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  1. Jeep12

    New AK variant screenshots

    Always interesting to read points of view of experts about the making-off. Thank you guys for the lessons. Much more instructive than the insults.
  2. Jeep12

    New AK variant screenshots

    If i do not what u gonna do ?
  3. Jeep12

    New AK variant screenshots

    Oh ? I did not know that Facepunch studios downloaded their sounds from internet for making Rust. My bad.
  4. Jeep12

    New AK variant screenshots

    I pretty agree. Just take an example of comparable project, like Rust : complex survival world, same engine (Unity 5), indy studio with few money, development started in 2013 and full game released in february 2018. Everything went much faster than EFT.
  5. Jeep12

    Escape from Tarkov 0.8 Patch Highlights Video

    According to me, the event was the only way for BSG to focus on high level gear testing. Some of their items are so expensive that they can be rarely tested. This event allows to massively test high level and rare gear and weapons. So this event makes obviously sense in testing. But not in players' fun.
  6. Jeep12

    The Traders Greed event is over

    If you are mad by reading others' people posts, it matters only you. It is your problem, not others' one. Everyone is allowed to express himself, It is not forbidden to cry. If i am feeling myself offended by others words i'd think i seriously have some problems.
  7. Jeep12

    Talking Tarkov Podcast

    This game is as hard playing in group as playing alone : by playing alone, you are more discret and require more analyse about action plans. By playing in group, you are more easily spotted by ennemis, snipers etc but you have more fire power. For your information, I die much more often in group than in solo.
  8. Jeep12

    Animals in woods

    Not agressive animals with possible fights because it would totally change the game. I mean small inoffensive animals as part of the landscape like the current birds but they can make noises in brushes, their movements can be confusing... And for realistic cares, they should appear rarely )
  9. Jeep12

    Animals in woods

    Hi ! Loads of thanks to BSG team for your incredible work. I think the success of this game is not only made by the realism of the fight but also due to the realism of the environment. I often see birds in the sky but i think it could be realistic and interesting to add moving animals in woods that can make noises and disturb player's concentration such as rabbits, squirrels, hedgehoggs... and they can introduce some worries to listening moving in brushes. It can be scary at night too.
  10. Jeep12

    The Trader's Greed Event Starts Now!

    You mean a month or three
  11. Jeep12

    The Trader's Greed Event Starts Now!

    A trusted source closed to dev team told me that wipe will come in 2 months. But can be postponed again.
  12. Hi everyone ! First of all I would like to thank the development team to make a such great game, thank you for making a game that takes place in Russia. I love the game ambiance in this country and in Tarkov, I noticed that the developpers put real efforts in the details of the landscapes. But where are the famouse russian banyas in the russian village ? (Shoreline map for example) For being myself a traveller in Russia I think that russian banyas do make the russian soul in the villages. Just an idea ! thank you for reading
  13. Jeep12

    Idea for the atmosphere

    Hi everyone ! First of all I would like to thank the development team to make a such great game, thank you for making a game that takes place in Russia : maybe it will be THE game that i am waiting for years. Being myself a big fan of post apocalyptic worlds taking place in Mother Russia (I am french), I always cherished ambient games like STALKER, Metro 2033 and LL, According to me, when a game takes place in Russia, the atmosphere is very important and it's what doing an immersive experience. And for a survival FPS, immersion plays a significant place. I would prefer Tarkov to other survival games for its unique atmosphere and reference to Russia. So I wish to be completely immersed in an universe that reminds me that i am in Russia and not in an unknown land like in UPBG or Rust... For that, what I loved in STALKER and Metro, was sometimes to hear russian shows, russian musics, from a radio that somebody forgot to switch off. Music in a foreigh language does all the difference. The best would be to listen to a whole russian radio show Of course, allowing to players to switch the radio off or to change the channel or to break the radio would add interesting details to gameplay. For the moment the character wears and yells in russian, and it's good. But the details in environment can be improved, even if I already love this game Thank you for reading my proposition.