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    Server Location Expantion

    we been promised south american servers for many months now and still nothing, i would not expect much from BSG in terms of servers.
  2. pablo0713


    quando? há uma data para os servidores? 200+ ping is no fun.
  3. pablo0713

    New languages in Escape from Tarkov

    Its easy to call other members less appreciative when you have servers in your region. Also, its been months since they have "been working on it" and we dont have a damn update about it. About the rudeness i dont know what to tell you, i think you guys dont understand how imposible is to play with 200+ ping, we pay the game just like everybody, but we dont get to enjoy it. And lastly about BSG working their arses off, well you are just a player like me, thats just hopeful thinking.
  4. pablo0713

    New languages in Escape from Tarkov

    Great! as a south american player i can now enjoy the game on my native language!. Oh BOI iam gonna enjoy tarkov now with 200+ ping and in spanish! thank you so much for thinking about us! /s