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  1. This is actually an interesting statement, while it may ring true it's also a clever marketing paragraph to grab your attention using all the right terminology to secure your belief. I work with (not for!) a security software company (sale, install, maintain and support) and the technology they have written and currently provide is incredibly clever. I have seen their stuff work, intercept and roll back changes made by malicious activity and if it wasn't patented similar stuff could easily be written as an anti cheat which would completely make the cheaters claims of being undetected false. Who knows, even fairfight last time I heard anything about it has a 100% track record for catching cheats - no one knows how that works. It doesn't mean it'll stop them from joining a game and using it, but it does catch them. End of the day I think they do get banned, buy another copy, get back to cheating, get banned and the cycle goes on - and thus you'll never have a cheat free game. You could put it this way, at least tarkov has enough popularity so people actually put time into making and selling cheats - got to mean it's a good enough game then right?
  2. Vodor

    Fog is ruining gameplay

    @TAW_One Interesting, used to have the same card/settings and didn't see that. All the settings at the bottom (the tick boxes) off? Do you get the fog on all maps all the time? Was the LOD always on 4? Used to be that it wasn't wise to go above 2, but recent patch stuck it on 4, it's not directly related to fog but just saying. Any chance of a screenshot?
  3. Vodor

    Error message and Game unplayable

    He says when there is already a big warning on the front page of the launcher showing bsg communicating that they're aware and working on it
  4. Vodor

    Can´t run, load or reinstall EFT

    Check to make sure you haven't got any content filtering engines running, on your pc or perimeter firewall. I put a load of advertising categories on mine once to try and block adverts on my smart TV, mostly worked but with odd side effects. Couldn't even watch TV that was supposed to be advert free and government paid for.
  5. Vodor

    It's bad when Pestily makes a vid on Scavs

    They have? Are you saying they’re not making it harder because the only thing I’ve heard them say is that it will get harder. Wasn’t really questioning the unbalanced part, but hard is what we were told it would be and that’s what I want out of it. Wasn't dark souls stupid hard and punishing? Not played it but that spawned 2 sequels.
  6. Vodor

    It's bad when Pestily makes a vid on Scavs

    It's a good point and I'm with on you that with an exception that the scavs should be part of that hardcore experience. They make up the world and that world needs to be a harsh one. Every corner could be your last, every decision could be a bad one etc. Yes armed civilians might not sound that dangerous but put 3-4 armed civvies together and that is a threat. Ammo, Maps, other such stuff over a short period of time are simple enough to keep an eye on so they don't really become a major issue. Maybe I didn't write it exactly how I mean't, it's difficult when on text and it'll sound like I'm the evil little man behind a screen protected from all fear of the internet. What I mean't was I don't want want to play with people who are trying to make the game easier when BSG want it to be harder. I'd rather they didn't play the game if their ideas have any impact on how it gets shaped. It's a niche style at the moment, I don't want it to fall into the same style as everything else out there.
  7. Vodor

    It's bad when Pestily makes a vid on Scavs

    And this is the sort of game BSG are wanting to make, they're stated multiple times that it will get harder. This will make people quit, not everyone will succeed, this isn't the game that just anyone can enjoy. I am here because the game is hardcore and I want more of it and less of the whining that it's too difficult.
  8. Vodor

    It's bad when Pestily makes a vid on Scavs

    This is the truth. Hopefully tarkov and it’s brutal unforgiving ways will weed out the care bears amongst us.
  9. Vodor

    Suddenly cannot shoot anymore

    Is this like a tarkov dream? Where your legs get stuck and you can’t run from the bad stuff?
  10. Vodor

    Can't play anymore - Motion sickness

    I can't see it making a massive difference. What does kill my head sometimes is the high frames but low performance, almost like skipped frames. Or re-projection which you get in VR (if you've ever experienced it) really freaks my head out.
  11. Vodor

    Can't play anymore - Motion sickness

    Same but not to the same degree you do. for the person who asked, FOV can make you feel sick, thendead island release for PC accidentally had the console settings for it and made a lot of people feel very ill, including me. Patch fixed it. Would it? I can’t understand how it would help in my head. Gsync is more of a hardware vsync to stop tearing I thought.
  12. Vodor

    Repair prices

    Play the market and you too can get rich. That will subsequently make 120k repair bills insignificant once again.
  13. Vodor

    leaving game not work

    Considering this is the answer to your entire post it makes your post pointless, but if you didn't post it would you have answered yourself? Would I even be reading it? That's not very nice.
  14. Vodor


    To answer the title question directly. Because this world is full of scum who only care about personal gains in various forms of either power, pleasure, financial or whatever. They will always be everywhere and forever. Whos that ginger twat that runs that country near Canada again?
  15. Vodor

    Full-on vent of primal rage

    Aren’t armour piercing rounds supposed to go straight through unarmed targets? Sure they’ll hurt but no where near as much as mushrooming ones designed to cause massive blood loss. Perhaps they had no armour making your bullets do nothing much?