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  1. Karakurter

    New Interchange Screenshots

    Yeah like barelly. Correct
  2. Karakurter

    New Interchange Screenshots

    Yep. Also, did video games evolve much since 2015 graphic-wise? I don't really think so.
  3. Karakurter

    Saiga 12 gauge ProMag magazines

  4. Karakurter

    About stress resistance

    I thought about this too, which is why I said maybe anti-stress pills would help. And of course, the character wouldn't have to go hard on the anxiety just because he heard a pistol shot behind him. That said, one thing is sure, the stress resistance thing they're planing is going to be something affecting the gameplay as well. https://escapefromtarkov.gamepedia.com/Stress_Resistance
  5. Karakurter

    About stress resistance

    First and foremost, sorry if this has been suggested and/or confirmed in the FAQ already. Since we don't have much information regarding stress management, I would like to know if there is going to be system where a wooden, unarmed, or simply player in danger would go nervous after hearing nearby gun shots, and if his nervosity is going to affect the followings: weapon reloads, door interactions, aim, etc. I know PMCs are supposedly trained persons, but since they're controlled by the player, their competence are managed by us, players, therefore I think it makes sense that an inexperienced player would easily go nervous in a gun fight. And working out on your stress level would actually help managing stress, nervosity, & shaky hands. And maybe, a good way to prevent this to be punishing for new players would be to add some anti-stress pills. Any opinions?
  6. Karakurter

    Cancelling animation

    Maybe something like "double hit action key to rapidly open a door" would help.
  7. I wouldn't use the term realism to describe that, but a time-saving process when searching for a match (let's not forget that this is a game after all) however if like you say they plan on improving match search times then these suggestions are useless.
  8. Would be nice indeed. I got an even better idea, when we're getting a hideout/shooting range, why not allow us to keep walking around and shooting guns while searching for a match? Wouldn't it be a nice transition? Though shooting guns while matchmaking would probably waste ammo from our inventory, and no one would want to do that.
  9. Karakurter

    Re-locking of doors.

    I think relocking doors would be nice because: - if your inventory is full and you're dying, you can jail yourself into a room and die in peace, even though there might be players possessing the key - depending on how often players would lock doors back, a locked door would make other players think this door hasn't been opened yet, so they'd try opening it thinking it still has loots - as stated above, it would also prevent players with no keys from getting easy loot
  10. Karakurter

    Unofficial EFT Discord Community - Verification Thread

    [EU/FR] !Buli#5828 Thanks.
  11. Karakurter

    The Escape From Tarkov Extended Alpha has started!

    Not an issue for me as I can enjoy the game without having to show it to my friends. PS: I can't download the launcher though, it says download removed. Nevermind
  12. Karakurter


    If this were to happen, here's what would be possibly good whenever you're going to smoke. First off, let's imagine a context where smoking would be 'useful': You're outside, the sun is setting and falling below the horizon and it's getting slowly cold out, so you're starting to shake. Luckily you just found a cigarette pack so you grab it but before you light one take a look at what pros & cons of smoking would be like: Pros: + It puts you in a chilled out mind and reduce your stress; + It warms you up and increase your aim accuracy; + It makes you aim better & faster since the trembling is gone; Cons: - It increases your disease rate; - It reduces your HP; - You begin to cough (which is obviously NOT good as we can hear you). Of course, I'm only suggesting. Agreeing with everything I said would be like realizing the game needs an actual external temperature system and smoking effects.
  13. Karakurter

    Most wanted

    Eh, I don't really want to be focused by someone just because I killed him twice online but otherwise this sound like a good idea.
  14. Hello. Glad you guys let me in your clan! :)

    Cya soon!

    1. Natalino


      Oh cheers man!

      You joined on the website yet?

    2. Karakurter


      Will do tomorrow.

    3. Natalino


      Alrighty. See ya!

  15. Karakurter

    The Art of Warfare [TAW] - International Clan Recruiting

    Hello. I'd like to apply for a decent clan like TAW as someone recommended it to me. I've read the rules and I guess I'm conform to them. You guys use Discord yea?