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  1. dontetris

    Hacker Videos, where do I upload proof

    Yes, dealing with cheaters should be in the top 3 of priorities, look at PUBG, it's basically dieing to cheaters right now...
  2. dontetris

    Dieing to cheaters now in every single raid...

    I know the difference between desync and cheat... When there are 3 of us fully geared in shoreline sanatorium on two different floors and one guy manages to kill all three of us from one round of like 500 bullets... That's not desync. And I have to highlight the fact, that this escalated in the past 3-4 days, I did not meet a single cheater before that.
  3. Now I don't feel like playing, I am burning through me gear this way... I did not meet any cheaters up until 3 days ago, and now I (we) die to one in every single raid. Infinite ammo (guy just keeps shooting for like a minute without a break) and shooting through walls, and they survive everything. I understand bans go out in waves but it would be nice to hear something more...
  4. dontetris

    100 Rsass Mega Giveway

    Because I would finally like to see RSASS from the other side of the bullets