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  1. Xenomorph0352

    Played with this guy today

    Yeah you should of killed him, take his dog tag and presto. That's why I kill everyone I encounter because I'm so eager to learn their names.
  2. Xenomorph0352

    Increase metabolism need 1 decade

    iirc there's diminishing returns like when you throw grenades. Only beneficial to do a bit per raid. Edit: in no way defending how hard it is, I'm with you on that one.
  3. Xenomorph0352

    What Helps You Survive Better?

    I think this is huge as well, I find my KDAs are far worse on maps I don't play as often.
  4. Xenomorph0352

    Sick of cheaters.

    The most frustrating things about cheating in tarkov: 1. No official response except the same regurgitations we get every damn time. 2. The cheats in tarkov aren't just aimbot/esp, which are arguably the most common. They literally become Superman with godmode, flying, noclip, etc... 3. Fanboys, by far the worst issue plaguing us with cheats is the inability for the community to band together on this issue. Meanwhile cheat sites having a field day while fanboys, mods and community managers keep reading the same lines from an outdated and worn out book. Loyalty is admirable but blind loyalty is just plain disgusting.
  5. Xenomorph0352

    Region lock ? (asia)

    You don't have to be on his server to invite him to your group? Unless I'm misunderstood your post.
  6. Only a few are actually locked behind quests but if you're talking about rep then I feel ya. Just important to remember that upon release this game will need some longevity and pregression if not it would become stale real fast. The only advice I can give is to loot any green crate you find and you'll eventually have stocks of mods that you need/want for your build.
  7. Xenomorph0352

    Best Noob Friendly gun

    My group of buddies and myself use a VEPR as well in the very beginning but I would recommend you go either AK74N/M or Ak103, reason being is they're both cheap relative to the higher tier guns but can get pretty close to them stat wise with modding and they're automatic!
  8. Xenomorph0352

    Do you experience less cheaters now?

    LMAOOOOO!!!!!!! @reemr I'll chime in again after the weekend and give you my .02. Last cheater I saw was last weekend but that's when I mostly play.
  9. Xenomorph0352

    Waves of whiners and cheating players.

    I did purchase 8 copies of standard tarkov during the sale for stream giveaways in the coming weeks! Stay tuned, just waiting on some finalized branding to pimp my channel out! Make sure to hit like, follow, subscribe and all that crap for your chance to win one of the eight copies!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. Xenomorph0352

    Error 240 Server Temporaly Unabailavle

    He was talking to me.
  11. Xenomorph0352

    Error 240 Server Temporaly Unabailavle

    Just for you then
  12. Xenomorph0352

    Error 240 Server Temporaly Unabailavle

    ??? Did I say something to bother you lol? Nice job picking the one video where I was video recording in 1440p but wanted to show my brother a quick hacker vid...not sure what I said that triggered you but I hope you do feel better, as far as firsts posts in the forums go this is a winner. While you're on the channel go ahead and hit that follow button. Re-read the thread, was it the "don't cry" thing that triggered you ... because it was in reference to this:
  13. Xenomorph0352

    Error 240 Server Temporaly Unabailavle

    Sure thing bud.