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  1. TAW_Mokkastube

    Alle händler auf maximal level alle items

    Danke für die schnelle antwort! Feelsbadman :-(
  2. TAW_Mokkastube

    Alle händler auf maximal level alle items

    erstmal danke für das video (musik ist schlimm, ist halt geschmackssache. Kann man ja muten ;-) ) Es kommt nur eine frage bei mir auf. Ist der trade Fort Armor für Alkali nicht mehr im spiel? hab schon über 20 von den dingern gehortet. ich hoffe ich habe es nur übersehen. Wenn nicht verkaufe ich die dinger bis auf 5 für den Peacekeeper quest. Danke schonmal TAW_Mokkastube
  3. TAW_Mokkastube

    Exit Camping is Tasty

    lol... its funny and sad at the same time, Now my Head hurts... :-/
  4. TAW_Mokkastube

    Mag refilling

    Don't be concerned. This is point 3 from the detailed explanation linked to the Patch notes: "Loading and unloading can only be done with inventory open. If you close it or switch tabs, loading or unloading is interrupted. The cartridges that were already loaded into the mag, stay in it (and vice versa in case of unloading)." I recoment to read the whole Info : https://docs.google.com/document/d/1ogoWUhckaagptyf2g8pc-_shmp6gzSmgwDzoBT4sKq0/edit
  5. TAW_Mokkastube

    Talking Tarkov Podcast

    the stream is 9 am PST. wich is 6 pm in your'e Zeit ;-)
  6. TAW_Mokkastube

    Using Iron Sight while PSO is Attached

    Hi guys! I looked at my AKMN in the modding screen from multiple directions and tought about a secondary sight option for a PSO AK Rifle with a Magpul MOE foregrip. Is it possible to use the Iron Sight while the PSO equiped irl? I never used a PSO AK irl so i have no clue :-). But if it´s possible that would be a nice addition to the game. What you guys think about it? Is someon here who can confirm or refute if that would be possible? Thanks for responding. Greetings, Mokkastube
  7. Type "Trade" in search window...
  8. TAW_Mokkastube

    CaRtOoNz & Ohmwrecker intense MAYHEM!

    @ivantherussian Thats true. I would never play with a person that swears all the time in TS and i don´t like it in videos either. If you get killed and say : "poo, i got killed from a player at busdepot" cool.. but if you go all day like "DUDE! i grabbed the f..ing AK and shot the Motherf...r in his D..khead, get dunked on you re.....d B...ch!" thats not entertainging or funny. Its just emberasing for the guy who talks like this. if you think that is a sad way of thinking i feel sad for you ;-) @Dunkurtin you right with what you sad. everybody has to start somehow. but you could at least watch 1 or 2 beginner tips videos or guides. everybody can make content as they want, i just sad that i don´t like watching a guy who don´t know what he´s doing.
  9. TAW_Mokkastube

    CaRtOoNz & Ohmwrecker intense MAYHEM!

    Hi, at first i like that you guys keep posting content for us to check out. BUT, i watched the video for 6 minutes and that was even too much. The guy is constantly swearing and he don´t know anything about game mechancis. I personaly think Content creators should inform thereselfs before streaming a game or making a Video about it because otherwise the put a wrong pov on the game. As in this case. The guy realy sad: "i hate that i don´t see your name" . he don´t now anything about med´s and he sad he was out of ammo with 5 full mags in the vest. maybe some guys can enjoy such videos, but for me it is like reality tv. i have to change the program because i feel ashamed for the people and theyr behavior. just had to get it of of my chest. sorry if i offendet someon, it was not my attention. Greetings TAW_Mokkastube
  10. TAW_Mokkastube

    Looking for a active clan to learn from

    Hi! as sYs sad :-) TAW has hundreds of akiv EFT players from all over the world and there always several groups in ts to play with. We help out new members with advice and gear. hope to see you arround
  11. TAW_Mokkastube

    The Art of Warfare [TAW] - International Clan Recruiting

    Hi, i just want to tell the guys who think about joining TAW that it is totaly worth it. Im in TAW over 1 year now and swiched to EFT about 2 month ago. The amount of nice and helpful people is amaizing! Guys help each other out with quests/questitems, gear, money and advices. It´s an overall a positve vibe in the TS. If you have concerns, come and get yourself a impression. greetings, TAW_Mokkastube
  12. TAW_Mokkastube

    It's Nikita Buyanov's Birthday!

    Happy birthday, good luck for all your Projekt´s at BSG and in your private life, healthiness and happyness on your way. I hope you enjoy yourself and your close ones today. HIP HIP HOORAY!
  13. TAW_Mokkastube

    Raid duration drasticly reduced

    Im not raging at all :-) , you right that the raidtimes are actualy longer then what is written in the raid selection map. I spawned in on woods at 50 minutes with the deploing timer. i dit not try the other maps since then. so its not that bad as i tought it is. But the times i wrote in the OP are the times that written in the screen where you select the map you want to play on. Im sure it is a temporary thing to increse the number of possible matches, and thats a good thing. I don´t want to b**ch about this circumstance, just wanted to share my thougts about raidtimes now and in general. Thanks edit: i just read that they addet more severs so everything going to be fine soon, thanks BSG other dev´s would not adress such a problem at sunday evenings.
  14. TAW_Mokkastube

    Raid duration drasticly reduced

    Hi Escapers, as i logged in this mornig, i recogniced that the Raid-times are drasticly reduced to 15 min. on factory and 30 min. on the other maps. I personaly like to go slow and cautious with my pmc to not run into other players unprepared. As a sacv i normaly try to avoid other scav-players by getting in a hidden spot and listen to shots for a minute or five. Then i try do get good loot and questitems (Tushonka´s / Gas analyzer e.g.) by searching as much Dufflebags, Jackets and Filing cabinets as possible. With this timelines it close to impossible to play properly my way, and i think rushing throug the maps is not how the game is intendet to be, at least i never played it like that. I hope this is just a temporary change to reduce the serverload and make more raids in the same time possible. After the playercount normalises in a few days/weeks the times should be put back on the previous amount. I allso know that a lot of players don´t spend much time in 1 raid but it shoud not bother them if some stay much longer. Please share your oppinion on this situation, i allso try to set up a survey about this topic. Thanks, TAW_Mokkastube Note: its been over a decade since my last english-class and i don´t realy use english in my everday/work-life so please bear with me :-/
  15. TAW_Mokkastube

    ''To the guy at ...'' Compilation Thread

    To the four man squad at woods that got murdered by me about 1 hour ago. you got a bit lucky because as i was juggling your gear arround a backpack glitched away somehow. you gonna get some Trizips, Helmets, the AK and the Vityaz back. The (poorly hidden) SV98 is mine and that ugly M4 with the crappy modding went staight to Peacekeeper. I hope you guys are not super mad. Some days you win some days you loose. It was a intense fight anyway.... at least for me :-) greeting from TAW_Mokkastube