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  1. Vodor

    Sent items through messenger - Sequisha

    Not sure, but not sure I'd want to give a streamer anything. They're all massively high level with billions, they should be giving us stuff for having to put up with all the rubbish we have to watch to get to the good bits!
  2. Vodor

    Pump actions and their place in EFT

    I love you. I used to stockpile a few if I couldn't get my hands on a 153, they were useful for a backup sniper weapon or to take into interchange to "mop up" whats left of the player shootouts. Drop it and take everything else, get it back on insurance as no one else really wants them. Plus, they make good space fillers if you got the backpack space, easy 22k or so.
  3. I've struggled to get a few items out of shoreline resort the past week because I keep running into groups up there. But saying that I went through an entire shoreline and interchange back to back without hearing a single gunshot.
  4. Vodor

    EFT myths

    Some people have still sworn by it, as recent as last patch. (0.10.x)
  5. Vodor

    Phantom damage.

    Concur, sounds like ye olde desync, happened to me a couple days ago too, rare but there.
  6. Vodor

    How to train myself to stay frosty

    Do you just hate loud noises or do you actually have a condition which triggers with them? I'd hate to give advise if its for medical reasons, more than likely give bad advise at that. Otherwise, tried watching Vietnam war movies with headphones?
  7. Vodor


    I thought I was getting better at the game, thanks for shattering my beliefs. I dont think they’re getting easier anyway, still have good days and bad!
  8. Vodor

    Punisher part 4

    Considering the fact there are other reasons other than money and containers some of us rich gits also want to finish it. Well, they don’t call the quest line punisher without good reason, they already dropped the usec kills down loads so I guess we’re moving on to this because it’s too hard for us.
  9. Did your keyboard get stuck? I didn’t pay all this money to read posts like this. lol I’m so not funny.
  10. Vodor

    What BSG going to do with lower gears.

    From my understanding the traders won't have half the stuff they do now, you'll have to unlock and find traders out in the big world possibly too. So in theory, should be a lot more people out there with SKS's, pacas, and the like. Edit: adding this is upon release, not now.
  11. Vodor

    I need some advice from you people

    Haha, I guess you never heard that classic prison statement I said. I was merely comparing it to those in prison, if you ask them they're innocent, similar to forums here of anyone banned says they're innocent - we're never supposed to know who is telling the truth or not It wasn't mean't to directly point the finger at you cheating. I'm not sure what the deal was with the contract wars thing, but if this is a mini-competition then I've been putting my name on scoreboards going back decades so nyer nyer nyer
  12. Vodor

    Silent crouch running needs to stop

    Complaining about it doesn't really help. The whole definition of a bug in this form is something unexpected and unwanted. I'm sure they'll figure out whats causing it this time and fix it soon. Send it via the proper channels and all that.
  13. This is such a nice and refreshing topic to read, go for it! Tarkov is an unforgiving game so I'm sure this kind of help will be appreciated. So my first suggestion would be don't go overboard in specifics, remember the game changes and structure the videos so they can be edited later in case patches change stuff. Makes it easier to keep it up to date. Agree with this too - don't make click bait style videos, I often shift away from viewing a video if says "where to find key on customs" and it's around 10 minutes long. Why not make it a hybrid style site? Have a bit of both in an easy to flick through small 2-3 minute videos of key things? You could even have map specific stuff like regular PMC routes, scav spawns, good angles to attack from, how to avoid ambushes and other similar stuff. Once you have the main site/pages up and running whats stopping you from expanding?
  14. Vodor

    I need some advice from you people

    Lol, you know what I mean.
  15. Vodor

    Dynamic prices are rushed

    This may sound silly but I can't see any point in the game when testing dynamic prices or the flea market makes sense. It's an economy outside the actual raids themselves. You never know with more maps it might get better. The other point I guess is, if stuff costs an arm and a leg now and making the game boring and not fun - thats good! Give that feedback to BSG, thats exactly what they need so they can get our feel of how its going. I haven't felt it either, my funds are constantly going up - slowly, but up. Only gunsmith has been abused by the fleamarket and I shot up from 20-30 in about an hour. That's pretty bad in my eyes but hey ho, if the other players want to do half my work for me I'm not complaining. Plus as you said, I think they are planning on making stuff a lot rarer too, so I'm not going to take how it works now as anywhere near final.