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    I hear you m8, I do think the base look of the game is a bf1 re-skin. I think tarkov has ruined BF for us, because any other game now just looks like a COD style arcade shooter even Arma now looks like that to me.
  2. Van_Hellspit


    How is it like COD? Massive open maps, vehicles and limited ammo. The game plays exactly like BF3/4. I agree with you on BF1 they were so hyped to gain some of the COD market that made all classes have pre-set weapons just like COD, and the game ended up getting old very quick. But playing BV5 for the last 5 days I think they have addressed the issues found in BF1.
  3. Van_Hellspit


    No idea what you guys are on about, I have played every game since 1942, and it is exactly the same as every other game. More realistic by far because of the limited ammo. I played a load over the weekend was an amazing new BF title. Obviously not a scratch on tarkov, but a good game when i just need to chill.
  4. Van_Hellspit

    What gun kills with 1 shot to the leg

    I mean the only think that comes to mind is an elephant gun, but nothing in this game my man. You died prop because of a bug. Just remember 0.10 update is coming out very soon. Our glorious Russian brothers have been working hard to fix bugs, glitches and dy-synch issues in our beloved game. So hopefully things like this will be a thing of the past.
  5. Van_Hellspit

    Bzzz baz hisssbzzz buzzz

    Have you submitted a report ticket m8? I have never had that issue. Does it only happen with EFT?
  6. Van_Hellspit

    Final Straw

    LOL, Triggered.
  7. Van_Hellspit

    scav on scav

    Hay, this is a scav world, its kill anything to get your ass out of the map. Player scavs can kill as far as Im concerned.I will always wiggle at another player scav, there so easy to make out from a normal scav. But if they start shooting there a dead scav. Its not hard to escape a map with all the PMC and scavs then trying to kill you, you just need to learn the game a bit more. Helpful advise, if your being shot at especially by a scav DO NOT RUN, they will kill you instantly. Best bet either run a very short distance for cover if possible, or lye down, evaluate where the scav is and shoot that guy in the head. The system is going to change just not high on the devs priority list.
  8. Van_Hellspit

    Anti-cheat disconnect - lose everything

    Ha it once today, was able to reconnect back in raid and all was happy.
  9. Van_Hellspit

    Upgrading your copy of the game.

    Yes it is very expensive, when you add on the VAT and the credit card payment it was like £140 for me, which is like $2000 or 1000 euros when you exchange . But IMO it was well worth it. I've had 8 months of joy with this game. Not sure why you cant upgrade again m8, sure its either a bug or a waiting period. Have you posted a support ticket to find out why. I've never seen a company who didn't want extra money.
  10. Van_Hellspit

    My experience

    Stupid joke, suicide isn't funny little boy.
  11. Van_Hellspit

    Final Straw

    Its a beta game, just leave and never come back. The internet is a too complicated place for you and the whiny moaners who support your post. Tarkov will be just fine without you guys. COD black ops four is out soon you will have a better time there. Also its a frigging beta game. The concept seems to baffle you people. Also yes i'm a fanboy. I'm a Tarkov fanboy till I die. Fan boy, fan boy, yes I am a fan boy.
  12. Van_Hellspit

    Cheater August 22 2018

    I betting my house, Car, £3500 gaming PC and you can even have the Mrs, that this guy was not a hacker. Please prove me wrong as I cant stand my Mrs.
  13. Van_Hellspit

    Help me please

    Life lesson young one, if you're asking for help best not to shout at people.
  14. Van_Hellspit

    When the game insists that you DIE

    De-synch my friend, de-synch.
  15. Van_Hellspit

    A great way to deal with cheating

    This is not CS:GO. You can get on tapped through your helmet in this game, like you would in real life. That kill was not a result of a hacker just a lucky shot by the person involved. Remember wearing gear does not make you invincible to bullets it just gives you more of a chance to survive.