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    Weird death (not calling cheats or glitches)

    Yesterday in labs my friend said "we can go through here, the glass is already out" and he walked through, but the glass was there on my screen. He later died stating "there was some invisible thing in front of me so I couldn't aim properly" - Guessing client side errors. That said, I've been all the way through the shops on Interchange without seeing a single scav, bodies or hear any shooting within the first 15 minutes of the round. Then finally heard a shot as I was just about to leave. Not strictly related but a while ago I exited a round on Shoreline, the game went to the normal screen then loaded me back in at the beginning. I was with a mate so they saw me with them at all times, wasn't as if my game was doing some client/server thing. I secretly love these bugs that are amusing, they remind me of skyrim and fallout.
  2. Vodor

    labs scavs

    Not clicking on the links. But I'll be that one guy.... Labs does not have scavs, they have highly trained PMC AI so expect a seriously difficult task ahead of you. That and it's the first iteration of labs in a beta phase so expect tweaks. Or just rage and quit.
  3. Vodor

    AI still see through walls/trees

    It's situational so lets just all move on to the real issue that players can still see through walls.
  4. Ah a necro'd thread - couldn't have picked a better one than one started by our dearly beloved, number man himself - eftballistics! What happened to him?
  5. Vodor

    Tarkov took my Gear.

    I have thing weird thing where I never take my best gear in and always go in with my worst weapon/armour to “use it up first” All I end up with tonnes of gen4, hk416 and alpha vests. Not strictly related but it made me think of my gear fear I thought I got over ages back, apparently haven’t!
  6. Vodor


    I genuinely believe their caps lock key is stuck, where they write “poo” in lower case shows they took the time and effort to press the shift key. Disclaimer: I don’t genuinly believe the above.
  7. Vodor

    120 framerate limit?

    Not to sound condescending or anything but do you have a 120/144hz monitor and set the refresh rate of it prior to loading the game?
  8. Vodor

    New hack ?

    I wouldn't necessarily call it new, the situation sounds familiar on several occasions over the months. I suspect they're on shoreline now as not many players are playing it (at least it doesn't seem so) since the introduction of labs, probably thought they would get away with it longer. The being in a locked room I haven't heard of before, that is... alarming but not surprising.
  9. Vodor

    Fix your game BSG and quit adding crap...

    The thing about being loud on forums like these is the majority appear to be wanting change because it doesn't suit them. All those people who are happy with the progress or how things work don't generally voice their opinion. Tarkov is one exception where I have full confidence that they'll produce the game as close to their vision of it as possible regardless to how loud people are. This is quite a rare exception in the game development world too. From a personal opinion it's their vision that drew me in to begin with.
  10. Vodor

    Fix your game BSG and quit adding crap...

    As long as the loudest ones are a collective of genuine players and loud constructively there shouldn’t be an issue. Unfortunately in this case it’s loud and whining for a personal reason. There can be multiple reasons for stutters or crashes, they may fix some and suddenly a new driver or other update can introduce more. Doesn’t mean they’re not fixing it.
  11. Generally when you get worse at a game the tasks or goals get harder. But with levelling up skills such as health and stress when you're getting better at the game actually seems to have the opposite effect. I am struggling to get these skills up without going down the route of spawning, hiding in a corner and specifically doing actions to get them higher. My sniper skill has shot up loads, my mastering has too but my health and similar hasn't. I'm not getting shot, I'm not performing medical actions, not breaking my legs or fracturing myself anymore. I'm either dead in half a second or escaping with my loot or objectives done. This of course makes those tasks and getting beyond them a lot harder than they used to be. FYI, I don't want to go into a game to specifically level these up, it's not in the moral style of the game really and I don't have time to waste just for that purpose. Anyone else having the same issues?
  12. I know this, and believe me no one can force me to do anything and I totally agree, skill is far more important. I like the tasks, they give me a goal. My point is up until now these character stat ones have 'come naturally' whist playing the game and I've been happy enough to wait until they hit the required limit and then I carry on with whatever they have next for me. I'm now level 44 and this hasn't happened yet, and while I'm not really overly bothered as we're in the beta stage I'd really like to get past it as there are items like the THICC case I'd love to get my hands on. Not essential but come on we're big children and want cool stuff right? Long term (release) I expect the amount required will be adjusted, I am curious if anyone else has noticed this issue too.
  13. Vodor

    When will this be finished? Honestly tho.

    In construction when you were behind the blue container. You nailed our "newbie" who we were helping out, then took me out when I pushed you hoping the other guy would put one between your eyes while I was distracting. Was a great fight.
  14. Vodor

    Game stutter/Lagg when Scavs spawn

    This is a good point, do they always spawn though? I've hit the button loads and only half the time ever seen scavs nearby.
  15. Vodor

    When will this be finished? Honestly tho.

    Give up fella, some people just want things to be the way they believe they should be :-) P.s good fight on the customs the other day, too bad our last man standing snuffed ya though :-) Good show! Though I don't expect you to remember what I'm on about haha. I think from memory they said last year of closed beta, rather than development. Slight chance I may be wrong. I believe it was from a recent Q&A with the big N guy.
  16. Vodor

    Game stutter/Lagg when Scavs spawn

    If scavs spawn, bearing in mind you never see them spawn, and it doesn’t stutter... how do you know they spawned? And seeing as you can’t see them spawn, how do you know it’s them spawning that causes the lag? Just curious! Sometimes I get this, sometimes I don’t, so not really sure what’s causing it.
  17. Vodor

    When will this be finished? Honestly tho.

    Always amusing when the general public knows how an unfinished game is going. That is, one that’s progressing with technological and content based stuff.
  18. Vodor


    It's all well and good defending the grammatical layout of the post, but in all honesty it is difficult to read which is why I stopped Genuinely makes my eyes hurt trying to concentrate on it. Yeah yeah, get glasses etc.
  19. Vodor

    Instant Death With Good Armor

    Sod the other issues, I want to know how you've been playing for a week and can afford 500k to 1 mil loadouts!
  20. Vodor

    haxer Woods

    Lol, made chuckle, cheers. (In a good way, I liked your comeback to the previous poster!) Think about it this way, in no way would I believe a post like this (or feeback/complaint) if it wasn't backed up by evidence. So no reason to believe BSG will either. Catch it on video next time and get it sent in as feedback, we need people like you to do this so it becomes a better game.
  21. Vodor

    Hacked 3 times today......

    Yeah it should in some aspects, but with clipping range and other stuff it's not a safe place to really hide. Close up it's great. To be honest, if new content didn't turn up from time to time I wouldn't be playing and reporting feedback as much, I'd have stopped a while ago until a major patch came out. It does keep the testing flowing. Confirming I've been shot like this (but walls) in a very obvious cheating scenario, half the bullets didn't come through but when they did it was instant death. I even knew where they were wondering what they were doing for a first few seconds.
  22. That's what's I was going to reply with. However last night I dropped someone within a couple of minutes of the round starting with PS, they were a hatchling. Thus I guess leaning more towards @AdhesiveTeflon's inconsistency claim. All that aside, does anyone take in HP rounds? I don't think I've ever actually used them, it's a game of quantity using the most armour penetrating or damaging bullets I can get my hands on.
  23. You’re a massive muppet mate, if you completely disregard what people are saying, who have had and played for a few years, then I don’t know they’re still trying to help you. With all respect (which actually never means that) grow up or go away.
  24. Vodor

    Sent items through messenger - Sequisha

    Not sure, but not sure I'd want to give a streamer anything. They're all massively high level with billions, they should be giving us stuff for having to put up with all the rubbish we have to watch to get to the good bits!
  25. Vodor

    Pump actions and their place in EFT

    I love you. I used to stockpile a few if I couldn't get my hands on a 153, they were useful for a backup sniper weapon or to take into interchange to "mop up" whats left of the player shootouts. Drop it and take everything else, get it back on insurance as no one else really wants them. Plus, they make good space fillers if you got the backpack space, easy 22k or so.