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  1. New Year's Weapon Gift

    Yep, I haven't played in months and it was at the bottom of my profile still.
  2. Amazing spawnpoint!

    Had it happen yesterday and could hear movement near me before I was totally loaded in, as soon as I was loaded in, BANG.
  3. System Upgrade Question

    There's not been a huge improvement in CPU since Sandy Bridge as it relates to gaming. A 2500K is still no slouch in reagrds to gaming. The CPU shouldn't be a bottleneck. If you don't have an SSD get one. Make sure that board supports SATA at 6GB at least. Faster RAM if possible.
  4. Survival Shooter Done Right?

    I finally bought because I think this is the closest to a FPS/RPG/MMO that I've been looking for. The Division could have been it, but wow.
  5. Which version are you buying?!

    Picked up EOD last night after lurking for months.