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  1. No Anti Aliasing in the 0.8 trailer...

    Because if the game doesn't support that feature it does absolutely nothing. The only thing that could get you anywhere would be Super Sampling but that is very intensive and won't fix the horrendous jaggies in this game. There must be implementation within the game for outside settings do do anything at all. The only caveat would be to use ENB or something similar that injects the video with random stuff.
  2. 1440p possible with my rig?

    Ayy fair enough, well handled good sir very respectable reply, thanks!
  3. What's #1 on your To Do List?

    Get docs case and keys then farm bit coins until my eyes bleed and get mechanic to lvl 2 so I can go fort. EVERY. SINGLE. MATCH.
  4. 1440p possible with my rig?

    Highly doubtful, I'd challenge you to prove it at resort while ADS if wipe wasn't minutes away...
  5. 1440p possible with my rig?

    I play strictly at 1440p and get 60+ on most maps except shoreline, we'll see with the new optimizations on the next map. Obviously I get dips to 30s and below in certain places like everyone else but for the most part I hang around 60+ on all maps, factory I can get 100+, Customs/Woods 60-80 depending where I am and shoreline I get 40-60 depending where I am. That said I have a 1080 ti, but your GPU would not be bottlenecking you in these cases anyways and you'll def be getting some decent frames on your setup. I have same processor and 3200mhz RAM. Lastly, as far as monitor goes I have a 1440p 144hz G-Sync Asus Predator, now why buy a 1080 at all if you ain't going for a g-sync monitor
  6. about play as a scav

    Use the search function in the forums, there's already plenty of topics discussing this one literally 6 posts below this one on the same forum....but on topic kos all day errday!
  7. Need answer for CPU and GPU upgrade

    This +1 but do keep in mind your processor is extremely outdated and is definitely in need of an upgrade. Especially since more and more games are beginning to bottleneck at the CPU rather than GPU like in days of old. I would stick with the 1060 if you're on a 1080p monitor, if you have a high frequency monitor with a high resolution like 1440p I would recommend upgrading GPU. I have an i7 6700k and a 1080ti gaming on a 1440p monitor and get well over 100-120 fps on the more demanding games out there. On tarkov I get get as low as 20-30 in the worst places but sit comfortably around 60-80 most of the time. This is all to say there is little correlation between hardware increase and un-optimized tarkov.
  8. PC Specs

    No you will have trouble running any game on that setup, that is a decent workstation but gaming is very single core intensive. As for as that GPU, it will run maybe league of legends. The GTX 1060 in comparison to the quadro 600 is 1,646% better on GPU userbenchmark which you can usually take with a grain of salt but in this case shows how hamstringed the system is. There are monster rigs in these forums that opted for only 8gb of ram and still have huge troubles running this game. Your system will run the game decently graphically but you will get a ton of micro stutters due to your low RAM count. Once the game is being optimized I do not think you will have too much of a bottleneck with your processor choice but personally I would get at least a 1500.
  9. New Users pls read

    KOS all day errday, never look back. If it moves, you make it stop moving.
  10. Scav vs Scav

    Adapt and overcome, you're playing Tarkov buddy! Best of luck
  11. I read an interview Nikita said it's all Unity's fault and how they handle rendering, that's why even when you look through a red dot your FPS drops. They were asked what they will do to fix it, he said they don't know because it's hard coded into unity but that it is on their radar to fix and that they would probably have to write an implementation themselves from the ground up for it.
  12. and ADS/scoping that didn't chunk fps by 30, amirite?
  13. Friendly AI Scav attack me.....

    It could of been Scav Player acting like an AI, I do that all the time to trick scav players not to kill me. Then when they turn their back I shoot, I just walk stupid, 90 degree turns and pause at times and sometimes throw voice lines.
  14. RAM Upgrade

    There are plenty of posts on the forums right now, I've seen countless, about people suffering with 8gb of ram on this game. I've even seen posts about people with SSDs taking 3-5 minutes to load because they have only 8gb of RAM. I highly recommend you get a single 8gb stick, one exactly like the one you have in your pre-built, this is the single most important upgrade for your system right now. You will run the game fine afterwards especially after next patch they optimize shoreline. Also go hardline, you will suffer if you game on WIFI with higher pings than anyone else as well as micro disconnects and hiccups.