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  1. Too hard for beginners???

    It can be tough. The scavs are also way more aggressive at the moment too which makes it harder. What worked for me initially... Don't try to learn on Factory (imo). Customs or Woods are better in my experience. Don't sit in one place too long. Try evening/night time runs as less people do them. Don't stress over losing gear, with scav mode you can make it back easily enough. Not taking gear means you're at a disadvantage. Spawn in and find a good hiding spot. Sit tight for 5-10mins if you have to, then wander out and explore. Make use of offline mode to learn the exits/loot places/vantage points - there are so many places where you can target others and be hidden/make use of angles. I printed out the maps, marked exits where applicable and have these handy when playing. My PVP is still bad so can't help you there.
  2. Impossible to escape from Factory as scav

    It will be fixed in the next patch. It's in the patch notes. "Generated set of scav exits at Factory that were always closed/required a key. Now there is at least one exit that doesn’t require a key."
  3. AK-74s without dust covers

    I run that setup mentioned above with the Prapor traded one coz I haven't finished his stupid delivery from the past quest. I don't think you get the dust cover until trader level 2 right?. It's ugly but it works.
  4. I just keep getting killed so easily

    Being out of FPS's for a while dude I feel your pain. The kills I've had against PMC's have rarely been head on firefights. At lower levels you can't compete on firepower so you have to use sneakier options. Track them until they loot or snipe them. The shotgun option is only good for aiming for the legs which is hard to train out of when in most games a head shot or centre mass is the way to go. As the last comment above says, your choice in ammo can make a difference when you attack armour vs flesh. Later scav spawns in Factory often spawn in with better armour. Otherwise upping your trader levels gives you some options to buy stuff.
  5. How to get gear for a noob

    Hatchet runs in Woods. Scav runs in Factory. You'll gear up in a reasonable time and it's barely any risk.