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  1. no i even looked at fleeca market and found a trade that requires factory key and i didnt have the factory key to choose as an option it said there is none in stash whic mad me sad
  2. Hello i was playing factory i had my factory key and all the other stuff in my gamme container when i entered in then i shoot a bit of guys and loot then go up stairs and i tried to open the door that requires the factory key the loot door and my character breached i was confused i checked my keybar all keys were gone i checked outside a guy fully geared killed me and then i was like maybe in my stash but then it was nowhere is there a new hack that lets people get acess to your gamma ? can anyone help for a fix or have spare factory key or do you know what may have caused this i didnt use the fleeca market like i said it was in my gamme container when i entered the raid and im really upset about this.
  3. CRAZZY1

    The near future meme lol

    man they got us good right before update they wrote near future and updated 5 min later i was gonna go mental for a second when i saw another near future post lol what do you think.
  4. Deadly slob would be more proffesinal unlike my writing so i agree
  5. CRAZZY1

    Weapon Modification: Show Off Your Work

    My 2 best favorite weapons and 1 i assembled together by collecting some trash.
  6. CRAZZY1

    Ventilation sytem in factory.

    I think it would be really cool to have kind of a vent sytem in factory where you could prone through the wents to go around to certain spots it would fit factorys atmosphere and imagine opening a vent entrace getting in fully geared guys on top of you u can hear their footsteps and supressed shots or mapye snipe from some vent spots would be really cool i think let me know your opinion :D.
  7. CRAZZY1

    Discord server for Eft.

    Hey this is a discord server for eft and some other games but mostly eft where u can team up with other people and get news early if you want you can check it out. https://discord.gg/U5Q7xY2
  8. CRAZZY1

    is there going to be another wipe

    theyre twitter and in a some discord channels where the devs are you can ask them questions at weekends ill gib you my channel for example i will be posting all types of news there and there is some other bigger discords too but you know i gotta start somewhere i got 200 people atm growing bigger and i might get to be a emmisar soon then you will be getting a lot of info about updates and all the cool stuff thats gonna be added https://discord.gg/TaQW2vG
  9. CRAZZY1

    Sound traps

    So i was thinking if you could set sound tripwires against doors and such by using junk items and have a sound tripwire it wont kill so its not unbalanced at the start to avoid bugs mostly but if it was just when u walked over it or tripped over it the junk would make a lot of noise alerting you just like in the book i would really like to see that added later in to the game what do you think thanks for reading.
  10. CRAZZY1

    is there going to be another wipe

    it will be half wipe weapon mastery will be 100 percent saved rest we are not sure but yes there will be a wipe
  11. CRAZZY1

    What Cause Me To Die From 1-3 Shots

    are u sure they didnt have armor what kind of weapon you were using what was ur hit counts and 1-3 shots is more then enough to kill a man.
  12. CRAZZY1

    Is fully auto broken or bugged?

    really useful tip it stays the same from the last raid without having to check your fire mode you can do alt b that shold do a check thats really fast doesnt make noise so that shold help.
  13. CRAZZY1

    Will there be another wipe in 0.11 patch?

    yes but it will be a partial wipe you will get to keep some of the things u had the only 100 percent confirmed one is your weapon mastery skills
  14. CRAZZY1

    died from nothing!

    hmm i havent seen any invisibale scavs so far you may have either got killed by a sniper scav far away from a headshot or a small desinc or maybe there was a hacker player scav all of them are rare ocurrences but ive never seen a invisiable scav this patch and i have so many hours.