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  1. Unofficial EFT Discord Community - Verification Thread

  2. 7 Day New Year Feedback

    I'm talking like in-game documents and newspapers you can pick up and read
  3. New players

    Character name Lt_Dan Description Young out of college man that just wanted to travel the world. His past Military family, educated and a track and field background. Hiked a lot and knows how to navigate the terrain. How did he get to Tarkov? Was on a mission trip with a local church from his hometown. Predilections Rifle shooting, hiking and running. Friends Track and field teammates. People from his church group. Wounds, and battles Got shot in the left shoulder on his 3rd day on the mission trip in Tarkov. Aspirations Escape Tarkov and make it back to the states. The greatest achievement that character did Saved three children's lives from scavs when he came to Tarkov. Strength 25 Endurance 29 Accuracy 26 Scout
  4. Died Randomly

    I have been getting a couple of random silent deaths on woods as well. I think that is where most of the scav glitches are happening.
  5. Scavs and body armour

    Maybe they should just add leg armor?
  6. Scope zoom lag

    You may also have a resolution mishap, every time I have a wipe my resolution goes above 1920x1080 and it heavily impacts my game so that could be your issue?
  7. If you dont have friends that play this game...

    been buying copies for my friends as well, great way to get more people included
  8. Raid time increased?

    been getting a lot of 24-minute factory spawns as well
  9. 7 Day New Year Feedback

    I would love to see more team-based mechanics included in the game and some story development.
  10. AKM is Love, AKM is Life...

    I love the AK
  11. ''To the guy at ...'' Compilation Thread

    To the guy that Ihad given a pm too, I hope you survived the raid today.
  12. Unofficial EFT Discord Community - Verification Thread

    Bryce#8261 Please verify
  13. Unofficial EFT Discord Community - Verification Thread

    WHats up, DC name: Bryce#8261 Tarkov Discord Nickname is Lt_Dan. Cheers, Bryce
  14. Team ID

    Just wondering what people were doing to be able to ID teammates easily. My buddies and I are TKing quite frequently and are looking for ideas. Hope everyone is having a good day! Cheers -Lt_Dan
  15. AS VAL

    Got a good chuckle from this.