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  1. Kenyote

    Please don´t do an entire wipe again.

    first days after wipe are the best!!
  2. i hope for granade tossing, the compass i have no problema with it, the rain thing would be nice and inmersive but i think its overthinking and i would like to see takedowns if you catch someone from behind.
  3. its the Prisoners dilema. I like the way it is, scav dont have karma, and i presume some of the people not wanting scav on scav violence, wolud betray you if they see a reason.
  4. Kenyote

    Patch Released!

    For me the patch has been great, minor isues, but overall better performance. The game has slowed down, reloading is a pain ( for me is too slow) im getting used to it, and the fact that now you take damage when you run with a black leg while on painkillers, i like it but its harder. interchange is perfect for a team deathmatch bears vs usec 10 vs 10 or 12 vs 12 just saying...
  5. Kenyote

    The Trader's Greed Event Starts Now!

    unfair? i hope for the new patch Now barter ítems are much more valuable!!
  6. Kenyote

    New Interchange Screenshots

    Nice place to die
  7. Kenyote

    New Interchange Screenshots

    Awesome! We want more tarkov!
  8. Kenyote

    lone wolf

    I play lone also, a lot of fun!! but i die a lot
  9. i would die and become a dead scav