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  1. How to level up strength

    I have 47 T-Bags, with a car battery, and my docs case (massive pain in the arse opening them all!). It puts me to 76kg. I've done around 21 raids so far (jumping and running like a faking man on fire) and gained 4 levels in strength (to a total of level 10), - I think they have nerfed the gamma T-Bag tactic personally... I've managed to "Elite" Stress Resistance and almost Metabolism (42), however Health, Vitality, Strength and Endurance are a pain in the arse. Wish I knew quick wins to get them to ELITE!
  2. The Oceania server started!

    Thank you! AT LAST! so pissed this has taken so long, but at least we have it now and I can kill and pillage again,
  3. Aussie Players

    Anyone had any joy with a decent PvP match? That lag and desync is so severe it's unplayable. Sydney NSW here.
  4. Aussie Players

    Sydney here, hook me up and I'll join ya.