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    What you mean? Go to the Launcher -> find "Report bug" button and send all informations + logs as you been asked.
  2. Just don't think and stop creating such threads on forum, Ty! Instead "thinking" and "creating" such topic, spend that time and read/watch podcasts or highlights from them, that will answer your question. But anyway "Whats the point of playing games anyway?" Will answer for you. it's to have fun, if you don't have fun, stop playing x game. simple.
  3. Niewiarygodny

    2019 plans

    Meele takedowns will be added later on, gosh read any informations before posting anything. About others -> Not finished product, that label should be evrywhere (Not only in 1 spot) so we wouldn't see such posts as yours 187249814 times per day. Keep in mind that if something was done in "trailer" that does not mean it will be for 100% in game. Concept changed, few things become "not a good idea" or "not balanced yet" so it's not added. Simple as that.
  4. Niewiarygodny

    2019 plans

    So ofc they didn't put everything in this "2019 plans". But reading "highlits from podcasts" actually answer most of your questions. And there is no something like "rest maps", we don't know how many of them will be in EFT at the end, and map from "game menu" is not accurate because it didn't contain Lab map for example and next coming map but will mention about that below. 1. Streets of Tarkov will (most likely) feature 2 Bosses because it is a HUGE map. When is it coming? "When it hits it hits and we will know" 2. Edit. "The closest one - Military Base" It's literally in 2019 plans, did you even read that and complain about "No information about new maps"? Wtf. 3. About Open world -Planning to move across to Unity 2018 but this is a huge task - With a successful move to Unity 2018 it is possible that we will start to see multiple maps start being stitched together into one or two large maps. About: Welcome in testing. Thats how it works where one fix can create another bug/error till it's fixed properly.
  5. Niewiarygodny

    Reporting Cheaters/Hackers?

    @DarkXezz i am not telling it wasn't a hack but i am not telling that it was hack for 100% either. That won't change anything, it happened and you know how it looked like, i didn't, doesnt matter. JUst was saying that often people call others hackers when at the end, such players didn't hack. And mods would most likely remove such cheater nick from your post instead banning you. At least they were removing "yt videos with death screen at the end" but prefered to say that so you could do that in advance ;P. Anyway gl hf, i hope such person (if he hacked) will get banned and Anti cheat will be better in catching them in future :). Cheers!
  6. Niewiarygodny

    Reporting Cheaters/Hackers?

    No, there is no function of "reporting player". The only answer you will get from mods will be something like "We have working anti cheat, such players will be banned, locked thread cause answered". Oh and you might wanna remove such cheater nick. You can't be 100% sure that he was cheating unless you saw speedhack and have it on video. Also sometimes we might think that we got killed by cheater but actually we didn't, just enemy player had luck, or lag/desync whatever. Personally speaking i added 1 cheater few months ago and he is still playing.
  7. Niewiarygodny

    This is why I won't buy your game...

    You don't need to "correct" your eyes , dunno how to name it, sory. As i said, in simulator it would take months to to increase your strenght by xx %, so it should be extremly decreased! That is kinda planned by the devs. Yes, but for x-xx min and proapbly with "Heal option now for cash" not with "Months of healing". But the most important part for me is that. That's a bit too much. Wait what? How there can be "too much" as for "simulator"? It should simulate 1:1 real life. Unless it can't/won't because it's not possible (or entertaining enough). Watch any podcast (or x of them for more information), you will know what "will be added but in future". Keep in mind, it's small studio (Around 70 ppl?), which earned (from sells) around 5.5-9 mln Euro -tax and not mentioning advertising/workers/bills for x things etc. (Where 5.5 Mln is their 100% confirmed lowest point, and 9 mln point is my "estimate" value, could be more or less, there is no information about that tho, at least i couldn't find that, but 5.5 mln is 100% correct). And most of those people who "want this game be a 100% simulator of real life" does not get that such game would be extreamly hard to do/to sell/to play/find funds to develope etc. Ofc there are things to correct, to minimalize gap between "Real life and game" but don't expect too much unless out from nowhere people buy xxxx k copies of game (Atm. it's somewhere between 100k -200k). Those things will be corrected ofc, but as i know BSG it will take some time, cause they are not rushing with each fix/change, even if it's quite critical. Btw, i don't mind if EFT gonna become some more realistic, but as i said above, it's a game, it's gonna be agame, simulators are still games. Not gonna mention streaming such "Realistic game" which would be a problem too to get viewers/players/fans. If only BSG would have such amount of money to spend as Rockstar for RDR2 ;).
  8. Niewiarygodny

    This is why I won't buy your game...

    Np. They will specially for you (and for x your friends who don't know that even "simulators" can't be comapred to real life, why? Cause it's not possible, no matter if it's "Euro track similator" or EFT) make version with : - 1 shot into leg = You need to crawl (as it was in old "Flashpoint") - You die = Your stash/progress disapear and need to start again - No lvl, no quests (just kinda missions, who need to leave "bronze watch over there, or mark something on map") - Armors usless (because you die anyway, no matter of gun/ammo) - 1/2 kind of bullets (Cause almost each bullet is literally the same) - If you aim with scope, it has to be 100% realistic! - Arm/Leg/chest/hand shot deadly - Skills gain decreased because it takes enourmous time to train your body/brain - Almost each weapon Recoil decreased by a lot, since even kid can hold aks and spray full auto. - If you extract with blacked limb, it's blacked for x Months and you need to pay for healing - Your screen is shaking almost always becuase your character restless cause of shots near you - During raid you run slower and slower over time and can sprint for less amount of time (actually it could be added) - Looting/grabing items/wearing items takes time as in Real Life, literally each action takes time. Now few things which actually should be added at some point - Not able to carry more than xxx kg - After carrying xxx kg you can't jump/move or move much slower till x point - AI adjusted so they behave more like humans (but i belvie that at some point they will) - Aiming that you need to stop otherwise your gun is floating to left/right Did you create tread where you said that such things should be added cause of "realism"? I doubt it. Maybe aiming cause it's "core" of game kinda. Oh so you talk about that action in Factory? I belive it's blue lvl 3 armor the "Press armor" or something like this. I was talking about previous with 3m or lab Raider.
  9. Niewiarygodny

    This is why I won't buy your game...

    Then blame Nikita cause he said many times "there need to be balance between Realism/game". Exactly, so stop whining, cry once game will be 100% completed and will not fit your "dream" or "advertising". Cause iT"S NOT FINAL PRODUCT as it's been said in xx places. Here is where i stop answering, if you can't admit that your BS arguments about "3 shots with shotgun" just got anihilated by simply watching video and checking where he shot. No matter if you talked about first action or second.
  10. Niewiarygodny

    This is why I won't buy your game...

    You mean that action where player scav killed him with pistol? Did we watch same thing but actually you have problems with your eyes? But, let me explain. 3m Armor, ok, lets see shots: First shot -> 100% Body (Armor, ok, he could survive that) Second shot -> He literally shot that Stone Column, you can even see wehre THird shot -> Leg or stomach/miss. Keep in mind those are Buck shots. Knowing how EFT DMG works, heshouldn't be able to kill him. 1. Dmg reduction cause of armor -> xx Dmg to chest/stomach 2. Hit into legs (propably buck shot) so only few bullets hits So you "3 times" Where 1 is leg shot/stomach, second is Body (Armor) shot and third is miss. Nice. No, just no. Diffrent types of ammo = Diffrent stats. Nope, thats EFT, it's not CoD, Battlefield or any other game. Find me a game which is like 75% like EFT. Can you? Exactly. Misleading what? That Each bullet has diffrent stats? That shoting legs does not deal "25 dmg all the time as in CS:GO so 4 shots and enemy is dead?" Yes, Tarkov does not have any beginners guide, if it would have and it would actually say "Each bullet is good, use whatever you want" then i would agree. Thats your opinion, and it's not end of story ;). Wait we talk about Real life or game? THought we talk about GAME. Ofc you talk about Real life BUT IT"S NOT A REAL LIFE. It's a game, how many times same thing can be said? There must be a balance between Game <-> Reality. Otherwise you will have "buckshot snipers, cause 1 buckshot can hit you into eye from 100 m and kill" Cool game would it be, right? Wow man, i now that you added that part, you can say whatever you want! I forgive you! What a kid :D... So you shouldn't buy EFT at all, you knew +- how long it will take to add all things to the game, to fix issues etc. No1 said "Hey, if you buy it now, we will develop game within 6 months with no bugs". Even if there was "realse date" you can use at least half of your brain and check how other, big studios, often move their release date, correct? If you still didn't get it, EFT is not final product yet, if you have problems with that, leave game and come back in 1/2 years. I will ignore part before, because you are simply whining. Yeap, no feedback, at all, did you try checking podcasts maybe? It's obvious that AI needs some adjustment and they will fix them. But if there is "temporaily fix" instead they will do that. As it was with Raiders.
  11. Niewiarygodny

    This is why I won't buy your game...

    @F0STY Well, if you shot someones legs, instead going for 1 HS, and missing xx times, yes. Or when you Hit once with shotgun to the chest while someone has armor and next hit is a miss/again armor hit (And you call that Bullshits, ok man). Or if you use wrong ammo, caue since you were "new" to the game, you proapbly used standard ammo/chepeast one. Well, if you don't know how DMG works in EFT then yes, it can seems like it. Because someone won't die after hitting him 4 times into legs with pistol, or after getting x hits in stomach, CHest/head is a place you should aim, also Legs if enemy has armor and you have non pen ammo. Cause there is no such thing in EFT. You won't "Fly" after getting hit with shotgun. Next time if you want show something whats good/bad/bullshit just cut video for such parts. Because if you mix it up we literally have no idea what you mean. For me it's normal that you kill someone with x or 1 shot, that you can stab someone if you want but it takes few hits (depends which weapon you use, cause each has other stats for stabing/slashing). Describe such problem, add possible solution, otherwise watching your video is pointless.
  12. Niewiarygodny

    Whats with people alt+W

    So you click Alt +Q/E and if you want hide behind corner again you simply stop pushing those buttons, if you would like to peek a corner just by moving and you would like to hide again, you actually need to move yours mouse, start running toward wall etc. And as person above said, you expsoe whole body.
  13. Niewiarygodny

    Whats with people alt+W

    And i jsut told you that it's working only against Raiders because it's a bug/glitch/AI mistake. Any other person can see/shot you once you do that.
  14. Niewiarygodny

    Whats with people alt+W

    You can't be hit by raiders, because there is some kind of Error and they "can't see you" so they are not shooting. If done properly ofc*
  15. Niewiarygodny

    15.05.2020 Release Date?

    Any source or just question? I saw that "2019 will be last year of beta testing"