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  1. Rizla

    Can you play this game drunk?

    yes my friend, I have ansered mty own question....
  2. Rizla

    Can you play this game drunk?

    Im drunk and am playing tarkov. I have lost a lot of roubles; and am wondering if anyonew elsew has tries this?..... Plsz help. I aM DIYING A lot
  3. Same issue here. Just received Punisher pt 4 task which I cant complete because shoreline is dead af!
  4. Rizla

    Brand New Player

    I still suck big time at this game but I learned the maps and extraction points by playing some offline sessions. With the new offline settings you can customise an offline raid way more than before. You don't earn xp but you can practice your basics like point firing etc.
  5. Rizla

    Flea Market Window Borked

    Its only in 4k though
  6. Rizla

    Flea Market Window Borked

    I am having the same issue with all pop up windows. Cannot turn in quest items and change some serttings
  7. Rizla

    Death before spawn

    Thanks for the kind words my dude, I know there is nothing anyone can do but I just needed to unload my rage on the forums haha
  8. Rizla

    Death before spawn

    Just loading into customs with my best gear and then black screen, I hear my character coughing and dying. Then this game tells me I died, no gunshots, nothing before I even get to spawn. WTF????
  9. Rizla

    Black screen at launch

    Yeah man, finished a raid and the game crashed. Now nothing but black screen after titles.
  10. Rizla

    This game is doo doo

    Hacker i think
  11. Rizla

    Lucky Scav Junk Box

    When you are trading a zillion duct tapes for an item, it would be nice to access the zillion duct tapes directly from the junk box rather than having to drag them into your main inventory in the gear screen. Just thought it might be more practical..
  12. I am at Ragman Level 2 and noticed that he sells a bunch of visors for helmets like Kiver that are not available to me at level 15. Wouldn't it be much better to have Ragman sell a helmet and a compatible visor rather than a whole bunch of visors with no compatible helmets?
  13. I'm relieved that it isn't my PC but I would like my loot back purleez
  14. I understand that this is beta and stuff happens but is this happening to anyone else or is it my hardware perhaps?
  15. Rizla

    Tips To Git Gud?

    I too am ass and would like some tips to de-assify my playstyle