because it is matching your refresh rate to your current FPS. Lastly, I wouldn't trust any values shown in the debug panel in the game. The networking analysis by battlenonsense showed that almost all the networking values are reported incorrectly. It's not much of a leap to assume that things like FPS or FPS cap are being reported incorrectly as well.

    Grass is growing on my nerves

    I do autographs too. Just saying.

    Grass is growing on my nerves

    If grass drew in at all distance even monster rigs wouldn't be able to run the game. It would be just you and the large pixel collider playing. I agree that in a perfect world this wouldn't be a technical issue, but it is and it isn't going anywhere anytime soon. Even once they have the game more optimized (read, optimized in even the slightest) grass will be grass. That said, if you want a perfectly level playing field you should go play on console. Everyone has to play by the same settings there! Every game I have played on Unity runs like butt and has hilarious netcode problems, but most games nowadays run like butt and have hilarious netcode problems so who knows. Somewhere around the release of Black Ops 1 every networking programmer in the country simultaneously died of a mysterious illness and we have been trying to recreate their work bit by bit. As you can tell, it isn't going very well.

    Grass is growing on my nerves

    Draw distance is a thing in every shooter ever. It's not possible to render foliage at all distances and maintain reasonable performance on a vast majority of rigs. Remember that the most popular graphics cards on Steam currently are: 1060, 750ti, 960, 1050ti, 950, 1050, 750, 970, and 1070 in that order (side note, it's hilarious that they're all Nvidia cards. No wonder AMD is doing so poorly). You have to get to 9th place before you even see what would be considered a high end card, and even then only 1.5% of players are using a 1070. I have a 1070, and the game runs like complete ass even with draw distance turned down to nothing and all settings set to minimum. I can only imagine how quickly the powerpoint presentation goes for the collective 64% of players who run the value cards on that list. For someone on a 750 I have to imagine that the clicker is lost under the couch and only moves to the next frame when the dog accidentally hits it. Here's the link for anyone who didn't know about Steam hardware survey: http://store.steampowered.com/hwsurvey/videocard/ Point being, grass will never be fixed to be realistic. It isn't realistic for grass to be realistic. That said, you know how grass works and how it renders which means you can play around it. Never try to peek another player over a grassy hill unless you have no other options. If a player is far enough away for grass to not render, they're far enough away for you to have some freedom of movement or good chances of rapidly relocating yourself to a better position. You can also obviously benefit from grass when it comes to scouting, stay at a far distance when approaching hot zones and use the lack of foliage rendering to help you spot people before you engage them. tl;dr Whine less, get good.

    Nade hatchlings

    F1's (the good grenades) are 6k from Prapor level 4. The cheapest viable guns are 25k before any kind of attachment, mags, or ammo. With mags, ammo, and an optic you can count on 40-50k for a basic AKM or SKS setup. I can get 8 grenades for that price. The question is, are you feeling lucky punk?

    nades still not fixed...

    I can replicate the glitch almost 100% of the time when throwing it into or out of a window if it isn't broken first. If it is broken first it's more like 50/50. It also seems to occur very frequently if you're throwing it when very close to a cover object. Backing away from your cover first can prevent it. Lastly, bouncing the grenade off an object before it reaches the halfway point in the trajectory almost always triggers the bug. I know it's kind of the point of grenades, but try to avoid bouncing them off of things to avoid the bug. I've died to it probably 15-20 times (and triggered it a lot more) and I'm level 45.

    Red Skill Bar

    I've been trying to level metabolism more actively by going into the raid with a bag full of food and eating it. As far as I can tell, you only gain metabolism exp if you "needed" the food. As in, your energy has to be under 100 when you eat and your hydration needs to be under 100 when you drink. This makes it a little more nuanced than I thought, I figured I would just buy 35 cans of tun and go to town, but you can still game the system by eating a dehydrating food then drinking.

    Red Skill Bar

    Memory only prevents decay of brain skills, metabolism prevents decay of physical skills. I can't read the description for either because I play on 1440p, but I would guess any discrepancy is a translation error. I have found that endurance and stress resistance are both bugged once you reach max level. I maxed both and they started decaying despite me doing things to "level" them up. But despite the game showing that I am level 50 and dropping, I have retained the max level perks like Berserker Mode. I'm guessing once it decays enough to hit level 49 I will have to re-level them up to max to get my perks back.

    SKS needs a nurf

    That's a tl;dr about armor pen, followed by an aside about whether the SKS is a good cost efficient gun or not. It's undeniable fact that the AKM is better at everything than the SKS. Having a full auto option is a universal advantage, especially when a majority of fights in the game take place at less than 50 meters. Stock from the trader, the AKM has slightly less recoil than the SKS, but it has better options for mods and with proper mods has less than half the recoil of an SKS. Neither of those things are opinions, when comparing two guns which do the same damage at the same ROF the one with less recoil is objectively better. The only advantage the SKS has is that it is 8k rubles less, which is not a significant enough price gap to really care about. I'm not saying it isn't okay to like the SKS for weird fanboy reasons, but you need to be objective when you're talking about stats and what guns are useful for what situations. Statistically, the AKM is better at everything than the SKS and due to the small price gap there is no reason to bring an SKS over the AKM. BP penetrates level 4 armor so it is a guaranteed 1 shot kill through a fast MT. Personally I've had it happen several times, but admittedly it is hard to test for. The only reason I know it happened is I was running with a friend, got one tapped, warned by buddy that it was probably an RSASS, then he killed the aggressor and made fun of me because it was an SKS with BP. The same has happened with PS, although it is listed as penetrating level 3 I have anecdotally been one shot through my Fast-MT on several occasions. All of that said, the netcode works in mysterious ways and often times when I feel like I got one shot I was actually shot anywhere from 2-5 times. This makes testing the one shot capabilities of any round pretty difficult. However, you could also argue that if you can't tell the difference between getting 1 and 2 shot then the difference probably doesn't matter.