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  1. Bounty hunters needed - big prizes

    You put a bounty on yourself?
  2. Bounty hunters needed - big prizes

    If you think that you somehow punish these players, by putting a bounty on them i think they have the upper hand.. they might just let a friend kill them unarmed, and share your rewards... As long as groups, can take each others dogtags, you are going to get robbed... litteraly
  3. Good Headset?

    You might feel like spending 50 bucks on a headset is money saved.. but in the end, one day you would want to buy a really good headset, and by then you would have payed 50 bucks more, than if you'd just bought the right one to begin with..
  4. Hatchet Pride Thread- Calling all Hatcheteers

    its okay to be embarrassed. im just curious to se just how good a "selv made man" like yourself are doing.
  5. Hatchet Pride Thread- Calling all Hatcheteers

    i thought that all "brave hatchlings" would be proud of their awesome stats...
  6. Hatchet Pride Thread- Calling all Hatcheteers

    yeah.. and post your Zero-To-Hero stats as well..
  7. Santa asks: 1080 / 1080ti

    Happy holidays everyone. So. After the main event this Christmas. It would apear that I got on Santa's nought-list this year... aparently because ive been abusing hatchlings and humiliating them publicly.. Tho after debating with the prick, I've managed to get back on the good-list again. But he wants me to specify if it's a 1080 or a 1080ti. Wich should I choose? https://www.msi.com/Graphics-card/GeForce-GTX-1080-ARMOR-8G-OC.html https://www.msi.com/Graphics-card/GeForce-GTX-1080-Ti-ARMOR-11G-OC.html
  8. HAMR scope noob question

    Use a canted rail and another dot. Delta is poo.
  9. Everyone plays in groups

    I totally agree with you, once the items have been removed from the body, insurance should be cancelled...
  10. Everyone plays in groups

    patience... wait for his friends to come save his loot.. they allways do.
  11. PMC Salary and Supply

    hatchlings will never go away, no matter how much money you throw at them... its not that they dont have gear.. its that they are affraid of loosing something..
  12. customs frame rate drops

    Best tip i can give you is the restart the game in between raids.. Tarkov takes a toll on your GPU's RAM too.. i only have 4 Gigs of ram on my 970, and if i repeatedly play Factory, my FPS drops a few frames every raid, untill it gets super unstable, with freezes and all sorts of stuff, untill i restart the game.. its like EFT does not flush the GPU ram, and the poop just piles up.
  13. fenced all

    still dont understand this post... you could just have reset your account, noone buys guns anyway
  14. fenced all

    eeeh... how big is your inventory? cause thats alot of guns even for a EOD edition. cause all those guns would take up allmost 1100/1200 slots, and thats without counting your assorted mags, ammo backpacks and keys...
  15. 0-10 level player killed?

    all acavs fall under the 1-10 catagory for now. everything above that are player controlled, if they are above lvl 10