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  1. No honor among scavs

    You can tell who are player scavs by the weapons they carry. Player scavs will always have a flashlight on their weapon and more than likely a MP443 grach
  2. The second wave of Beta admission starts!

    Should probably wait until tomorrow for them to fix the AI.
  3. [RISE] - Risen Coalition Gaming - 18+ Discord community

    Age? 21 - Timezone? GMT - What level were you in the previous patch? 54 - Do you have understanding of all 3 maps? Yes - How much overall game knowledge do you have? (8/10)
  4. Looking for players!

    Hi, I've joined your discord. Here's my steam, just add me if you want to play http://steamcommunity.com/id/UncleJames/
  5. Forum Competition! [Winner gets alpha access]

    I have been marching through the night, I cannot raise my head i'm so tired. I feel the icy November gale wash over my face, the axe heavy in my hand and the bag on my back. My friends are dead, my possessions all I have left of them. Nearing the edge of town I don't look back as I have nothing left to give, I have taken lives with impunity and I feel as if my own is as worthless to me as they were. I stop as glimmer of light shimmers in front of me, the warmth make me forget where I am and for a moment I am free. Free from Tarkov...