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  1. kava2018

    Desktop Wallpaper

    I think I got a bit closer
  2. kava2018

    Desktop Wallpaper

    I was never very good at geography at school
  3. kava2018

    Desktop Wallpaper

    A different look
  4. kava2018

    Desktop Wallpaper

    If anyone wants it as a wallpaper I am saving it at quite a high resolution on my computer (5000 pixels wide) and I will pass on the higher resolution Image, thanks
  5. kava2018

    New Offices, LOL

  6. kava2018

    Another Header Graphic

    Thanks @bigcoockie24
  7. kava2018

    Another Graphic

  8. kava2018

    Messing around with graphics again

    another graphic and I am off to bed, it is 2.03 am here in the UK
  9. kava2018

    Messing around with graphics again

    Yeah I totally understand with 9/11 etc. with me new to the game and forum if you were to pick a background what type of background would you like to see and I will come up with something. If anyone is offended with any of the images I have posted I will take them down as I totally understand and I would not object, thanks.