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    Character name MekoMancer Description Medium build, 6'4 feet tall, brown short hair, green eyes, scar along upper left arm His past Lived and grown up in south Germany until he was 23 and decided to move to Russia, Tomsk to later on work for law enforcement to be denied from the police forces for his first 3 times trying to be later accepted in due to managing to reach all requirements to join. After serving 8 years in the forces, He ends up leaving due to the stress problems growing from the job and the sense that some might end up killing him during riots or sightings of shootings. Things started to get worse for him especially when staying in suburbs of Tarkov with a friend when everything went to shit, been unable to leave Tarkov and getting caught in all the situation that growled after the economy failed. How did he get to Tarkov? Visiting a friend a day before the events of Tarkov and getting stuck in the city. Predilections The sense of silence in forests Drinks with friends Friends Alexander Sokolov (friend visited prior to events of Tarkov) A group of 3 travelers who's have the same intentions of trying to get out off Tarkov Wounds, and battles A scar along his upper left arm after getting a knife pull on during a public riot. Aspirations Getting out of Tarkov, Settling down, not been shot The greatest achievement that character did Joining the police forces after 3 failed attempts Strength 25 Endurance 25 Accuracy 30 Engineer