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  1. AtomicVaper

    Information about Alpha testing launch

    Thx for the update on what is going on and i love the way you guys halde it with the delay of the provider of the downloads of the alpha
  2. AtomicVaper

    Closed Alpha testing announce

    Well thx mate and i hope we will meet ingame some day
  3. Hallo all out there the see my profile.

    My name is Kasper Johansen and i live in Denmark.

    I hav been waiting for a game like tarkov for a long time now, like for a bit long time now all game's hav been the same shot kill zombies/survile with no real life thing it and guns like the say in the dev videos all guns has like 2 or 4 steps in them to how the work.

  4. AtomicVaper

    Closed Alpha testing announce

    Well cant wait to alpha will open !!!