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    Scavving into same game you just left

    Not sure about coming back into the same round as a Scav but I have come back as a PMC and got my own dog tag back from my killer which was dead feet from my original body. So it is possible to join the same round you came out of.
  2. Wyatt-Derp

    New Year's Weapon Gift

    Yep, I haven't played in months and it was at the bottom of my profile still.
  3. Wyatt-Derp

    Amazing spawnpoint!

    Had it happen yesterday and could hear movement near me before I was totally loaded in, as soon as I was loaded in, BANG.
  4. Wyatt-Derp

    System Upgrade Question

    There's not been a huge improvement in CPU since Sandy Bridge as it relates to gaming. A 2500K is still no slouch in reagrds to gaming. The CPU shouldn't be a bottleneck. If you don't have an SSD get one. Make sure that board supports SATA at 6GB at least. Faster RAM if possible.
  5. Wyatt-Derp

    Survival Shooter Done Right?

    I finally bought because I think this is the closest to a FPS/RPG/MMO that I've been looking for. The Division could have been it, but wow.
  6. Wyatt-Derp

    Which version are you buying?!

    Picked up EOD last night after lurking for months.