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  1. Some slight changes with Punisher Pt 3 after patch 0.5

    i did it in 40 min. I simply put on paca and a nice akm then spawned at boiler. i rushed the bus yard could get 3 kills there. then killed 3-4 more at construction while getting maybe one more at the big red warehouse. Then extract and repeat. i didn't have issues with other pmcs but one time. I'd say stick to a plan and you'll be fine. plan a route and make sure you come in adequately geared.
  2. Stash Magazine Loading Bug

    Every time I load a magazine from my stash when i load into an actual raid it is not full. so say i have a mag with 10/30 rounds in it and load another 20 in it while in my stash. When i go into my next raid the magazine will still say i have 10 rounds loaded. Is anyone else having this problem?
  3. Peacekeeper 1st Task bugged possible?

    I was able to complete the quest. It seems you cannot only have one item on you. In order to complete it you must have BOTH the SV-98 and multi tool on you then you can place it on the boat. The location is near the gas station on customs along the shore. It's small canoe ran ashore next to the concrete wave break.
  4. Peacekeeper 1st Task bugged possible?

    I found the secret spot. (Next to the Gas Station on the shore) however i cannot place the items. I even tried discarding the tool on the boat and extracting but that did not work either.
  5. Information about wave dates

    I've been watching all the known gameplay footage over an over an i just finally noticed this about the factory location... It's level design seems amazing!!