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  1. Rizla

    This game is doo doo

    Hacker i think
  2. Rizla

    Lucky Scav Junk Box

    When you are trading a zillion duct tapes for an item, it would be nice to access the zillion duct tapes directly from the junk box rather than having to drag them into your main inventory in the gear screen. Just thought it might be more practical..
  3. I am at Ragman Level 2 and noticed that he sells a bunch of visors for helmets like Kiver that are not available to me at level 15. Wouldn't it be much better to have Ragman sell a helmet and a compatible visor rather than a whole bunch of visors with no compatible helmets?
  4. I'm relieved that it isn't my PC but I would like my loot back purleez
  5. I understand that this is beta and stuff happens but is this happening to anyone else or is it my hardware perhaps?
  6. Rizla

    Tips To Git Gud?

    I too am ass and would like some tips to de-assify my playstyle
  7. Rizla

    Directional sound?

    I can never hear where anything is coming from (gunshots, scavs, players) and in kind of getting tired of getting killed because of it. Are there any tips from the vets out there? Do I have to spend $$$ on a flashy headset?
  8. Rizla

    1000 - backend error

    Looks like they wiped the profiles of all affected accounts the last time this happened
  9. Rizla

    1000 - backend error

    Me too. Server errors?
  10. Rizla

    More Tips For Beginners Part 3 : Money

    Thanks so much, that is very helpful. Im a bit confused about how to level traders. I want to level Peacekeeper but at level 1 he has nothing I want to buy. Could you do a beginners advice to levelling traders? That would be amazing thanks
  11. Rizla

    Dehydration is exxxxxtreme

    Yeah. I thought this game was supposed to be realistic. I cant recall ever hearing of someone dying of dehydration within 30 minutes of their last drink
  12. I entered an intense firefight in customs when I suddenly got a massive FPS drop and then got disconnected from the server. Instead of taking me back to the main screen, I had to re-enter the raid. Instead of that I got the screen telling me I was killed and all my stuff was lost. Is this a regular thing? There is nothing wrong with my internet btw
  13. Rizla

    What is offline mode? Pros and cons?

    If you are new and die a lot (like me) its practice against scavs and learningn maps, extraction points etc.
  14. Rizla

    lone wolf

    You are doing well then my friend. I am new and am dead 100% of raids..