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  1. Van_Hellspit

    Good bye Escape from Tarkov

    I never said their is not any issues with this game its in Beta ffs. There are currently no issues that make it un-playable! It is as simple as this, the game is not released yet, it is in beta and the public who ordered the game gain access to the beta build of the game for the purpose of testing and helping find bugs and show the devs how the game performs under server load. You really did waste your money if you thought you were getting a polished game, that was not likely to get worse or better throughout its creation process. The trouble with gamer's today is you don't read what your buying. I really think posts like this should be scrubbed for the forums for being completely stupid, irreverent, unhelpful and childish. If you dont like the current build, wait until the game is finished or the next update.
  2. Van_Hellspit

    Good bye Escape from Tarkov

    Ha ha ha. Silly comments like this do make me laugh. I play plenty on my own as with my squad (3 people). Never has an issue with scavs or hackers only have an issue with whiny moaning kids flooding this forum acting as if hacking is out of control, moaning about the current state of the game, not realising there playing a beta game, expecting the world from a small dev team as there mommy always gave them what they wanted and expects the world to do the same. They is no issue with this game currently that makes it unplayable.
  3. Van_Hellspit

    Good bye Escape from Tarkov

    Its people like this that makes this forum a hard place to be. Good bye, god speed, because Tarkov doesnt need another raging kid moaning because they cant play the game. Me and my squad love the game, play most nights, dont have an issue with the de-synch, haven't seen a hacker yet. We kill and evac and its all gravy. We get killed and nod our heads and say good kill son. Tarkov will be fine without whiny children like yourself.
  4. Van_Hellspit

    This game is not fun in its current state. I quit

    This is a really good post. Well for the most part. This guy has realised that he is not happy beta testing the game, and has instead been a grown-up and decided to wait until the full release of the game. I take my hat of to you good sir. Now if the rest of you moaners, ragers and whiners would do the same that would be great.
  5. Van_Hellspit

    Trading Factory Key

    Lol good luck with finding someone that will give up their keybar for the factory key. But if you find one, your more than welcome to come back and make fun of me. Plus what WEGO_CAT said, there is a whole topic dedicated to trading where your post will have far more coverage.
  6. Van_Hellspit


    Yeah these are known issues, that will be phased out eventually. With the spawn issue, always spawn, head for cover then wait a min just to see if your on your own. The game is constantly being updated through-out the build beta process. Use the search option on the forum theirs a few topics like yours that have loads of good reply's.
  7. Van_Hellspit


    Lol what do you expect from a game in beta. Plus are you that that silly that you think being a fanboy is an issue, insult or a problem, lol I laughed so hard I pee'd a little. Because your on the forums which makes you a fanboy. ha ha ha. Im a huge fanboy of Tarkov, and understand the games in Beta. But back to the original post, I have a high end machine also, 1080ti, i7 6800k, 32gb ect, I have noticed a lowering in FPS too. I tried updating the drivers to no affect. All I say if hopefully next patch will sort out what they broke in the last patch.
  8. Van_Hellspit

    Gas analyzer

    I have them spawning a lot, and I mean almost every time I go there, in the filing cabinets on Shoreline at the radar tower. Hope this helps.
  9. Van_Hellspit

    scav too op after patch?

    SCAV's if anything need to be even harder. They should not be looked at as just free loot.
  10. Van_Hellspit

    Face hit box

    If you get shot in the head with anything more than a pistol (not all pistols) then I sorry my raging friend your going to die. Face hitbox is what makes this game stand out from the others, if you dont like the realism than you shouldnt have bought this game.
  11. Van_Hellspit

    Broken game

    Game is not broken, it works just find.
  12. Van_Hellspit

    OMG.. So many glitches at the moment....

    What moom said, the more they are used, the quicker it comes to the attention of the dev's the sooner they cant patch them out.
  13. Van_Hellspit

    pve server

    Hi, I dont think this is ever going to be a thing. The PVE is just a testing platform whilst the game is in beta. They intend to remove it when the game is fully launched. Also there are no campers in this game. That is a COD word. In EFT its kill and extract in anyway necessary. So if im camping the exit and shoot you its fair game, you should have checked the exist before extracting. (thats an example BTW) Sorry your having a bad time of it, in game but stick with it, the more you play the more you learn and the better you will get.
  14. Van_Hellspit

    So i meet that scav... What's his history?

    Its the terminator scav T-1000
  15. Van_Hellspit


    Yeah if you disconnect your player is in limbo, for 3 mins until your can re-connect. I usually wait the 3 mins by the player, because if they re-connect its a bullet to the head and some easy looting for Van