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  1. Hi, i really like the small changes like Ammo Info if you do a Magazin Check. Can u just give us the same Info when Chamber check? This would be awesome. Best regards
  2. In this case, it helps. The general problem stays and nothing changed for the future.
  3. Hi, EFT is a huge game with a big international community so I highly recommended translating all information into also in English. For example, Nikita answered a bunch of questions yesterday in the Russian speaking part of this forum. it would be awesome if we, none Russian speaking people, also are able to know what his answers were. https://forum.escapefromtarkov.com/profile/10-trainfender/ Maybe just make a moderated Post under Project News where this Infos will be translated at last into English. Hope this will be at least get some response... Best regards
  4. Classes can everyone set for him self. Its up to you how you want to play. Heavy Armor Auto-Shotgun, Or Sniper lightwight Packet. Dont think people should have a fix Class like in Wow etc. There is a Class Type in your Char overview. Dont know how this infact the game or it is just a notice for your playstyle.
  5. No reaction at all.... i am very sad about this. At last this idea ++ My biggest Suggestion is to be able to Handover Questitems even you have all of them at this moment. For example 10 Tushonka, 2 Car Batteries and so one... They take a lot of Space in your Stash and with this you can safe a lot of Spa ce in everybodys Stash. ++ is a very big improvement and not difficult to implementate. No extra UI etc needed. All is still there just some coding.
  6. First of all i need to say i love EFT. All other games i played so far can`t keep up with EFT. I really feel the love that BSG put in this game. So keep up doing the good work @BSG (including Klean). I wish the Reddit Community would be more constructive and respectful. Maybe Nikita and other BSG Members take this Reddit as a Source of good content not as flame and disrespectful posts etc. So everyone in here can do his part to improve the Reddit content. Personal Feedback 0.8 I like the feeling of this Patch after the wipe. Progress is much slower as befor and this is good for the game. The changes they made with strenght are very good and slows down the game also. As a side effect i even see more less hatchet pmcs. Questing in special for Mechanic is nice and the changes they made to be able to buy items after completing a quest is a good one and feels rewarding. I love the face hitbox! Playing with a MP5 or MPX is so fun in CQB. Yes i like it even i get a One-Shot-Face-Hit from a Scav wearing Helmet and Armor. Slower progress variety of Armor and Clothes Face hitbox is great/awesome The new Mechenic Quests Rewarding System (unlocking Items to buy) of Quests is really good Reload and Mag Check is fine Interchange is awesome (can not wait for Streets of Tarkov) Helmets with Visors the restriction of view Improvements they were done to Shoreline (Runs better now but still not perfect) Suggestions Tie softskills to player level something like this (Player level < 10 max. Skill 5, Player level < 20 max. Skill 10) UMTBS 6sh112 Scout-Sniper change to 4 3x1 not 2x1+1 so you can handle the 3x1 Mags like 45Rounder or 10Round Saiga (it is too expensive for just have 2x1 slots more then Blackrock) Mechanic Quest Signal Part 4 is kind of useless because if you at this point ingame you well be able to finish it instantly Make high end Armor (6B43 6A) more rare and expensive (maybe 3-4 Bitcoins) ++ My biggest Suggestion is to be able to Handover Questitems even you have all of them at this moment. For example 10 Tushonka, 2 Car Batteries and so one... They take a lot of Space in your Stash and with this you can safe a lot of Spa ce in everybodys Stash. ++ What i wish to see in EFT Features: Medical Animations and Hideout Map: Streets of Tarkov Weapons: HK G36 and HK G36 So thats it... i have a lot more (Feedback and Suggestions) but i think this is allready a big text. Best regards NoTime4Bleeding PS: Postet it first in Reddit but its.... difficult ...
  7. Thomatov


    G3 would be absolut nice. It beside of AK, M4 one of the most selled weapon in the world. Produced in over 16 countries. Many law enforcement units in africa, middle east use the G3. so i think its fit perfect into the Tarkov Universe.
  8. Thomatov

    RDG-2B Smoke Grenade

    For a good implementation of smoke grenades they need to change the netcode. as it is right now bullets, grenades etc. are client side. this is a big problem with smoke and the underberral grenade launcher. because of this problem the take out the underberral grenade launcher that was ingmame in alpha allready. so i think we will not see this smokes in near future. but i am looking forward when it comes ingame and at last hope they fixed the problems. i really like to use smokes! Best regards
  9. Thomatov

    PVP event has started!

    So, after wasting several hours yesterday with these Event here is my quick resume: - Six of Ten Raids are Run trougts - Two of Ten Raids i have killed a Scav - Testing Equpment MPX, Glocks, MP5, Shootguns make less sence because everyone runs with Fast MT, Fort and RSASS/M4 - NPCs Scavs are absolut needed in this Game but they are terrible codes AI in case of Performance. So people are happy about better FPS overall. - Factory (my fav-raid) make no sence without Scavs (because in these CQB Combat the AI can be dangerous) - Discord(s) nearly getting empty. Many Player dont play EFT and they wait for Patch/Wipe/Map/Content. This Event did not bring them back. - According to some geniues these Events are not delaying anything we got Four (Technical Patches) for the Trader and PVP Event. (Just Think about the Ressources they spend) So i think this is just a kind of new PR Thing. For my opinion this is going not very well this time. Simple they should release the Pre-Line Patchnotes or give a Date to do so... but we will get it on Friday at the Klean-Show with Nikita as Spacial Guest. Looking forward to the Klean-Show. I hope we not get just is a Name-Tag for the normal Klean stream. Thanks to all and love to the Devs!
  10. Thomatov

    PVP event has started!

    Sarcasm is not good in Text...
  11. Thomatov

    PVP event has started!

    But this nice Performance!!
  12. Thomatov

    PVP event has started!

    Nice... Teach me! I am working as a Developer... Event=Change=Process All comes toghter... dont care how many ppl working in different areas. Every Change has to be evaluated in terms of compaling software, Updateing server/client..... so just saying a event will not deplay anything... sorry Boi! But i am not here to blame users.. Just say my things about Events in this State.
  13. Thomatov

    PVP event has started!

    They get all my love if they focus on the Game... so bringing it from Alpha-->Beta-->Release. I can not understand why delaying a patch for a Event... Yes this Patch will be BIG! If you Release a Patch at 2018-12-31 i am sure it will be bigger with more Maps etc... Lets do Event till then....
  14. Thomatov

    PVP event has started!

    Nice! Put more Menpower in Things noone realy wants (Chnages need to do for the Event)... So we got Silly stupid traders and now we have maps full of Scavs less PMCs and KOS. Yes nice! Why should you focus on the Patch... btw... This week is "The End of the Month" so far. Hope you save Ressources and focus on Patch.
  15. Thomatov

    The Trader's Greed Event Starts Now!

    No because they put menpower and time in stupid events.