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  1. 1440p possible with my rig?

    Your 100% right, i dont usually play resort, only when Im playing as a group, I normally play factory or customs. Dont want to mislead the topic author either, so at the moment not even a 1080ti will get a 60fps on some maps of this game. I just tested on resort and in any settings Max-min i got an average of 45 with lows of 29. My bad
  2. 1440p possible with my rig?

    Yes, your rrig will run the game over 60 fps but you may have to limit some settings to high, may be medium.I have an i7 6800k CPU and a 1080ti GPU, I play at 1440p and get a constant 75fps on all maps. Lagg is the real issue but should be more optimized after today edit; not all maps will do this
  3. Map

    I had exactly the same issues was you at the start of the game. The best advise it to play, play and play some more. The easiest maps to learn in my opinion is Factory first (is one of the hardest to survive though), then go for customs. Customs have two main spawn areas west and east of the map and the spawn areas are on the other sides. Another easy map to get on with is shore line, ans both evac points follow the main road down by the coast line. you buy a map and place it in your inventory before a raid, you can choose which side you want to spawn at.
  4. Just bought game as gift for friend....

    Sure this is in the wrong section, you should contact BSG directly through the website instead of the forums. A mod will know better what to do.
  5. Doorway glitch

    Yeah this is a known issue and Im sure they will be addressing it in up comming patches. For the moment its just a nagging issue to put up with.
  6. US players?

    Load of people to game with m8, best option join the unofficial discord server and find the Merica server. Cant find the link at the moment but just do a bit of digging in the search bar and you will find it.
  7. Emissary from U.K.

    Just signing in , Van is your member from the Welsh Guards. If you require any help in your duties I am willing to offer a hand.
  8. Hello So Van bought the game a good few weeks after the last wipe, with an already established player base at fairly high levels. I am after some advise as to what you guys think is the best and first thing I should do to give my self a heads start at the beginning of a wipes 'season'. Do I go straight for the loot and get a good amount of money in my backpack, or should I focus on trader missions. Or both or something else. If it helps at all i'm upgrading to the EOD edition come this wipe. Any help would be graetly appriciate and I look fiorward to taking your guns from you in the future Van Hellspit
  9. Only Russian guns?

    Why would you want to use a gun thats not Russian. Like vodka its reliable cheep and gets the job done. But like Dan stated lots of other guns to come. Game davs need to get permissions to use the likeness of real weapons so like coding it all takes a bit of time.
  10. New Users pls read

    I'm going with what others have said, I am not your friend as a scav, i am here to kill everyone that moves. However if ya'all wiggle at me i'll wiggle at you. And then we can raid and sing songs in Russian, that i love but do not understand. The concept of what you say is right m8, but at the end of the day people can play scav how they like until the dev's decide to change how that game mode works. Really its one player back pack who will benefit form your death, not yours. I have however had some of the best times in this game with random scav friends.
  11. Scav Exfil on Factory

    Yeah its an issue, normally when you see Gate 0 and Cellars you might as well just exit the game. However you may get lucky and a real player will have opened the door and exited though that evac point.
  12. Im trash at the game, any tips?

    For the start of the game at least the first week you should learn the maps by playing scav missions and the single player game (with scav's on). Watch you tube videos for layouts of maps evac points and general tips. When your ready to get into a game start by taking it easy. At the end of the day your not going to kill an experienced player will full gear, when your new to the game with low end loot. Spawn into a game and move quietly for near by cover, such as a bush. Allow the higher geared player to kill each other off and move to the high spawn loot areas. Then sneek around your area, being aware of players and scavs. You can engage scav's by try to stay away from players. Do this for a week or so to learn how to engage with the game. You can earn money and new gear by doing hatcling missions and scav missions. Best bet for good looting is spawn in factory as a sacv. Wait in a hiding place until you dont hear any more gunshots then clean up all the dead scavs. Also except that you will die, a lot in this game. Just because you have the best gear does not mean you will be successful in a raid. Hope this helps Please dont listen to this guy, the game suffers from per-launch bugs and d-sync, I have a very highend PC and still get these. They will be ironed out by the devs over the coming patches.
  13. Spotting scavs and PMC

    Typically in my experience. Their is two types of in-game players. Usually you can tell them apart from the black under garments. These are players. Also usually players have much better geared than Scavs. Basically if there shooting at you run for cover. If you play a scav mission and your unsure if your seeing a player scav or just a scav, wiggle. Scav's will ignore you outright (unless you have killed other scavs in game), player scav's will usually wiggle back or sometime shoot you in the head. It takes a bit of time to distinguish between players but it does come. Also scavs tend to hold there weapon in a fixed position when walking, players tend to check about looking for hidden enemy and scavs. Also following a scav can help. If there looting a body you know its a player. Hope this helps,
  14. Новые игроки

    Имя персонажа Van_Hellspit Описание Van Hellspit from the old Welsh Guard Его прошлое Ex-solider from the rolling green hills of Wales (UK), Joint the army aged 18 which lead to specialist training in the British SAS. Not content will serving the power of the queen Van revolted and opted to form a new Welsh specialist task force. There mission to protect the Welsh motherland from all who would do her harm. Как он попал в Тарков? Thrown out of the UK due to the creation of the special Welsh task force. They ended up controlling power will the supply of coal and lamb to fuel their empire. Van fled to Russia and utilize his specialist training to join a crime syndicate. One mission took van and his team to the shoreline of Tarkov just before troubles began. Van has been in Tarkov ever since. Пристрастия Weapons and C4. Van is a demo expert along with his extensive gun training. If it blows up. Van loves it. Друзья Only one friend growing up in the home lands of Wales. Dewi was taken and presumed dead, during the welsh task force uprising. Since that day Van has no friends only buisness. Ранения и битвы Left ear cut off during a drug deal gone bad. Collateral for missing bank notes taken by a dirty crime member. Стремления To find Dewi, return to Wales and regain control of the Welsh task force Самые значительные достижения персонажа The creating and control of the welsh task force which was cruelly taken away from him. Nothing will ever compare to that group. Сила 24 Выносливость 23 Меткость 33 Боец
  15. Why are hatchlings so taboo?

    A bunch of people moan about it, because they can't get any of a hatchlings non-existent high end loot. Or they get killed by a hatchling with zero skill. Its the games low end currency and I hope it stays as it is.