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  1. alexkane

    KIBA store - make a great again

    and Kiba nerfed again...ehh. for sure loot table has been changed. why devs, why ?
  2. alexkane

    Farming money from Containers

    whaaat ? 'i think my neighbour shoudn't be able to buy second car cuz i have only one'... 'and of course not better and faster than mine'...
  3. alexkane

    KIBA store - make a great again

    @Phoenixsui you still didn't add any reasonable arguments why not to boost kiba. you bahave like a forum troll. Factory is not an answer. i like play and want to play all maps. Interchange for loot is useless when you finished all taks like me. for you shoud not be a problem if there will be more players fighting together because it is worth to do it. looks like you just don't want this boost because you know that for some players it will make sense. ehh. sad.
  4. alexkane

    KIBA store - make a great again

    @Phoenixsui Interchange is a great map for fights. I don't like Factory, is too small for me and squads vs squads. Camping is a part of this game so be careful and thats it. If KIBA was boring for you so why you care if they boost it back again ? lol. but now none is there anymore. no campers, no fighters. thats why we need a boost again.
  5. alexkane

    KIBA store - make a great again

    Can stays like it was before nerf. Modes, scopes and sometimes nice combo like rsass, m4 and mp5 at once. Most of lvl > 40 is already rich enought. Quest items are not needed anymore i thoink. Weapons and mnods will be ok for us to fight for. Thank you.
  6. alexkane

    KIBA store - make a great again

    Make a KIBA store great again. Why did you nerf this store ? It was a great place for firefights. It was quite worth it to go there and fight for gear. I am 42 so i need a reason to go there and be sure to meet other geared players. We need a bait to go there
  7. alexkane


    known issue. hope also BSG already know. had the same with 2 keybars. i could even reproduce a bug with wtrig inside gamma. not sure if it is also related to wtrig in gamma.
  8. alexkane

    Serious BUG

    so my keybars are back from insurence. issue to reproduce is: - start searching body/container - during search use DELETE key directly on vest/bp/armor part sometimes last item put in gamma will also be dropped. you will get warning popup that "moving item error smth"
  9. alexkane

    Serious BUG

    I just heard from other players that there is an issue when dropping stuff from bp that some items dropped from gamma as well. Is it true ? Anyone knows about it anything ?
  10. alexkane

    Serious BUG

    ok. good news. So it was not that. It is not funny lost two keybars full of keys in around 3-4h time. So i have no idea how it is possible but for sure after raid i got some error message with 'moving items'. But i didn't move keybar...he was all the time in the same place in WTRig in gamma. Then it just dissapear. Both keybars were insured so just send me them back. I see in some logs that system recognize that i had keybars (item_container_keybar) After some investigation in logs i found smth like this: "Client operation finished: 35 -  throwing item item_container_keybar (id: 5be47dc3f0dd3506e7611b75) from grid 4 in item wartech_vest (id: 5be4faad8ed23966c50e2d82) at (x: 0, y: 0, r: Horizontal)| " What the hell meaning 'throwing' ? I DID NOT throw keybar anywere !
  11. alexkane

    Serious BUG

    WTF !!!! I JUST LOST SECOND KEYBAR IN THE SAME WAY ! I was on raid and found a key. I didn't examine and put to keybar and i lost keybar after when i left raid (shows 22.. error or smth). What is goin on ??? Give me back my both keybars with keys right away !! I created a ticket. Suspect that it happens because i didn't examine a key before put to keybar. Please verify if this was a reason and find a fix quick.
  12. alexkane

    Official Trading Thread

    WTS: - KIBA key (NOT the one from task) pm offer
  13. alexkane

    The Mosin Should go back to 16k Change my mind.

    was less hatchlings cuz they knew that with hatchet they can not do a lot to full gear player. now they can one shoot you (very often lucky shoot). i will stop here. you see my point i see yours. good luck for both of us.
  14. alexkane

    The Mosin Should go back to 16k Change my mind.

    rly ? it is all your thoughts ? gear fear ? ehh. no comment. just don't want to be a sponsor for people who can be poor in tarkov. yesterday i killed 8 ppl on woods - all with mosins. i want to gunfights with other full tier players...not mosins guys without armor.
  15. alexkane

    The Mosin Should go back to 16k Change my mind.

    I, as a 51 lvl player just stopped wearing high tier gear for last 2 days. For me it make no sense. I can't even earn for my ammo as a full gear player (collecting mosins from hatchets). You wanted cheap and deadly Mosins ? Good luck. Play with other low gear players with mosins. I see already that there is almost no full gear players on map anymore. Hope smth will change soon.