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  1. Rizla

    1000 - backend error

    Looks like they wiped the profiles of all affected accounts the last time this happened
  2. Rizla

    1000 - backend error

    Me too. Server errors?
  3. Rizla

    More Tips For Beginners Part 3 : Money

    Thanks so much, that is very helpful. Im a bit confused about how to level traders. I want to level Peacekeeper but at level 1 he has nothing I want to buy. Could you do a beginners advice to levelling traders? That would be amazing thanks
  4. Rizla

    Dehydration is exxxxxtreme

    Yeah. I thought this game was supposed to be realistic. I cant recall ever hearing of someone dying of dehydration within 30 minutes of their last drink
  5. I entered an intense firefight in customs when I suddenly got a massive FPS drop and then got disconnected from the server. Instead of taking me back to the main screen, I had to re-enter the raid. Instead of that I got the screen telling me I was killed and all my stuff was lost. Is this a regular thing? There is nothing wrong with my internet btw
  6. Rizla

    What is offline mode? Pros and cons?

    If you are new and die a lot (like me) its practice against scavs and learningn maps, extraction points etc.
  7. Rizla

    lone wolf

    You are doing well then my friend. I am new and am dead 100% of raids..