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  1. zahvey


    I have 6 for sale, zahvey ingame, zahvey#6670 on discord. I should add I got em all from Fence.
  2. zahvey

    Official Trading Thread

    SELLING: WD40 100ml Flash Drive Gas An Marked Key Factory Key VSS Sniper Rifles (w scope for a cost) Kiver (38-40 dura) Proof: https://m.imgur.com/a/6hj0V BUYING: Money Case Item Case Weapon Case TRADING: Rolers Add me ingame (zahvey) or on discord (zahvey#6670)
  3. zahvey

    AI Abilities

    It’s a lil besides the point but not entirely: Shooting scavs isn’t always super bright unless you rly need a better gun or bag. Reasons are plenty, once you shoot one chances are half the map realizes where you are and you get them hunting you, then you trigger the rest of the scavs to hunt you and every blue moon one of their heroes shoot you in the face with SKS and it’s game over. Another good reason to leave scavs is they reveal other players for you.
  4. zahvey

    Official Trading Thread

    SELLING: 19x TUSHONKA (50k rub each) 3x FLASH DRIVE (150k rub each) 2x WD-40 100ml (100k rub each) 3x GASAN (80k rub each) 10x MORPHINE 1x SLOCK PVS-14 NIGHT VISION 2x MARKED KEY (150k rub each) BUYING: SAN310 KEY ICASE WEAPON CASE PISTOL CASE TRADING: 6x ROLER Please contact me ingame (zahvey) if you wan something, I usually respond quickly.
  5. zahvey

    Footsteps and Movement Sounds

    I dont get the whining. Sounds are so much better in Tarkov than, say, pubg. I play almost exclusively shoreline so I can’t really speak for the other maps but I can’t even begin to count the amount of times I’ve lit some unsuspecting guy just cuz I heard them and slowed down myself. And with comtacs it’s like I’m a super fennec or something. Sound awareness is a huge tactical advantage if you just pay attention to what’s out there.
  6. zahvey

    WD40 100ml - rarest item in game?

    I’m selling 2 of them, zahvey ingame
  7. zahvey

    Official Trading Thread

    Hey! I’m up for buying cases! Add me ingame (zahvey). I’ll be on tonight CET.
  8. zahvey

    Jump Scare!

    I usually play at night so constant jumpscare. What’s hilarious tho is when a quiet evening at the health resort is suddenly abrupted by someone somewhere unloading a full mag like thunder. It cracks me up every time thinking someone out there is catching hell lol.
  9. zahvey

    Extraction Points

    The extractions in Tarkov are kinda forgiving compared to the division extractions are fine, it’s great even. I play ALL games and my summary is Tarkov is awesome