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    Character name rec1212 Description he is strong and has a strong character, a steadfast fighting spirit and is ready to stand up to the tasks that he chooses himself, he was a soldier and now he is a regular civilian who knows what the taste of war is His past in the past he was a soldier, he was a soldier for foreigners, he went to war and he got to know this life and when he returned, he got lost, got into the war and had mental problems because on his mission in Iraq his friends were killed and he escaped from the field fight, but he returned and got revenge on those who killed his loved ones, returned to the country and he himself fired to the civilian, he worked as a protection How did he get to Tarkov? it was an ordinary trip, wanted to visit the world and thought he would go to Russia in the city of tarkov, but he did not know what was waiting there, he heard in the car radio that something bad was happening, he wanted to see his own eyes what really happens and what secrets hides Tarkov town Predilections has predilections for martial arts and self-defense Friends he has no friends, his old friends have fallen on a mission in iraq Wounds, and battles he was on a mission in iraq the only wound is in the heart Aspirations he has aspirations for an agreement with another man The greatest achievement that character did medal of fortitude for peace mission in iraq Strength 27 Endurance 26 Accuracy 27 Fighter
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